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Germany is one of the European countries that I am looking forward to exploring deeper. I have been to places like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and the Black Forest. However, there are many other places that I would love to visit, such as the charming city of Munich and the impressive Eltz Castle, among many other castles!

Germany is a very complete destination. I has hundreds of places to visit and an interesting past. I recommend learning about the history of the country during your visit. Cities full of plans, charming towns, very interesting historical sites and huge forests to get lost in await you. Not to mention the beer and sausages!






From May to October.


Basic tips

In this Germany travel guide you’ll find all my blog posts with information about the country. Thanks to the information and my experiences that’ll share with you, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Germany.


Tips for every destination

As I mentioned before, Germany offers very attractive and diverse destinations.

If you want to plan a trip to a German city and it is your first time in the country, I recommend visiting Berlin. Despite having quite beautiful places, it is not a city that stands out for its beauty. However, Berlin is perfect if you’re interested in learning about German history, culture, gastronomy and nightlife.

Other cities that are well worth visiting in Germany are Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Nuremberg and Cologne. Cologne is an ideal destination especially for Christmas.

The Black Forest is an incredible option if you want to go on a road trip and visit both nature and charming towns.

If you love castles, some of the most beautiful castles in Germany are Neuschwanstein Castle, Eltz Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, Heidelberg Castle or Hohenschwangau Castle.


Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest city in the country. After several historic events, such as World War II, in which part of the city was destroyed, many of its buildings have a more modern and industrial style. Berlin is not one of those cities that will make you fall in love as soon as you set foot in it. First you need to explore the city in depth and discover her amazing personality.

Some of the best places to visit in Berlin are the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, the East Side Gallery, the Berlin Cathedral, the Berlin Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, the Gendarmenmarkt and the Berlin Wall Memorial. Don’t forget to get to know the city’s nightlife!


Cologne is a city that suffered the effects of World War II. However, Cologne has beautiful places to visit, such as the incredible Cologne Cathedral, one of the most incredible cathedrals I have ever visited. You also need to go up to the tower. Other awesome places to visit in Cologne are the Hohenzollern Bridge and the Ludwig Museum. It is a particularly attractive city during the month of December, when it is filled with Christmas markets.


The first place I visited in Germany was Hamburg. Hamburg is a port city located in the north of the country. The second largest port in Europe is located in Hamburg. There are many canals and lakes. It is considered, by many, as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

If you decide to visit Hamburg, don’t forget to visit the Hamburg City Hall, Deichstrasse Street, the Church of San Miguel, the Elb Philharmonic and the Planten un Blomen, an ideal park to spend a day away from the bustling city.


Munich is a city that tourists love visiting, not only for hosting Oktoberest! The city is full of restaurants, bars, museums and many other places to visit. Don’t forget to visit Marienplatz (Munich’s central square), Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s English Garden, Nymphenburg Palace, the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall, Residenz, Odeonsplatz, Munich Cathedral and Olympiapark.


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The Black Forest is one of the best places to visit in Germany, especially if you are interested in nature and visiting charming towns. In addition, it is an ideal destination if you travel with family. I recommend traveling with a car or by public transport through the region and visit towns like Gengenbach, Baden-Baden, Freiburg and Triberg. If you have enough time, you can also go to Freudenstadt, Schiltach and Calw.