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Where to stay in Doha: Best areas and hotels

If you are going to visit Doha (Qatar), you are probably wondering which are the best areas to stay in Doha. Choosing the best area to stay in was the toughest decision prior to visiting Doha because the city has very different neighborhoods. Each area represents a facet of Doha and I am sure that your experience will depend on where you decide to stay in the city.

Doha is a large city and, regardless of where you decide to stay in, you'll need some type of transportation to move around the city.

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Where to stay in Doha

Below, you’ll discover where to stay in Doha and the areas where the best hotels in Doha are located. I will also explain why each area is a good option to stay in Doha: location, places of interest, restaurants available, etc.

If you haven’t planned your visit to Doha yet, click on this article about what to do in Doha and read it when you finish with this one. Apart from telling you which are the best places in the city, I will give you several tips, which will certainly be of great help.

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1. Souq Waqif, the most traditional area to stay in Doha

where to stay in Doha
Souq Waqif

The Souq Waqif area is where the old souk of the city was located. This market dates back to the 19th century. Although it was renovated a few years ago, it still maintains the traditional architecture of the time.

In Souq Waqif you can find a wide variety of restaurants, shops and traditional markets scattered throughout its streets. This area is full of life at night and during the day. You will see many locals and tourists enjoying what Souq Waqif has to offer. I recommend visiting Al Koot Fort, Gold Souq, Souq Waqif Art Center, the old well and the main square.

We decided to stay in a hotel located near the entrance of Souq Waqif, since it was the area that caught my attention the most. Apart from having a wide range of restaurants (some very cheap) and places of interest, it is an area that is very well connected with other parts of the city by metro and bus.

For these reasons, in my opinion, it is the best area to stay in Doha.

We stayed in Alwadi Hotel Doha. I highly recommend this hotel because, it’s in a great location, offers great amenities (exterior pool, rooftop bar, spa, restaurant, etc.) and has a friendly staff. Although what stood out the most was the incredible breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t affordable but well worth it because you can choose as many dishes as you want. Everything was delicious.

Places to visit in Souq Waqif

  • Go shopping in the streets of Souq Waqif.
  • Stroll through Falcon Souq and the horse stables.
  • Visit Al Fanar mosque, where you will find a cultural center where you can learn about Islam.
  • Visit The Pearl Monument.
  • Stroll along the Doha corniche (promenade).
  • Visit the Museum of Islamic Art.
  • Take a walk (or take the metro) to the National Museum of Qatar.
  • Al Shouyoukh and Msheireb mosques.

Best hotels in Souq Waqif and surroundings

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2. The Pearl, luxurious area in Doha

where to stay in Doha
The Pearl

One of the first words that comes to mind when thinking of Doha (Qatar) is luxury. Although there are a few areas of the city that are not luxurious, this is not the case with The Pearl. The Pearl is an artificial island home to many of the city’s wealthiest individuals.

Apart from lavish homes, in The Pearl, you will find shopping malls, fine restaurants, luxury hotels, designer shops, artificial beaches… If you come to Doha looking for luxury, I recommend staying in The Pearl.

On the other hand, if you are traveling on a budget, The Pearl is still a must-visit place in Doha. I did not hesitate to visit The Pearl and I loved observing the local residents and their lifestyle. To do this, I recommend visiting the residential area of ​​Qanat Quartier. It’s very beautiful!

The closest metro station to The Pearl is Legtaifiya Metro Station. From there, you will have to take a long walk, a taxi or Uber.

Things to visit and do in The Pearl

  • Stroll through Qanat Quartier, a neighborhood inspired by Venice.
  • Visit Lido Venezia Community Beach. There is a beach club called Talia Mare.
  • Have a drink at Volume Cafe.
  • Stroll and go shopping in Medina Centrale.

Hotel recommendations in The Pearl

3. West Bay, a great option to stay in Doha

best hotels in doha
Where to stay in Doha

West Bay is one of the most exclusive areas of the city. Its large number of skyscrapers make up one of the most famous and memorable views of Doha. In this area you can find numerous hotels, company headquarters, ministries, restaurants and the shopping malls OnlyRoses – The Gate Mall and City Center Mall Doha.

West Bay itself is not one of my favorites, but it is still a good place to stay in Doha due to the range of restaurants and because it is located between several points of interest in Doha.

The West Bay area is very well connected to the rest of the city thanks to the subway. The subway station is called DECC.

Things to do in West Bay

  • Stroll through Al Dafna Park.
  • Visit the shopping malls in the area, City Center Mall Doha and OnlyRoses – The Gate Mall.
  • Eat in one of the best restaurants in West Bay.

Best hotels in West Bay

Map of best areas and hotels to stay in Doha

On the map below you can see the best places to search for accommodation in Doha and the recommended hotels, with their respective Booking links.

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I hope this post about where to stay in Doha has been informative and very useful in planning your trip to the capital of Qatar. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until next time, travelers!

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