The 14 best gifts for travel lovers

I'm sure you have a friend or family member who is a travel lover and you're looking to give them a gift. You have no idea what to surprise him or her with and you just remembered how much that person loves to travel. Why not give that person something related to his or her passion? Hmmm, you're heading in the right direction. As a traveler myself, I have to admit that I would be happy if I received any of these gifts for travel lovers and I'm sure that person you're thinking of will like it too.

Here is a list of the 14 best gift ideas for travel lovers. I've purchased many of the items on this list myself, either for me or as a gift for someone, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my purchases. In addition, you'll be able to choose between affordable items and items that lean more towards the expensive side.

¿Looking for affordable gifts for travel lovers? Choose an item from my list! :)

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Best gifts for travelers

1. A mug from his or her favorite city

Breakfast is a perfect occasion to remember your favorite city or the city you dream of visiting, don’t you think? That’s why when I saw these mugs from Lovely Street, I thought that they’d make a perfect gift. I decided to buy the one from Madrid but you also have mugs displaying other cities, like New York, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Seville, etc. It’s one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

gifts for travel lovers

2. Travel eye mask to sleep during flights

Those of you who have been on long-haul flights understand how important it is to always carry a mask during a long flight. It is true that during a long flight, there are always certain times when the lights are dimmed and the window blinds pulled down because it is time to sleep. However, there is always someone who is watching a movie or simply forgets to turn off his or her screen. That light is sometimes very bright and annoying. In that case, the mask will be your best solution. It is one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

Don’t forget to check these sleep eye masks out.

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3. A piggy bank

Every day it’s easier to travel on a low budget, some money is always needed for plane tickets, accommodation or food. How hard is saving money sometimes? Make it easier for your travel-loving friend to save some money by gifting them this fun piggy bank from Mr.Wonderful.

gifts for travel lovers

4. 100ML travel-size bottles

Who else finds the 100-ml-bottle law annoying? If you didn’t already know, any liquid container you plan on taking during your trip always has to be under 100ML or 100g (for creams) if you want it inside the cabin luggage. You can place larger liquid items in your checked luggage. If you are planning a trip and are not going to check any luggage, you will have to place all your toiletries in 100 ml bottles.

One day I decided to buy some silicone bottles that I fill up on every trip and it ended up being an amazing idea. Without a doubt, you will do your travel-loving friend a favor if you give him or her this gift.

Look for more 100 ml bottles.

gifts for travel lovers

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5. Passport cover

This gift is perfect for those travel lovers who visit places where having a passport is required. After a few trips, this important document can look a bit rough after some use. What could be better than surprising him or her with a passport cover?

Find your favorite passport cover.

Best gifts for travelers

6. Quick-Drying Towels

This is the perfect gift for an adventurous travel lover. A traveler who does not know when he or she will find themselves near a river or beach and have the urge to go for a swim. For them, a small quick-drying towel is a lifesaver in those situations.

Take a look at these Quick-drying towels.

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7. Printed photos from their favorite trips, an incredible gift for travel lovers

Something I don’t like about technology nowadays is that photos are very rarely printed. All photos are now mostly stored on memory cards, hard drives or a cloud. It seems that going through the pages of an album remembering moments is something from the last century. I personally like to have these memories in physical form.

Have you heard of the famous boxes with photos? I think it’s a great idea to print ones favorite photos from ones past trips. With LALALAB, the basic box costs $15 and allows you to print up to 25 photos.

regalos para viajeros

Gifts for travel lovers ($25 – $200)

Do you have a higher budget? Take a look at these gifts for travel lovers and choose your favorite.

8. Cork map

The notion that travelers love maps is a fact. Really, there is nothing easier and more fun for them than looking at a world map and marking down the countries they have already been to and the ones they dream of going to. If you are not a big fan of scratch maps, here’s an alternative: a cork map like this one from Miss Wood.

There are different sizes and colors. It also comes with two colored pins, one color to mark the places you have visited and the other color for the destinations you plan to go to. As a traveler, I already bought one and I have to admit, I love it!

Price: from €24,90 to €65,9 depending on the size.

best gifts for travelers

9. A backpack for day-to-day use

Any traveler will agree that a day-to-day backpack is very important when traveling. I personally like the ones that have many compartments to keep everything organized and at hand. What do you think of this one? It is a perfect gift for any travel lover.

Take a look at more backpacks.

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10. Stainless steel water bottle it’s logic, an amazing gift for travel lovers

A reusable bottle is a necessary companion on any trip. This way you won’t have to constantly buy plastic water bottles. One of my favorite bottles are the ones from it’s logic. What I like so much about this brand is that they offer the flattest stainless steel bottle in the world and it comes in handy as sometimes traditional bottles don’t fit well in a small bag or backpack.

You can find bottle in four different colors: silver, white, black and turquoise. In addition, they also sell very cool covers made with cactus fabric, pineapple fabric or cork fabric. You will also find it in different colors and textures. Bottles cost €34.99 and sleeves from €14.99 to €17.99.

If you are interested in purchasing this gift for a travel lover, you can take advantage of a 15% discount by purchasing your favorite product through this link or using the code “SPOZUELO”. It’s logic offers Worldwide shipping.

11. Pair of tennis shoes from Tropicfeel

If your travel-loving friend or family member finds him or herself in any kind of terrain, I can think of a gift that will come in handy. Some Tropicfeel sneakers! Tropicfeel is a brand from Barcelona that has not stopped growing since its launch. One of its best-selling products is the water friendly slippers. These shoes are designed so that you can walk around the city, go hiking or even take bathe with them.

They offer a wide variety of designs and colors. In addition, they also have other products, such as backpacks, waterproof jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, toiletry bags, flip flops, etc.

12. A surprise trip

What can be a better gift than to surprise a travel lover with a trip? However, I am not talking about just any ordinary trip but a surprise trip. Not only will the lucky recipient of this gift be unaware of the final destination, but you will you too. This gift is possible thanks to Waynabox.

This is how it works. Start by choosing the number of passengers (two people minimum), the city of origin, the dates and destination that you want to eliminate. Two days before the flight, you’ll receive an email revealing the city and the necessary documents for your trip. Possible destinations are within Europe and Morocco. It is a much more adventurous concept of traveling than what we are used to. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Price: Around $150 per person (plane ticket and a 2 night stay).

gifts for travel lovers

13. The North Face large backpack, one of the best gifts for travel lovers

Years ago, I quit using a standard suitcase and made the switch to this backpack from The North Face. Ever since I used this backpack on a trip to southeast Asia, It has become my trusted companion on all my trips. I find it more comfortable and practical than an ordinary suitcase. In my opinion, it is one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

regalos viajeros

14. A stay at a charming hotel

If you travel-loving friend is also a life partner, a nice gateway to a charming hotel is an amazing gift idea. Not only will you gift them an amazing stay at an incredible place but you will also be spending some quality time with that person. I recommend looking for a charming place using this link.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose a hotel based on their taste and the type of traveler he or she is. You can choose a hotel in a city, town, countryside, etc.

I hope this post about the best gifts for travel lovers has been informative and of great help. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to leave a comment down below or reach out to me through social media. Till next time, traveler!

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