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World Nomads Promo Code: 5% discount for 2024

When planning an adventure, there's one crucial step that savvy travelers know not to ignore: purchasing travel insurance. When searching for good travel insurance, you should look for a reputable one that covers the kind of activities you intend to engage in while travelling. A company like World Nomads, which offers comprehensive plans for adventurers and thrill seekers, quickly comes to mind.

If you're planning on purchasing a policy, you should take advantage of a 10% discount on your next travel insurance using my World Nomads promo code. Later in this article, I'll explain the step-by-step process of purchasing a policy and how to save money as well.

Table of contents

1. World Nomads Promo Code

If you are in a rush, I am not going to make you wait! Right below is the World Nomads discount code! If you are not sure about how to use it or how to purchase your insurance, follow the step-by-step guide later in this article. 

⚠️ World Nomads promo code “WNFOUND” ⚠️
5% discount [2024]

2. What is World Nomads travel insurance?

Simon Monk and Graeme Wilson founded the travel insurance company World Nomads in 2002. The business was created with the intention of offering thorough travel insurance for adventure seekers. World Nomads sought to fill this gap by providing tailored coverage after realizing that conventional insurance policies frequently fell short in covering the particular risks and activities connected with travel.

World Nomads travel insurance is now one of the most well-known insurance providers protecting travelers worldwide. They offer a safety net that can cover things like medical expenses if you get sick or hurt, help you if your belongings are stolen or damaged, and even assist if you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen events.

3. World Nomads insurance review: Is it right for you?

World Nomads provided some of the market’s most comprehensive plans. The Standard Plan and Explorer Plan are their two different levels of coverage plans. The Standard Plan includes coverage for things like medical expenses and trip cancellations, while the Explorer Plan offers even more benefits and higher coverage limits.

On the other hand, the Explorer Plan not only has a greater insurance cap, but it also offers more adventurous activity coverage. For a list of the 150 activities that each insurance plan covers, visit the official website. I’ll go into more detail about the variations between the Standard and Explorer plans later on in our World Nomads travel insurance review.

8 benefits that stand out the most:

  1. Medical Coverage: Both the Standard and Explorer Plans offer a limit of $5,000,000 plus.
  2. Medical Evacuation: With a limit of $500,000, you can travel with greater peace of mind.
  3. Emergency Dental Treatment: Coverage for urgent dental care abroad to ease sudden pain.
  4. Trip Cancellation: Covers expenses incurred for up to events such as sudden death, serious illness, and accidental injury.
  5. Adventure Sports & Activities: More than 150 sports, activities, and experiences are covered by travel insurance from World Nomads.
  6. Passport and Travel Documents: Replacement costs for a lost or stolen passport, driver’s licence, or other travel document.
  7. Damage or Loss of Baggage: Covers cost of your luggage and personal goods for repair, replacement, or loss.
  8. 24-Hour Customer Service Assistance: World Nomads offers 24-hour multi-lingual assistance.

If you are interested in a more in-depth World Nomads travel insurance review, read my blog post where I break down each plan, talk about the coverage and show what other travelers have to say about the company.

4. World Nomads Standard vs Explorer

Both the Explorer plan and the Standard plan offer coverage when travelling, however their levels of coverage and specific features vary.

  • World Nomads Standard Plan: Typically, it includes the key components of travel insurance. Medical costs, journey interruptions or cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, emergency evacuations, and other customary advantages. In comparison to the Explorer plan, the coverage limits are lower.
  • World Nomads Explorer Plan: Greater coverage limits and more comprehensive coverage are provided. All of the features of the Standard plan are available, but at a higher level of coverage. The Explorer plan also offers broader coverage for extreme sports and adventure activities.

Below, I’ll compare both the Standard and Explore plans available for residents of Australia and the United Kingdom since there is great demand in this part of the world for World Nomads policies.

If you are planning on purchasing a policy from anywhere else in the world and would love to see a chart of your country’s specific coverage, feel free to refer to World Nomads official website and request a quote. Once you do so, you’ll be redirected to a page displaying a similar coverage chart as the one shown below.

World Nomads Australia

In the chart below, I’ll compare the cost and coverage for a 3-week trip to Indonesia with the Standard Plan and Explore Plan for Australian citizens.

CoverageStandard PlanExplorer Plan
Emergency Accident & Medical Coverage$5,000,000Unlimited
Emergency Evacuation$500,000Unlimited
Out-of-Pocket Expenses in HospitalNot Insured$5,000
Emergency Dental Treatment$1,000$1,000
Trip Cancellation$2,500$10,000
Baggage Delay$300$450
Damage or Loss of Baggage$2,000$10,000
Damaged Limit Per Item$500$1,500
Rental Vehicle Insurance ExcessNot included$3,000
Personal Liability$1,000,000$2,500,000
Adventure Sports & Activities (full list)LimitedIncluded
Cost of Policy$149.00 AUD$165.50 AUD
Price with 5% discount$136.10 AUD$150.95 AUD
World Nomad discount code

As shown in the chart above, there small difference between the Standard Plan and the Explorer Plan in cost; however, the Explorer Plan offer greater coverage.

Discount code: “WNFOUND”

World Nomads UK

In the chart below, I’ll compare the cost and coverage for a 2-week trip to Egypt with the Standard Plan and Explore Plan for UK citizens.

CoverageStandard PlanExplorer Plan
Emergency Accident & Medical Coverage£5,000,000£10,000,000
Coronavirus Travel ExpensesNot Covered£1,250
Out-of-Pocket Expenses in Hospital£200£1,000
Emergency Dental Treatment£300£500
Trip Cancellation£3,000£5,000
Baggage Delay£100£200
Damage or Loss of Baggage£1,000£2,000
Damaged Limit Per Item£125£250
Rental Vehicle Insurance ExcessNot included£1,500
Personal Liability£2,000,000£2,000,000
Adventure Sports & Activities (full list)LimitedIncluded
Cost of Policy£104.78 GBP£122.24 GBP
Price with 5% discount£94.30 GBP£110.02 GBP
World Nomads Explorer vs Standard

As you can see, the Explorer plan offers the best value-for-money and with the 10% World Nomads discount, you can’t get an even better deal.

Factors to take into account when selecting a plan:

  • Budget. Although it may seem obvious, cost should be taken into account. The World Nomads Explorer Plan costs more than the Standard Plan because of its wider coverage. Think about your willingness to pay money and your budget for travel insurance.
  • Coverage Limit. Examine the coverage limits of both plans and determine whether the Standard plan meets your needs adequately or if the Explorer plan’s more extensive coverage would give you better peace of mind.
  • Planned Travel Activities. The Explorer plan might be a better choice if you want to participate in adventure sports, outdoor activities, or other high-risk activities while you’re on vacation because of its greater coverage.

Reviewing the policy’s terms and conditions, coverage details, and any fine print pertaining to the plans is essential before making a choice because it can offer financial protection and peace of mind in the event of unanticipated occurrences. Travel insurance is a crucial component of trip planning.

Always get in touch with the insurance company personally to clear up any questions and make sure the selected plan satisfies your needs.

5. How to use the 5% World Nomads Promo Code

As you may already know by now, World Nomads stands out among other reliable travel insurance companies for its comprehensive coverage designed for the most demanding travelers. But there’s more: now you can purchase a World Nomads travel insurance policy with a special 5% discount promo code. I’ll walk you through the process of redeeming this offer in the section below.

Purchasing a policy with a 5% discount is a breeze. To access this wonderful offer, just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the World Nomads website: Head over to the official World Nomads website to begin the process.

world nomads promo code
World Nomads
  • Navigate on the homepage until you come across the screen above. Enter the necessary trip information, such as your destination, travel dates, country of residence, age and people traveling. Then press the “get quote” button and World Nomads will create a policy specifically for you.

World nomads discount
World Nomads
  • You will then be redirected to the window displayed above. In this section, you’ll be able to view and compare the price and coverage for the Standard Plan and Explorer Plan. By now, you are probably clear as to which plan suits you best. However, before we proceed, we must first apply the World Nomads promotional code. If you take a look at the bottom-right corner of the screen, you’ll see a section that says “enter promotional code”. Enter the code: “WNFOUND”.

World Nomads travel insurance
  • Once you’ve applied the promo code, you’ll see the total cost of your policy adjusted to reflect the 5% discount. Now you just have to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting comprehensive coverage at a discounted rate.

Terms and Conditions for all World Nomads promo codes

As with any promotion, it’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions associated with the 10% discount on World Nomads policies. These conditions could include usage limitations, eligibility requirements, and expiration dates.

As of today, residents from the United States and Canada aren’t eligible for any discount on travel insurance. That being said, you are still able to purchase a World Nomads travel insurance policy for a great price! If you live anywhere else in the world, you can take advantage of a 5% discount by following the steps mentioned above.

How to File A Claim with World Nomads Travel Insurance

By logging into your account on the World Nomads website, you can submit a claim any time. You’ll need to submit your supporting evidence after you’ve responded to a few questions about your claim. An email confirmation will be sent to you after the claim has been submitted. Initial reviews of claims may take up to 10 business days, and processing times may increase if further paperwork is needed.

In conclusion, World Nomads travel insurance is a reliable and thorough option for travelers looking for protection tailor-made for their adventures. Consider the advantages of World Nomads as you prepare for your next adventure, and remember, by purchasing a World Nomads travel insurance policy with a 10% discount promo code, you’re not only fulfilling that responsibility but also giving yourself the gift of extra savings.

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I hope that my World Nomads promo code has helped you save on your next adventure. If you want to share an experience using World Nomads or simply get in touch with me, please send me an email or leave a comment down below. Until then, road warriors!

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