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The 19 best gifts for travel lovers, they’ll love it!

I'm sure you have a friend or family member who is a travel lover and you're looking to give them a gift. You have no idea what to surprise him or her with and you just remembered how much that person loves to travel. Why not give that person something related to his or her passion? Hmmm, you're heading in the right direction.

As the traveler myself, I have to admit that I would be happy if I received any of these gifts for travelers; and I'm sure that person you're thinking of will like it too. Below you will find my list of 19 gift ideas for travel lovers.

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Best gifts for travel lovers

Ready to discover the best gifts for travelers? Let’s begin!

1. Passport cover

unique gift ideas
Source: Amazon

We start with a basic for anyone who uses their passport more than their national identity document… This gift is perfect for those people who travel a lot, especially to destinations where they have to carry their passport.

With so much trotting around, this very important document can deteriorate. What better than to surprise him with a passport cover? I have been browsing and this cover is the one that I liked the most.

2. 100ml travel containers

affordable gift ideas
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for cheap gifts for travelers, this option can be very good, since it always comes in handy. Instead of buying all the toiletries in 100 ml bottles at the supermarket, you will only have to refill these silicone bottles every time you go on a trip. In addition, doing this is much cheaper, therefore, you will save money on your trip.

3. A set of bamboo cutlery

cutlery set
Source: Amazon

Carrying a set of bamboo or metal cutlery should be a must every time you go on a trip, since you never know when you are going to have a picnic or eat a ready-to-eat salad (some come without cutlery). By choosing this useful gift, you’ll also help your traveling friend take care of the planet. If you like the idea, I recommend this cutlery set. It’s the one I use.

4. A carry-on backpack

unique gift ideas
Source: Amazon

Recently, some airlines do not include the carry-on bag with the initial flight fare. This means that to carry a small suitcase, you will have to pay a supplement. Although it may seem unbelievable, on some occasions, if the trip does not last many days or if it is going to be hot at the destination, it is possible to put everything you need in a backpack.

In this way, you will not have to pay any extra cost for carrying a carry-on bag, since you simply will not carry it. If the person you want to give a gift to makes a lot of short getaways, this backpack will surely come in handy.

5. A travel guide of their next destination

unique gift ideas
Travel guide

If you know the next destination of the person to whom you are going to give a gift, a good idea is to give them a travel guide for the next country they are going to visit. Although you can find a lot of information on the internet, the Lonely Planet travel guides are a classic and it is always great to have so much information about the destination and to be able to take the book with you on your trip. Also don’t forget to recommend my travel blog!

6. A cork globe

unique gift ideas
Unique gift for travel lovers

If you are looking for more decorative gifts for travelers, then this cork globe can be a great alternative. It comes with thumbtacks to mark the places you have visited or plan to visit. If that person, like me, has an obsession with maps, surely you are right. I have one of the Bangaram brand. On their website you will find other very cool products of the style.

7. A quick-dry towel, best gifts for travel lovers

gifts for travel lovers
Source: Amazon

For the trips where I am going to bathe in lakes, waterfalls, beaches, etc. You can never miss my quick-drying towel. These towels are great for those trips where you’re getting in and out of the water over and over again, as they take up little space, dry well, and don’t retain much moisture. If your friend or relative is going on a trip soon to a destination like Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines, this towel will come in handy. I say this from experience!

8. A 50-L Backpack

50 liter backpack
Source: Amazon

One of the best gifts for travelers who like to take long trips is a good backpack that can be used as a carry-on. On one of my trips to Southeast Asia, where I was traveling through various countries for four months, my carry-on was this 50-litre backpack from The North Face. I was able to take everything I needed and, in addition, I saved money by not having to check a bag.

9. A wooden map, one of the best gifts for travel lovers

wooden map
Wooden map

One of the best gifts for travel lovers is this decorative wooden map. Not only will you be able to give a different touch to one of the rooms in your home, but it will also come in handy to get inspired and choose new travel destinations. On the Enjoy The Wood website you can find maps of different sizes and colors.

10. Portable external battery

gifts for travel lovers
Source: Amazon

This gift may seem boring but it is very useful. When we travel, we spend almost all day outside and sometimes we don’t have access to plugs to charge our mobile. A battery like this one, small and light, is great to always carry with you so you don’t run out of battery on your mobile or other technological devices.

11. Thermal bottle

travel water bottle
Source: Amazon

Another great must-have for any traveler is a good stainless steel water bottle. If the recipient does not have a bottle of this style, do not hesitate to get one. I’m sure they’ll love it and it’s great gift. In this way, you will also be helping the environment, since less plastic bottles will be used.

12. An It’s Logic water bottle, a unique gift idea

gifts for travel lovers
It’s Logic Bottle

Another stainless steel bottle that I love and that can be a great gift is this one from it’s logic. What I like so much about this brand is that they have the flattest stainless steel bottle in the world. This is great since traditional bottles sometimes don’t fit well in a small bag or backpack. They have various colors and covers made of natural fabrics.

Also, if you use the code “SPOZUELO”, you will have a 15% discount on the entire store.

13. An AirTag for his or her luggage

gifts for travel lovers
Source: Amazon

Something that I have seen a lot of travelers do lately and that seems like a great idea to me is to place an AirTag in your checked luggage. Thus, you can see at any time where your suitcase is. This is especially great if you lose your suitcase. You can also place the AirTag in your backpack or suitcase if you are going to put it in the luggage compartment in a bus, train, etc.

14. A cute travel backpack

doughnut backpack
Source: Amazon

Ever since my sister gifted me this beautiful Doughnut backpack, it has been my faithful travel companion. If you are looking for a nice backpack to give to your travel-loving friend, I am sure that he or she will love it. It am obsessed with it, since, apart from being beautiful, it has many compartments to organize all your things well. It also has a laptop pocket.

15. A GoPro Hero 11 Black

Source: Amazon

This gift will be great for your friend to record his or her best travel adventures. The GoPro HERO11 Black is one of the best action cameras on the market. It is great if you want to record videos doing adventure sports or underwater. It takes up very little space and records great. I use it a lot when I snorkel.

16. Printed photos of their favorite travel moments

gifts for travel lovers
Source: Lalalab

Something I don’t like about new technology is that they have taken away the habit of printing photos. It seems that going through the pages of an album, remembering moments of yesteryear, is something from the last century or reserved for moments photographed years ago. I personally like to have these memories in physical format.

A gift that is sure to make he or she very excited is a collection of printed travel photos. The company that I use to print my photos is Lalalab. The photos come printed in a box.

17. A surprise trip, one of the best gifts for travel lovers

surprise trip
Surprise trip

Is there a better gift for a travel lover than a surprise trip? However, I am not talking about just any trip but about one with a surprise destination. Not only will the lucky person not know the destination, but neither will you. This gift is possible thanks to companies like Waynabox.

Choose the number of people, the city of origin, the dates and destination cities that you want to exclude. Two days before the flight, you’ll receive an email revealing the city and the necessary documents for your trip. You will love it!

18. A quality eye mask

gifts for travel lovers
Source: Amazon

Those of you who have made long trips will understand how important it is to always wear a mask on the plane. During a long flight, there are always certain hours when the lights go out and the windows are covered because it is time to sleep.

However, there is always someone who is watching a movie or simply forgets to turn off the screen. That light is very intense and annoying. In that case, this mask will be the best solution. A perfect gift for a travel lover.

19. A stay at a charming hotel

gifts for travel lovers
Charming hotel

If your friend is also a good life partner, be it a partner or a friend, a great gift idead is a surprise getaway to a charming hotel. You will not only be giving away a very pleasant experience but also quality time with that person.

Do not miss all my travel destinations and travel tips.

I hope this article full of gifs for travel lovers has been very helpful. Which one has been your favorite or which one would you like to be given to you as a gift? If you have any questions or contributions, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until next time, travelers!

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