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My trip to Tunisia was full of surprises. I did not know much about this country in North Africa. This was one of the reasons why I decided to plan this trip. Tunisia managed to surprise me as soon as I began exploring the country. A country with Roman ruins, charming people, beautiful villages, beaches with crystal clear water. The country is full of treasures.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our road trip through the country was cut short. We were unable to visit one of the places we really wanted to visit: the Sahara Desert. We look forward to finishing this road trip and picking up where we left off sometime in the future.




Tunisian dinar.
1USD equals 2.87 TND.


April, May, October
and November.


Basic tips

In this Tunisia travel guide you’ll find all my blog posts with information about the country. Gracias a estos consejos podrás organizar tu viaje a Túnez por libre. Thanks to the information and my experiences that’ll share with you, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Tunisia.


Tips for every destination

I’m certain Tunisia will surprise you as well. Not only because of how easy it is to travel around the country, specially if you rent a car, which I highly recommend, but also because of how friendly the poeple of Tunisia are. You will also be suprised at the variety of landscapes that you will visit throughout this small but complete country.

There are several cities and towns that you must visit on your trip to Tunisia. Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is a place you must visit. A walk through the Medina of Tunis, declared a World Heritage Site, will bring you closer to the history of the country and local culture.

Another place that I recommend visiting is Sidi Bou Said, a small Mediterranean town that will make you fall in love the moment you set foot in it. The white and blue tone on the houses is one of the aspects that stands out about this mediterranean town.

Other places worth visiting in Tunisia are Hammamet, Sousse, Kairouan, Tataouine, Douz, Tozeur, Monastir and El Djem, where you will find an impressive Roman amphitheatre. If you want beaches, the best destination is Djerba. As for Roman ruins, do not miss Bulla Regia, Dougga, Thuburbo Majus, Uthina and Sbeitla.


Any trip in Tunisia will most likely begin in Tunis. The capital is a fairly small city, therefore, you will not need more than a day to get to visit its most interesting places. I recommend walking through the Medina of Tunis, where the main tourist attractions of the city are located. Do not forget to visit the Bab El Bhar gate, Zitouna Mosque, the central market, Kasbah Square and Café Panorama which has some amazing views.

You can go on several day trips from the city of Tunis. Near the capital you can visit Sidi Bou Said, the Roman ruins of Uthina, Dougga and Bulla Regia.


Hammamet is one of the most interesting cities to visit in the Mediterranean coast in Tunisia. Its beaches and preserved old town attract many visitors every year. You must take a stroll through the Medina and visit the Kasbah of Hammamet, originally from the 13th century. At the top there is a small cafeteria, ideal for smoking shisha and drinking tea. I also recommend going to Sidi Bou Hdid Café.


Sousse is the third largest city in the country and one of the best places to visit in Tunisia. Again, taking a long walk through the Medina is the best way to get to know this town. You must visit the Kasbah, the Ribat, the Great Mosque of Sousse and the souk. If you are looking for beaches, I recommend visiting the Port El Kantaoui area. Near Sousse you can also visit Hergla, a small beautiful town.


Djerba is the main island in Tunisia. Although its incredible white sand beaches and crystal clear water are the main attraction of Djerba, this island has a lot to offer. Some of the places you must visit are Djerbahood, Guellala and Houmt Souk, the main city of Djerba. I recommend eating at Restaurant Lagune.