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Why I use Heymondo Travel Insurance: Review + 5% Discount

If you’ve landed on this page, you are most likely searching for the best travel insurance for your next trip. You are surely asking yourself; which is the best travel insurance? In this blog post I’ll review Heymondo travel insurance. You’ll learn about the coverage, price, how to purchase travel insurance, etc. Also, for being a reader of this blog, you’ll get a 5% Heymondo discount on any travel insurance plan.

Below you can read in which instances you can get 5% and 15% off on Heymondo travel insurance.

Some of the most common questions and concerns about travel insurance are the following: Can I purchase travel insurance while already being on a trip? What does travel insurance cover? Are there good and affordable travel insurances? 

IMPORTANT: All HEYMONDO travel insurance includes COVID-19 COVERAGE. Your policy will also cover COVID-related medical expenses (including PCR exams if necessary) and the expenses for extension in hotel for medical quarantine. In addition, the cancellation warranty includes coverage for illness or death of the traveler or family member due to COVID-19.

If you don’t know how travel insurance works, these questions may be difficult to answer. After years of traveling quite frequently, I am already familiar with these questions and concerns. However, it was not always the case.

I have traveled to places like Tokyo, Thailand, Singapore or Hong Kong without purchasing travel insurance. I lacked knowledge back then. It never crossed my mind that something could happen to me during a trip. I was traveling the world without any travel insurance and so calm.

I consider myself lucky because I never ran into any health issues on those trips; no illnesses, no accidents, no flight cancellations, zero theft... nothing. The goal is not to run into problems abroad; however, that doesn't mean that you won't have them in the future, or that nothing will ever happen to you. You never know, better to be safe than sorry. 

For example, had I broken my knee in Singapore, I would have had to pay around $6,000 for surgery and medical expenses. If I needed to be placed in the ICU in some hospital in Hong Kong, I would have had to pay more than $2,600 per night (in other countries, these figures would skyrocket). The chances of something like this happening are low, but not impossible.

Since I am aware of all this, I always travel with Heymondo travel insurance. In addition, travel insurance not only covers medical expenses, but also theft and damage to luggage, flight delays, early returns, etc.

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Table of contents

1. Why is Heymondo the best travel insurance? 

You may have heard that travel insurance is not useful and a waste of money. Some think that you are paying for something that you are not going to use later. It is possible that you purchase travel insurance and end up not using it on your first trip, or second, or third… But trust me, if you travel frequently, there will come a time when you’ll need to use your travel insurance. Or you may have worse luck, and have to use it on your first trip.

Purchasing travel insurance is an investment in your safety and health. I’ve had to use it on more than one occasion and, honestly, I am very glad that I had the best travel insurance when I ran into health issues abroad.

In conclusion, you need travel insurance because you never know what can happen to you during your trip. If you are abroad, you are responsible for all medical costs. The medical system may be different than what you are used to, you may not have relatives that can help you. When you travel with travel insurance, you’ll have a team there to help you if you run into issues and you will not have to pay a penny, whether you have a $30 bill, $3,000, $30,000 or much more depending on your insurance.

I can assure you that all experienced travelers, travel with the best travel insurance. Thus, don’t risk it and purchase the best travel insurance.

Real stories from travelers without travel insurance

Here are some real cases of friends or acquaintances who have had incidents abroad and didn’t have travel insurance:

– An acquaintance broke his femur and tibial plateau on his right leg while hiking in Nepal. He had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital in India. The medical team performed surgery on him and he spent 8 days in the ICU. Medical Bill: $80,000, but his insurance did not cover the costs since the accident occurred while performing an adventurous sport. If you are going to practice risky sports, you should not only purchase the best travel insurance, but also one that covers these types of activities.

– A Venezuelan traveler was traveling through Europe with a friend. When she was on a train from Zurich to Brussels, one of the backpacks with a laptop, camera and passports was stolen. They were suddenly in a foreign country without any documentation or money. They were traveling without travel insurance and they had to cover all the costs.

– A friend had a problem while traveling through Cambodia. He and his partner went out to party. The following day he began to have stomach pain. He had a stomach ache for a whole week. When they arrived in Bangkok, he was still feeling terrible and he decided to go to the international hospital. They gave him an injection and gave him medicine. His medical bill was $700. He did not have travel insurance, as a result, he had to pay for it out of pocket.

Cases like these happen often. It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should purchase the best travel insurance.

2. Things to consider when purchasing travel insurance

There are many different travel insurances: HeyMondo, World Nomads, Safety Wing, etc. Before you  purchase the best travel insurance, there are several factors you have to take into consideration.

As mentioned before, there are several factors to consider when purchasing travel insurance. It all depends on the type of traveler you are. If you are planning on engaging in adventurous activities, you may need additional coverage. For instance, the insurance coverage you’d need to spend a week lying on the beaches of Thailand is not the same as the one you would need if you are going to travel to Nepal and go mountaineering.

In order to determine if a travel insurance policy has everything you may need, make sure it includes the following:

  • A minimum of $100,000 of medical coverage.
  • Coverage in almost all countries.
  • Costumer service 24h / day.
  • Costumer service in your language.
  • Possibility of adding trip cancellation.
  • Possibility of protecting electronic devices.
  • Repatriation or early return.

3. My Heymondo travel insurance review 

heymondo travel insurance

I am sure that one of the main reasons you are reading this article is because you are looking forward to reading an honest Heymondo travel insurance review. I’ve been using this insurance for over 4 years, almost since the company was established, back in 2017.

It was only around a couple of years ago when Heymondo opened its market to the international public. This might make Heymondo seem like a very young company but the reality is that they have many years of experience in the travel insurance industry.

I would like to be able to say that I have never had the need to use the insurance in any of my trips but this is not the case. Indeed, I have used it many times. As a result, I can now provide you with a thorough and honest review of Heymondo travel insurance.

The first time I had to call the insurance to ask for help was on my first trip to Bali, back in 2018. I had severe diarrhea (sorry for the extra info!) and stomachaches for a few days. The pain didn’t go away therefore, I decided to give the insurance company a call.

Just in case you’ve never had the need to actually use a travel insurance, I am going to explain to you very quickly how it works, at least with Heymondo. The first step is to call the insurance company and explain what the problem is. They will ask you a few questions about your situation, your location, policy number, etc.

They will quickly call you back or send you an email with all the information about the medical center you need to go to. When you arrive, they will be expecting you and they’ll ask you for your passport and maybe information about your travel insurance policy. You will then be able to see a doctor. If you follow these steps, you want have to pay anything up front.

This is basically what happened to me when I visited the medical center in Bali. They made me take some tests and then gave me medication to treat my problem.

As I said, I have used the insurance many times. On my trip to Myanmar I had food poisoning. On my trip to Ecuador I cut my hand with a metal object and had to get a tetanus shot. Just a few weeks ago, I had to get an X-ray and an MRI test because I had pain in my lower back for weeks. Turns out I have a problem in one of my disks! All these tests were covered by my Heymondo travel insurance. All of them!

Hopefully I don’t have to use the insurance again but if I have to, I know everything will be ok. I hope this Heymondo travel insurance review has helped you gain more confidence in this company. I truly recommend it!

4. Heymondo Travel Insurance: Best Travel Insurance 

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance, you have to keep several things in mind. Surely, what worries us most at first is the price of the insurance and its coverage. Today there are a few affordable travel insurance options with extensive coverage.

One of the important things to take into account when purchasing travel insurance is if your policy pays the medical bill directly or reimburses any costs that you may pay. It is better to have the insurance company pay the bill directly and avoid having to wait for the company to reimburse your money.

I have traveled with different insurances and I have come to the conclusion that Heymondo travel insurance is the best travel insurance today.

Why do I think Heymondo travel insurance is the best for traveling?

After comparing Heymondo with other travel insurances (World Nomads and Safety Wing), HeyMondo travel insurance is the best travel insurance when you take into account price and coverage. It is an affordable travel insurance compared to other options and it still offers very good coverage.

Comparing the most affordable travel insurance policies

In order to compare these travel insurance policies, I got a quote from each travel insurance for a 2-week trip to the Asia. I have compared the most affordable travel insurance for each company. This is the result:

(tilt your mobile phone into landscape mode to see the full table)

 HeymondoWorld NomadsSafety Wing
PRICE$42.83$78.02$22.50 ($250 deductible)
Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense$250,000 (includes dental)$100,000$250,000 ($100,000 for 65 years and above)
Theft and Damage to Luggage$1,200$1,000Up to $3,000
Repatriation of Remains$100,000$300,000N/A
Trip Delay$300$500Up to $100 a day after a 12-hour delay period requiring an unplanned overnight stay.
Baggage Delay$200$1,000 (outward journey only)YES
Emergency Evacuation$500,000$300,000$100,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment$5,000$5,000$25,000
Includes COVID-19 related medical issuesYESNot completelyYES

As you can see in the table above, Heymondo travel insurance is the second most affordable travel insurance; however, Heymondo offers the best bang for your buck. The cheapest would be Safety Wing but it has a $250 deductible. Heymondo offers a more comprehensive coverage without a deductible. In addition, despite being the second cheapest travel insurance, it has equal or better coverage than other insurances.


In the following table I’ve compared of Heymondo, World Nomads, and Safety Wing travel insurances, comparing the most expensive and comprehensive insurance each company offers. These are the results:

(tilt your mobile phone into landscape mode to see the full table)

PRICE$97.96$140.96$22.50 ($250 deductible)
Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense$500,000$100,000$250,000 ($100,000 for 65 years and above)
Theft and Damage to Luggage$2,500$3,000Up to $3,000
Repatriation of Remains$100,000$500,000N/A
Trip Delay$1,500$3,000Up to $100 a day after a 12-hour delay period requiring an unplanned overnight stay.
Baggage Delay$500$750N/A
Emergency Evacuation$500,000$500,000$100,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment$60,000$10,000$25,000
Includes COVID-19 related medical issuesYESYESYES

The Heymondo “Heymondo Premium” insurance is the cheapest travel insurance without a deductible out of the three that we have compared and still covers the same or more than the other insurances.

What does Heymondo travel insurance offer that other insurances don’t?

Heymondo insurance, apart from being the best in terms of price and coverage, it also offers other services that other insurances do not offer, such as 24 hours medical attention and an APP from which you can chat with medical professionals. Other than that, the website is intuitive, up-to-date and error-free. Regarding the service, based on my experience, it is the best.


Apart from having great coverage, price and customer service, Heymondo has something that other travel insurances do not have and that makes it the best travel insurance: WhatsApp attention with a doctor 24 hours a day.

One of the things that I like the most about Heymondo travel insurance is that you can talk to a doctor on WhatsApp 24 hours a day. This means that if something has happened to you that is not an emergency or if you have doubts about anything, you can consult a specialist and they will advise you what to do.

It is something that I have missed when I have traveled with other insurances. Knowing that if anything happens to me, even if it’s small, I can consult a doctor, it gives me peace of mind during my travels. They also have pediatricians available, in case you are traveling with children.


For a few months, Heymondo has offered a free APP exclusively for its customers among its services. Through the app you can talk to a doctor at any time of the day, make claims and attach documentation and, best of all, call the insurance company for free with an internet connection. You won’t have to make a standard call (sometimes it causes a lot of problems and costs money, although later the insurance will refund it) but you will be able to communicate through the app via Wi-Fi or data service.

This service is not offered by any other travel insurance, which is one of Heymondo’s many pros.


Since the global pandemic began, this company has worked tirelessly to ensure that its travel insurance offers the best COVID-19 coverage. For this reason, all HEYMONDO travel insurance policies offers COVID-19 coverage.

5. What coverage does Heymondo Premium insurance offers?

My advice is to spare no expense on safety. Choose a travel insurance with the best benefits to travel with more peace of mind. Among the different Heymondo insurance policies, you can choose Heymondo Basic, Heymondo Top and Heymondo Premium and Heymondo Medical. I recommend Heymondo premium insurance, the best travel insurance.


– Medical expenses: $500,000

If you need medical care abroad in the event of an accident or illness, you have $500.00 to cover expenses, which includes motor vehicle accidents. In addition, it has $350 for urgent dental expenses.

– Theft and damage to luggage: $3,000

Includes damage to luggage in cases of theft, fire, damage by the carrier. It has $300 compensation for the delay in the delivery of luggage. Includes $120 shipping on items forgotten during the trip. If your luggage is lost, includes search, location and shipping.

– Repatriation or early return

Repatriation of sick, wounded and deceased individuals. If a family member is hospitalized or dies or there is serious damage to your personal or professional home, it includes early return.

– Delays in departure or arrival of transport: $300

If your means of transport is delayed, there is a compensation of up to $300 depending on the time of delay.

– Displacement of a family member in the event of an injured or deceased insured

In addition, it includes up to $1,000 for the living expenses of the family member.

– Interpreter serviceProcessing for loss or theft of documents: $200

– Legal assistance: $3,000

– Private civil liability: $60,000

In addition, you can add the following coverages:

– Travel cancellation expenses (up to 30 reasons)

– Coverage for tech

– Special coverage for cruises

– Special coverage for adventure sports

6. Heymondo travel insurance discounts (5% and 15%)

Heymondo travel insurance

For being a reader of this blog, you’ll get a 5% discount on your next Heymondo travel insurance.

15% discount on Heymondo travel insurance. On certain dates (Black Friday, Easter and certain dates in July), I have a special 15% discount on all policies.

Purchase a Heymondo policy with 5% discount.

7. How does Heymondo travel insurance work?

In order to purchase a travel insurance policy from Heymondo, you’ll have to follow these steps: insert your personal information and type of insurance you want (for one trip, for a whole year or trip cancellation).

Heymondo travel insurance offers 3 types of insurances:

Standard travel insurance. Purchase travel insurance for a single trip.

– Long stay travel insurance. Travel insurance for 90 days or more, with the possibility of extending.

Annual multi-trip insurance. Purchase insurance that covers all trips throughout the year, as long as all the trips are less than 60 days long.

Once you purchase your insurance, you will receive an email with the insurance policy. You can review all the information about your coverage. Also, very important, in that email you will see the contact information if you need medical assistance and the WhatsApp number in case you want to talk to a doctor, which are available 24 hours a day.

If all goes well on your trip, you won’t have to open this email again.

8. What should I do if I need medical assistance during my trip?

If you have any incident, you have to call the number that appears in the email. You can call any time during the day. They will take care of you right away. Once you tell them what happened to you, provide your location and give them your policy number (you always have to have it in hand), you will have to wait a few moments until they tell you which medical center you have to go to.

Remember to bring your passport or a photocopy of it on your phone in case they need it in the center. If you follow these steps, you won’t be charged anything.

When I was in Bali, I had to use Heymondo insurance. I called, told them my situation and gave them my location. After a brief moment, I received an email with the location of the medical center I had to go to. Once I arrived I just had to show my passport and that was it. The insurance and the medical center had already done all the paperwork, I was treated without having to pay anything.

You can also go to a medical center or hospital yourself and then send the necessary documents to be reimbursed. I prefer the other alternative, since it ensures being treated in a quality medical center without having to pay anything up front and being reimbursed later. You also save time not having to do all the paperwork.

9. Can I purchase travel insurance during my trip?

During all my years traveling, I have met people who were traveling to places like Southeast Asia without travel insurance, which I do not recommend doing. If you travel to any place where you do not have medical coverage, you should purchase the best travel insurance that will cover you in case anything happens to you.

If you are traveling and just realized that you need travel insurance, don’t worry, you can purchase a Heymondo travel insurance while already being on a trip. However, your coverage will begin 72 hours after you purchase the insurance.

10. How to Purchase Heymondo Travel Insurance with a 5% discount?

In order for the 5% Heymondo discount to be applied, you have to visit Heymondo travel insurance’s home page through this link. Then you click on “See Price”.

The first step is to choose the type of insurance you need. It can be insurance for a single trip or an annual insurance policy.

A. Purchase travel insurance for your trip

Start by choosing your country of residence and the country or countries you are going to visit. If you are going to travel through Europe but you are not sure which specify countries you want to visit, you can choose the “All Europe” option. The same applies if you are going to travel through several countries on other continents, but you are not sure which ones, you can choose “All the world”.

The next step is to choose the dates of the trip. First insert the start date, then the return date. If you’re already traveling, check the “Already traveling?” box.

You choose the number of people you are going to insure, write your email, accept the privacy policy and click on “See price and coverage”.

You can choose between Heymondo Basic, Heymondo Top, Heymondo Premium and Heymondo Medical. They are in order from most basic to the most comprehensive. In the example you can see below, I have chosen the United States as the destination. The United States is a country with very expensive healthcare, which is why Heymondo recommends choosing Heymondo Premium.

Before purchasing insurance, it’s important to is click on the “See details” box. Here you can see more details about the coverage and, most importantly, add trip cancellation, protection for tech equipment, add cruise or adventure sports coverage (don’t forget to read which sports are included).

Once you have chosen your desired insurance, click on the “Buy” button. Insert your personal and payment information and click on “Confirm purchase”. You will receive an email with your insurance and all the important information.

B. Purchase Heymondo annual travel insurance

If you travel very often, the best option is to purchase annual travel insurance.

Start by choosing your country of residence. “All the World” will automatically be inserted in the destination box. The next step is to set the departure date of your next trip. The return date will automatically be set within a year. Choose the number of people insured, write your email, accept the privacy policy and click “See price and coverage”.

Before purchasing the insurance policy, you can modify it to add protection for electronic equipment, cruises or adventure sports (don’t forget to read which sports are included). Once you have done it, you hit “Buy”. Insert your personal and payment information and confirm the purchase. Congrats! You already have your Heymondo insurance policy with a discount! You will receive an email with your insurance and all the important data.

Now that you have purchased your Heymondo insurance plan, it’s time to continue planning your trip. If you need help doing so, feel free to read my post on how to plan a trip.

I hope this post has helped you understand why it is necessary to travel with travel insurance and why Heymondo travel insurance is the best option for countless reasons. Traveling with insurance doesn’t add a lot of expenses to your budget, if you’re unlucky, it can actually save you a lot.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until next time, travelers! PS: I hope the Heymondo discount has been of great help.

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      Hello! 1. There is no region limitation. This insurance covers you in Japan if you select this country during the purchase process. 2. Yes, of course! You can use the 15% discount until July 24th. Please, let me know if you need anything else!

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      Hello, unfortunately Heymondo doesn’t currently offer coverage for Korean residents till further notice. I recommend continuing to check on their website for any update. Thanks.

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