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World Nomads Travel Insurance: 2022 review + info

World Nomads travel insurance is one of the best and most well-known travel insurances on the market. The company has insured independent travelers and their families since 2002. In this post, I'll do my best to give you an idea of how travel insurance works. Many people may have questions such as: Can I purchase travel insurance if I'm already on a trip? What does travel insurance cover?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some but not all World Nomads travel insurance policies offer coverage for COVID-19 related incidents. You must visit their website and select your country of residence to find out more. Events such as: government travel bans, border closer, mandatory quarantine requirements and government "do not travel" warnings or equivalent, are all not covered under the travel insurance policy. It is important to stay updated with travel restrictions and requirements.

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1. What is World Nomads?

World Nomads is a travel insurance company that insures individuals from 30 different countries. It was founded by a traveler namer Simon Monk in 2002. Ever since then, they have been a trusted insurance company by platforms like Intrepid, Lonely Planet, Nat Geo, etc. They are very prideful in helping people all over the world travel and explore beyond his or her boundaries.

2. Why purchase World Nomads travel insurance?

World Nomads offers some of the most comprehensive coverage on the market. The have two tiers of coverage plans: Standard Plan and Explorer Plan. The Explorer plan is the most comprehensive plan offering a higher dollar amount for coverage such as emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, trip interruption, damage to baggage, and more.

In addition to having a higher insurance cap, the explorer plan also covers additional adventure activities. Click on this link for a full list of all 150 activities covered under each insurance plan. Later in the post I’ll discuss more in depth the differences between the Standard and Explorer plan.

world nomads travel insurance

Medical Coverage

Both the Standard and Explorer plans cover up to $100,000 in emergency medical expenses. Both plans offer more than enough coverage to engage in any adventure sport. You’ll be well taken care of. World Nomads covers accidental injury or sickness that occurs during your trip that results in an emergency evacuation. The Standard plan has a limit of $100,000 as opposed to the Explorer plan which caps at $500,000.

Both plans cover up to $750 in emergency dental treatment. The Explorer plan has a $500,000 limit for repatriation of remains while the standard plans has a $300,000 limit. This coverage ensures the return of your body to your home if you die during the trip. Keep in mind that World Nomads does not cover pre-existing medical issues.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation

World Nomads also offer coverage for non-medical emergency evacuations such as transportation expenses for an evacuation as a result of civil or political unrest in the country. It also offers coverage for certain evacuations as a result of a natural disaster or if you are expelled from the country. Always refer to the policy’s terms for more details.

Trip Cancellation, Delay and Interruption

Both plans will cover any paid non-refundable cancellation charges as a result of a covered illness, accidental injury, death of you or family and unforeseen natural disaster at home or your destination. World Nomads will not cover any cancellation if you simply change your mind and don’t want to travel on those dates.
Coverage: Standard Plan: $2500, Explorer Plan: $10,00

Each plan also covers trip interruption under similar terms. If you must interrupt your trip (after departure) due to a covered reason, World Nomads will compensate any monetary loss.
Coverage: Standard Plan: $2,500, Explorer Plan: $10,000

World Nomads covers unused portion of pre-paid accommodation or additional expenses. It only offers this coverage on a one-time basis and you must be delayed by 6 or more hours due to a covered hazard.
Coverage: Standard Plan: $500, Explorer Plan: $3,000

Damage to Baggage and Delay Coverage

World Nomads travel insurance plans cover any loss, theft or damage to personal belongings as result of carrier malpractice if you’ve done your part and taken good care of it. Both plans offer a $500 coverage for high valued items such as jewelry, fur items, etc. If your luggage is delayed, both plans offer a limit of $750 or $150 per day, which can be used to purchase necessary items in your checked luggage that is delayed.
Coverage: Standard Plan: $1000, Explorer Plan: $3,000


Accidental Death & Dismemberment

The explorer plan offers twice the coverage as the standard plan for accidental death or dismemberment. World Nomads covers accidental loss of life or body part during your trip. The death or dismemberment must occur the same year (365 days).
Coverage: Standard Plan: $5,000, Explorer Plan: $10,000

Rental Car Damage (Explorer Plan: $35,000)

The explorer plan covers rental car damage only when is under your possession. The cause must be out of your control in order to be covered. Refer to the terms of your explorer plan for more details about what’s covered and what’s not. This coverage isn’t available fore residents from NY, TX and OR.

Adventure Sports and Activities

World Nomads covers emergency medical assistance, treatment and evacuation if you are seriously injured or involved in an accident participating in certain activities or non-professional sports overseas. Here is a list of all sports covered. Not all sports and activities are covered under the standard plan. Please refer to this link for more info.  

Below there’s a brief comparison of both plans offered by World Nomads

world nomads travel insurance

24-Hour Customer Service Assistance

World Nomads offers 24-hour multi-lingual assistance which provides help and advice for medical emergencies. You can find medical centers and health professionals using this service. They can also arrange transportation to and from a medical facility. I recommend saving this number and having it readily available.

3. Does World Nomads travel insurance cover COVID-19?

It depends. World Nomads covers certain COVID-19 related medical expenses. I recommend clicking this link and reading more about their COVID-19 coverage. Below there’s some information about what is covered related to COVID-19 for U.S citizens. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not cover COVID-19 related issues if the country you are visiting currently has a lockdown, mandatory quarantine, etc.

world nomads travel insurance

How to purchase a World Nomads travel insurance plan

1. First, head over to World Nomad’s website and insert your country of residence.

2. Then click on the “get quote” botton.
world nomads travel insurance
3. Insert your information in the spaces. You’ll be asked to insert the country or countries you are traveling to, the dates, your country of residence, how many people you wish to be covered and your age. Then click on the “get quote” botton.
world nomads

4. You’ll be greeted with this page where you can see rates for both the standard and explorer plans from World Nomads travel insurance. If you scroll down the page, you’ll be able to see the different coverages for both plans. When you’ve decided which plan best fits your trip, click on the “buy” botton.

5. Fill in this personal information, accept the terms and conditions and then click on “continue to payment” located on the bottom of the page.

travel insurance

6. You’ll be taken to a payment page. Fill in your payment information and click on “buy now”.

world nomads

4. How to file a claim with World Nomads travel insurance

World Nomads recommend scanning a receipt of your belonging prior to departure. This will make filing a claim much simpler for lost or damaged items. If a personal item is damaged, make a report with your travel provider first. If you are victim of theft at your destination, file a police report before making a claim. You should also any report medical expenses to your insurance provider first, If they deny to cover the expenses, World Nomads will take care of you.

Follow these 5 steps to file a claim:

1. Call: Call World Nomads’ 24/7 emergency assistance team. It’s important to have your policy number readily available. They’ll ask you to provide a phone number where you can be reached.

2. Start a claim: Login to your member account. It’s recommended to create one as soon as you buy your policy. Take the time to read your policy to understand your coverage.

3. Follow the instructions: You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions relevant to your claim. Gather supporting documents and save you claim. You’ll be able to modify it at any time by saving it as a draft.

4. Submit claim: Upload all supporting documents and click send. You’ll receive a confirmation by email.

5. Done: World Nomads’ support team will contact you as soon as possible and keep you updated about your claim.

Tips: always keep any receipt and even take photos of the receipts of purchase goods, medicine, healthcare service, etc. It will be useful if you ever make a claim and would like to be reimbursed. Have patience when making a claim as it’s a slow process sometimes.

It’s extremely important to carefully review your policy after purchasing a plan. Nine times out of ten, travel insurance costumers have negative opinions and reviews about companies because they fail to carefully read the terms.

Also, keep in mind that your must have the appropriate license to operate a motorcycle or scooter if you wish to be covered under your policy. Many people constantly make the mistake of riding a motorbike in regions like Southeast Asia, end up in an accident and expect their insurance company to cover his or her medical bills. The insurance company will only cover the costs for licensed motorists.

I hope this post has helped you understand why it is necessary to travel with travel insurance and why World Nomads travel insurance is one of the best travel insurance on the market. Traveling with insurance doesn’t add a lot of expenses to your budget, if you’re unlucky, it can actually save you a lot.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until next time, travelers!

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