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Heymondo vs Iati: Which one is better?

Purchasing the best travel insurance policy is one of the most crucial steps you can take before travelling to a place where you don't have medical coverage. This will ensure that your expenses are covered in the event of an accident or unexpected illness while you are travelling. There are numerous insurance providers that offer coverage for everything from lost luggage to international medical care. Two of the best insurance providers on the market are Heymondo and Iati.

If you're unsure which insurance to get, I'll compare the products and services of the two best insurance companies in this article. Before comparing the insurances for various trips and going over what online users have to say about them, I will first briefly discuss the history of each one. I'll also share with you my positive experience working with one of these insurance companies.

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History of Heymondo and Iati

Before we start… What is Iati? What is Heymondo? Here is a brief background on both travel insurance companies:

Iati travel insurance

Iati is an insurance brokerage company headquartered in Barcelona that started providing services in 1885. Their long history is just one of the reasons why they are such a reputable brand in the industry. In addition, their continuous adaptation to the evolution of travel is another reason why many travelers and travel bloggers continue to trust Iati to insure their trips.

Heymondo travel insurance

Heymondo (Smart Insurance Correduría de Seguros S.L.) is a much newer company. It was founded in 2017 in Barcelona. Despite that, today, this travel insurance brokerage has become the second-most recognized in the country.

The main reason why they have been able to stand out in such a short time has been the quality of their products and their very competitive policy rates. On the other hand, from the very beginning, it has been a company that has been adapting to the needs of travelers.

For this reason, for years, I have been working with this company, offering readers a discount on all Heymondo policies that you can find throughout this article.

Heymondo vs Iati: Price and coverage comparison

Both Heymondo and Iati offer different types of insurance policies, from which you can choose according to the type of trip, the destination, or the duration of the trip.

Heymondo offers the following types of insurance policies:

  • Single trip travel insurance
  • Annual multitrip travel insurance
  • Long Stay travel insurance
  • COVID-19 travel insurance

IATI offers the following policies:

  • IATI Basic (basic travel insurance)
  • IATI Standard (medium level coverage)
  • IATI Backpacker (for the adventurous traveler)
  • IATI Star (the most comprehensive insurance policy)
  • IATI Cancellation Premium (covers the costs of cancelling a trip)
  • IATI Airhelp (compensation in case of flight cancellation)

One of the first differences we can see between the two insurance companies is the difference in the types of policies they offer. While Heymondo offers four very different types of policies, IATI offers a greater variety of policies. This can be perceived as an advantage or a disadvantage, making it more difficult for the user to choose an insurance policy.

Next, I am going to display the difference in prices and coverage of insurance policies for different types of trips. This will be an important factor when choosing Heymondo or IATI.

One week trip to Asia: Heymondo vs IATI

Among all the policies they offer, I will choose one that covers at least 500.000€ of medical assistance expenses; therefore, I will compare Heymondo’s “Top Insurance” and IATI’s “Backpacker Insurance.”.

InsuranceHeymondo TopIATI Backpacker
Medical coverage$250,000$500,000
Extra: Cancellation$3,500$2,000
Adventure sportsOptionalIncluded
Tech coverageOptional
One-week trip: Heymondo vs IATI

As you can see in the table, Heymondo is cheaper and still has better coverage than Iati. In this case, I would have no doubts and book the insurance with the first company.

One month trip to Europe

In this case, I am going to compare the same insurances since they are the ones that cover a minimum of $500,000 in medical assistance. Below, you can see the coverage and prices of both companies for a one-month trip to Europe.

InsuranceHeymondo TopIATI Backpacker
Medical coverage$250,000$500,000
Extra: Cancellation$3,500$2,000
Adventure sportsOptionalIncluded
Tech coverageOptional
One-month trip to Europe: Heymondo vs IATI

Just like the previous chart shows, Heymondo offers a slightly more comprehensive and affordable product, which makes it the better option to cover your adventure.

2-week trip to Turkey

In the chart below, I am going to compare the two most affordable travel insurances from IATI and Heymondo. To do so, I will use as an example a trip of a couple of weeks to Turkey.

InsuranceHeymondo TopIATI Basic
Medical assistance$250,000$50,000
Extra: Cancellation$3,500
Adventure sportsOptional
Tech coverageOptional
2-week trip to Turkey: Heymondo vs IATI

This time, we can see that the prices of both companies are very different. One company offers a very affordable policy but with very basic coverage. Heymondo’s most affordable policy is “Heymondo Top” which offer great coverage. If you want the most basic coverage and want to save money, IATI Basic is a good option for you. However, if price isn’t a concern, Heymondo offers the better policy.

One-week trip to Morocco

To finish these comparisons, I will use as an example a one-week trip to Morocco, and this time I will review the most expensive and complete insurance of each company.

InsuranceHeymondo TopIATI Star
Medical assistance$500,000$1,000,000
Extra: Cancellation$7,000$2,000
Adventure sportsOptional ($22 Extra)Included
Tech coverageOptional ($7 Extra)
One-week insurance for Morocco: Heymondo vs IATI

In this case, we see that Heymondo is still the best overall option. However, if you plan on engaging in adventure sports, IATI Star may be the better option. The total price of Heymondo’s policy with the add-on is $95.24, while IATI’s is $63.55. If you wish to have tech coverage, Heymondo is the better choice because IATI doesn’t offer tech coverage.

Heymondo vs IATI insurance: reviews from other travelers

In the section below, I’ll compare the online reviews for each insurance company.

Trustpilot reviews

As we can see, on the Trustpilot platform, Heymondo and IATI have very good scores. In the case of Mondo, they have a 4.7/5, and in the case of IATI, they have a 4.5/5.

heymondo vs iati
Trustpilot: Heymondo
iati vs heymondo
Trustpilot: IATI

You can read all the reviews of Heymondo on Trustpilot here and the reviews of IATI on Trustpilot here.

TripAdvisor: Heymondo vs IATI

On TripAdvisor, there is a thread where they talk about IATI, Heymondo, and other travel insurances. Everyone shares their experience using these policies. On the internet, you are going to find both positive and negative reviews of both insurers; on TripAdvisor, there are more positive reviews about Heymondo and more negative reviews about IATI.

Reviews about the Apps

One of the services that both companies include is an app through which you can consult all your insurance information and make or manage claims. In this case, we can see how the Heymondo’s app has many more downloads compared to the IATI app and also has more and better reviews.

App Store

heymondo app
App Store

We see that the Heymondo app has 80 ratings and a score of 4.5/5.

iati app
App Store

The IATI app has only 4 ratings and has a 2/5.

Google Play

heymondo vs iati
Google Play

On Google Play, the Heymondo app has over 50,000 downloads and a total of 137 reviews, with a 3.8/5 rating.

heymondo travel insurance
Google Play

In the case of IATI, the app has more than 10,000 downloads and no ratings.

My experience with Heymondo

I have traveled at least once with IATI in the past; however, I have never had to use the insurance at the destination, so I cannot speak from my experience about the company and the services.

However, I have been traveling with Heymondo for years, and, I have used the insurance on several occasions. Here are a few examples:

  • Stomach virus in Bali. I have had this problem on two of my trips to this Indonesian island, and the insurance has responded very well in both cases. I was sent to a medical centre, where I underwent several tests and was prescribed an antibiotic.
  • Food poisoning in Myanmar In this Asian country, I also had gastrointestinal problems. In addition, I was travelling alone, so having insurance was key.
  • Tetanus vaccination in Ecuador After sticking an rusty piece of iron in a wound, I called the insurance company worried, and they immediately gave me an appointment to get a tetanus vaccination in a hospital in the capital.

When you need to use the insurance, the first thing you have to do is make a phone call and communicate through the app. When you get a response, you will be asked for your policy’s details, including your policy number, so it is very important that you have it in hand.

Once you have told them about your problem, you will have to wait a short time until they contact you again and tell you which hospital or medical center to go to. They will be waiting for you there, and you will not have to pay any money in advance.

This has been my experience traveling with Heymondo, although most travel insurance companies follow the same protocol. If you want to read more experiences, you can check out my article about Heymondo reviews.

Conclusion: Heymondo vs IATI

After doing an exhaustive review of the different products offered by IATI and Heymondo and seeing the reviews that both companies have, my conclusion is that you can’t go wrong with either company as they both offer very comprehensive coverage. If you are planning on engaging in adventurous activities, IATI is the better option. Heymondo also offers the best overall value for money.

I will now briefly review all the reasons for this.

What they both have in common

  • Both Heymondo and IATI are reputable companies in the industry.
  • With neither of these insurers, you won’t have to pay any money upfront.
  • They offer many types of products, so you can tailor your insurance to your needs.
  • Both companies are recommended by numerous travel bloggers.
  • Both IATI and Heymondo have coverage for COVID-19.

The differences

  • Heymondo is better value for money. Its insurance policies have better coverage and are also cheaper.
  • Heymondo’s app is more developed, and travelers seem to rate it more highly.
  • IATI has insurance for more specific situations, such as IATI Backpacker or IATI Airhelp.
  • Heymondo’s insurance policies already include AirHelp coverage, so if you have a problem with a flight, they will handle it at no cost. In the case of IATI, this is extra coverage.
  • Heymondo has coverage for electronic equipment, while IATI does not.
  • IATI includes coverage for adventure sports, Heymondo does as well at an additional cost.

Don’t miss all my travel tips to continue organizing your next adventure.

I hope this article about Heymondo vs. IATI has been very useful for you when preparing your next vacation. Leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or suggestions. See you next time!

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