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Plan your trip to Colombia

Colombia is a country full of color, rhythm and joy. It doesn’t matter where in Colombia you find yourself, it’s very easy to find colorful murals, street music and smiles on people’s faces. It’s a destination that everyone can enjoy. Immerse yourself in Colombian culture and explore a country with an unwarranted reputation.

Visit Eje Cafetero (the coffee region in Colombia) to taste its world-renowned coffee, rest on the incredible beaches of San Andrés or the Rosario Islands, visit the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, trek to the incredible Lost City, visit Comuna 13 in Medellin… Colombia offers endless plans for all.





Colombian peso.
1USD equals 4,500 COP.


Between December and March.


Basic tips

In this Colombia travel guide, you’ll be able to find all my blog posts with information about the country. Thanks to the information and my experiences that’ll share with you, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Colombia. I also recommend the best travel insurance to visit Colombia.


Tips for every destination

Colombia is very diverse. The country has interesting cities, charming towns, beaches, jungle and mountainous areas to visit.

On the Colombian Caribbean coast you can visit the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, Santa Marta, Minca, the Tayrona National Natural Park, Palomino, La Guajira, and more. If you’re in need of adventure, book a hike to the Lost City. The hike is an incredible experience! If you prefer spending some time at the beach, you can go to the Rosario Islands, San Bernardo, San Andrés, Providencia, etc.

As for cities, you can visit Bogota and Medellin which are the two large cities that are worth visiting in Colombia. In Medellin, I highly recommend booking a tour to Comuna 13. It will help you understand many aspects of the city and the country. Once you’ve visited Medellin, you should also visit Guatape. Cali is another interesting city that you can visit.

You must visit Eje Cafetero (the coffee region in Colombia). It’s one of the most beautiful and popular regions in the country. In this region, you’ll learn everything about cultivating coffee. You can also visit villages full of color and walk among Quindío wax palms (palmas de cera) which is Colombia’s national tree.

Other more remote places that are worth visiting on your trip to Colombia are: Tatacoa Desert, Caño Cristales, Cabo de la Vela, Las Lajas Sanctuary and Gorgona Island National Natural Park.

Below you can find my published articles about the different areas of Colombia.


Cartagena de India is the most beautiful city in Colombia and one of the places you definitely do not want to miss on your trip to Colombia. Strolling through its historical city center is such a surreal experience. Carteagena’s picturesque streets and colorful colonial buildings will leave you speechless. You also do not want to miss the sunset at the famous wall and visiting Getsemani.


Your trip to Colombia is not complete if you do not visit Efe Cafetero. This region of the country attracts thousands of tourists every year, rightfully so. I am sure you will also love it. One of the main attractions in the region are the coffee plantations. You will have the opportunity to visit a plantation and learn about the process of cultivating coffee, how it goes from being a seed to your cup.

Another place worth visiting in this region of Colombia is Cocora Valley. You will be able to see the famouse wax palm trees in this valley. The best way to visit the valley is by hiking along the different paths. Be sure to visit the different towns in the area: Salento, Salamina, Filandia and Pijao.


Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia. It is a very innovative and captivating city. The two main tourist attractions in Medellin are the historic center and Comuna 13. You should also consider taking a stroll through El Poblado, the most modern neighborhood in the city, where you’ll find numerous charming restaurants and shops.

If you are looking forward to going on a day trip from Medellin, I recommend visiting Guatape, a colorful little town that you will surely love. Do not forget to climb Piedra del Peñol. It’s incredible!


Santa Marta or, as the locals call it, “La Perla del Caribe” (the Caribbean pearl), is one of the main cities in Colombia and the oldest in the country. It has very charming streets and amazing beaches nearby. You can expect to have very nice meals with an incredible atmosphere.

Santa Marta is also the starting point to visit many of the attractions located near the Caribbean coast: Tayrona, Minca, Palomino, Cabo de la Vela, Punta Gallinas, Taganga, the Lost City hike, etc.