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que ver en oporto en 2 dias

The best itinerary to visit Porto in 2 days

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If there is a place I fell in love with at first sight in Portugal, is Porto. The second-largest city in the Portuguese country has a special charm that will catch you from the first minute, and no one can deny that. Its tiled facades, its promenade along the Douro, its beautiful views, its people, and its steep streets give the city an enviable atmosphere.

In this article, I am going to show you what to see in Porto in 2 days through a detailed daily itinerary. Spending a weekend or a couple of days in the city is enough to get to know its main attractions; however, I warn you that you may be left wanting more. Don't worry; Porto is a city to come back to again and again.

You will also find several tips for visiting the city and a map in which I have pointed out all the places mentioned below.

Table of contents

Porto in 2 days itinerary

On our 10-day trip to Portugal, we spent two days in Porto. It was an amazing visit that we really enjoyed. Since then, I have returned to the city on a couple of other occasions. Based on my experience in the city, the following places and activities are some of the best things to do in Porto in 2 days:

Day 1
Day 2
Chapel of the Souls
Porto City Hall
Bolhão Market
Avenida dos Aliados
Rua Santa Catarina
Church and Tower of the Clérigos
St. Ildefonso Church
Lello Bookstore
São Bento Station
Church of Carmen
Porto Cathedral
Portuguese Center of Photography
Ribeira do Porto
Victory Viewpoint
Don Luis I Bridge
Rua das Flores
Vila Nova de Gaia
Palace of the Porto Stock Exchange
6 Bridges Cruise
Church of San Francisco
Serra do Pilar Monastery
Crystal Palace Gardens
Porto in 2 days itinerary

Day 1 of the trip to Porto in 2 days

On your first day you will visit:

  • Almas Chapel.
  • Bolhão Market.
  • Rua Santa Catarina.
  • Church of San Ildefonso.
  • São Bento Station.
  • Cathedral of Porto.
  • Ribeira do Porto.
  • Don Luis I Bridge.
  • Cruise of the six bridges.
  • Vila Nova de Gaia.

I suggest you to start this 2-day Porto itinerary in the Bolhão neighborhood, one of the most beautiful and charming of the city.

Almas Chapel

que ver en oporto en 2 dias
Chapel of Souls

It begins with the Chapel of the Souls, a church from the beginning of the 18th century. The highlight of the building is its facade, which was covered with blue and white tiles in 1929. Entrance to the interior is free.

Mercado do Bolhão (Market)

bolhao market
Bolhão Market

The Bolhão Market, recently restored, is located nearby. The market has its origins in the 19th century; however, the original building began to be built in 1914. Inside, you will find numerous food stalls and local products. Before the restoration, the market had a more decadent charm and was much more authentic. Now it has lost a bit of its magic, but it is still worth a visit.

Rua Santa Catarina and Café Majestic

cafe majestic
Café Majestic

Once you leave the market, head to Rua Santa Catarina, up Rua Formosa. Here are two places you must see. The first is Manteigaria, one of the most famous pastéis de nata (local dessert) factories. Don’t hesitate to make a brief stop to eat your first pastéi. The other place is A Pérola do Bolhão, an old shop that sells local products. Its facade will catch your attention.

Continue along Rua Santa Catarina to Café Majestic, an emblematic café where important personalities of the city used to meet. You can peek in or have a drink inside, although I warn you that prices are high.

St. Ildefonso Church, one of the best places to visit in Porto in 2 days

San Ildefonso Church
Church of San Ildefonso

Continue down the street to the Church of San Ildefonso, one of the most beautiful in the city. The building was constructed in the first half of the 18th century on the site of a medieval hermitage. The exterior tiles, the work of Jorge Colaço, were added in 1932. You can visit the inside for $1 and visit a small museum.

Estación De São Bento

sao bento train station
Train station

Once you are done with the visit to Bolhão, walk down Rua de 31 de Janeiro to São Bento Station, one of the most beautiful places to see in Porto in 2 days.

The São Bento Station was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It stands out especially for its interior, as the walls are covered with tiles illustrating the history of transport and famous events in the history of Portugal. These tiles are the work of Jorge Colaço and were added in 1916.

Porto Cathedral

porto 2 days itinerary
Porto Cathedral

The Sé do Porto is one of the most striking buildings in the city. This cathedral was built in the 12th century and is Romanesque in style. In the 13th century, several gothic elements were incorporated.

I recommend you go inside, as it only costs $3. It is worth it. You can see its beautiful cloister, decorated with tiles, visit the main altar, and climb one of the towers to appreciate the views of the city. I warn you that you will have to climb a few stairs!

The Episcopal Palace of Oporto is located in the same square where the Cathedral of Porto is located. In addition, from this square, you will be able to appreciate beautiful views.

porto 2 days
San Lorenzo dos Grilos
what to do in porto in 2 days
Largo da Pena Ventosa

It’s time to go down to Ribeira, one of the most beautiful areas of the city. On the way down, I recommend passing by the Mirador de la Iglesia San Lorenzo dos Grilos, located a little below the cathedral, and Largo da Pena Ventosa, where there is a small square with lots of charm.

Ribeira Do Porto

ribeira porto

The Ribeira is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and charming places in Porto. Located next to the Douro River, this neighborhood is ideal for strolling and having a drink in one of its many restaurants. I also recommend that you sit by the river and enjoy the atmosphere. Don’t forget to take a good look at the beautiful, colorful facades of the buildings and appreciate Vila Nova de Gaia on the other side of the river.

Don Luis I Bridge

don luis I bridge
Don Luis I Bridge

Once you have strolled through the Ribeira, it is time to cross the Douro River through the Don Luis I Bridge. This iron bridge was inaugurated in 1886 and is one of the most emblematic postcards of the city. It was designed by Téophile Seyrig, a disciple of Gustave Eiffel.

The Don Luis I Bridge has two floors, so you can cross it from the top or the bottom. This time, you will cross at the bottom, but later, I recommend you cross the top of the bridge.

Vila Nova de Gaia

vila nova de gaia
Vila Nova de Gaia
rabbit bordalo II
Bordalo II

This Porto in 2 days itinerary continues through Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. You may not know it, but Vila Nova de Gaia is not just another neighborhood of Porto but a different city. Even so, because of its proximity and its attractions, it is an essential visit.

The highlights of Vila Nova de Gaia are its wineries, where you can taste Port wine, its restaurants, and, of course, its beautiful views of Oporto. From here, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful, colorful houses of Ribeira; the scenery is spectacular!

One of the places you should not miss in Vila Nova de Gaia is the sculpture of the rabbit of Bordalo II. It is located on the facade of an old yellow house and is made of garbage. It will surely surprise you!

6 Bridges Douro Cruise

cruise porto
cruise 6 bridges
Things to do in Porto

Probably the most popular activity you can do in Porto is the cruise along the Douro River, crossing the six main bridges of the city: Don Luis I, Arrábida, Infante Don Enrique, Maria Pia, Sao Joao, and Freixo.

It is a splendid way to get to know the city, as you can enjoy the views on both sides of the river and rest a bit after going up and down so many hills. The tour takes about an hour and has an audio guide.

I recommend booking the 6 Bridges cruise from Vila Nova de Gaia here, as it is a bit cheaper than if you do it from Ribeira.

From April to October, boats depart at 10:30h, 11:30h, 12:30h, 14:30h, 15:30h, 16:30h, and 17:30h. From November to March, boats leave at 11:00h., 12:00h., 14:00h., and 15:00h. It is advisable to go at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

If you prefer to do this activity from Ribeira, you can book the 6 Bridges cruise here. From this side of the river, there are more frequent schedules.

Sunset from the Sierra Del Pilar Monastery

Sierra del Pilar Monastery
2 days in Porto
sunset porto

To finish your first day in Porto, I recommend you go up to the upper area of Vila Nova de Gaia to see the sunset. You can go on foot or go up thanks to the Gaia Cable Car. The ticket price is $6.

Once at the top, you can look out over the Duero to appreciate the incredible scenery. However, I recommend going up to the esplanade of the Monastery of the Sierra del Pilar to see the sunset; the views are amazing! From here, apart from seeing the whole city, you can enjoy a very peculiar view of the Don Luis I Bridge. Be sure to cross it at the top when you finish watching the sunset.

🎟️ If you are going to visit several tourist attractions, you may want to buy the Porto Card to save some money. This gives you free access to some attractions and discounts on some of the city’s must-sees. In addition, you can choose to include public transportation. You can purchase the Porto Card here in advance.

Day 2 of the trip to Porto in 2 days

On your second day in Porto you will visit:

  • Porto City Hall.
  • Avenida dos Aliados.
  • Church and Tower of the Clérigos.
  • Bookstore Lello.
  • Church of Carmen.
  • Portuguese Center of Photography.
  • Viewpoint of the Victory.
  • Street of the Flowers.
  • Palace of the Stock Exchange of Oporto.
  • Church of San Francisco.
  • Crystal Palace Gardens.

Dos Aliados Avenue and Porto City Hall

avenida dos aliados
Avenida dos Aliados

I recommend starting the second day of the itinerary on Avenida dos Aliados. The Porto City Hall, which occupies a neoclassical building inaugurated in 1957, attracts your attention. On the first floor, there is usually a free temporary exhibition. During my visit, there was an exhibition on the independence of Brazil.

Another place I recommend you visit on Avenida dos Aliados is McDonald’s. Why do I recommend you visit a fast food establishment? Basically, it is one of the most elegant McDonald’s in the world. It is located in a historic building, and it is worth seeing inside.

Join this free tour of Porto on Avenida dos Aliados, which I decided to do on my last visit to the city. I highly recommend it if you want to learn very interesting facts from the hands of a guide. During the tour, you will visit most of the places I recommend below.

The next stop will be the Vitória neighborhood, where I recommend you visit the Clérigos Church, the Clérigos Tower, the Lello Bookstore, the Carmen Church, the Portuguese Center of Photography, and the Victoria Viewpoint. Let’s go by area.

Church and Tower of the Clérigos

torre de los clerigos
Clerigos Tower
clerigos tower
View from the tower

The Clérigos Tower is the tallest building in the historic center of Porto. It was inaugurated in the mid-eighteenth century and has a total height of 76 meters. I recommend visiting the top of the tower, from which you can have spectacular views of the city.

The entrance to the Clérigos Tower costs $8.66, but it is worth it. You can buy the entrance to the tower here in advance, so you won’t have to wait in line on the day of your visit. As you can see, the price is the same. This ticket also gives you access to a small museum.

The Church of the Clerics is located next to the tower, which was also built by Nasoni. Visiting the church inside is free, so don’t hesitate to go in and see inside.

Lello Library

libreria lello
Lello Bookstore
porto in 2 days
Porto in 2 days

Continue the tour to the Lello Bookstore, one of the most beautiful in the world. It stands out for its incredible design and decoration. In addition, there are rumors that J. K. Rowling was inspired by it in the Harry Potter books, although she denies it. If you are a big fan of this novel, you can book this free tour of Harry Potter in Porto.

To enter the interior, you need to buy a ticket. I recommend you buy it in advance Lello Bookstore’s official website, so you will have to wait less in line. It costs $5.42. I must warn you that this place is always packed, and even if you already have a ticket, you will have to wait in line. If you want to see it with fewer people, I recommend you visit it during the last shift (18:30 h).

Igreja do Carmo (Church of Carmen)

Igreja do Carmo
Igreja do Carmo

The Iglesia del Carmen is another of the most beautiful and popular churches in the city. It was built between 1756 and 1762 and is attached to the Carmelite Church. The front façade is in rococo style, and the side façade has a large tile mural, which was added in 1912. To enter the interior, you have to pay $4.88.

Portuguese Center of Photography

This visit is optional, but if you are a photography lover, you can’t miss it. It is the Portuguese Center of Photography, a museum about the history of photography. Admission is free, and, in my opinion, it is worth the entrance. In addition, from the top floor, there are windows with views of Porto.

Victoria Viewpoint and Rua de las Flores

victoria viewpoint
Mirador de la Victoria
things to do in porto in 2 days
Rua de las Flores

To go down from Vitória neighborhood to the next stops, I recommend visiting the Victoria viewpoint first, from where you can enjoy a different and free view of the city. It is a half-abandoned dirt esplanade, but the scenery from it is beautiful.

From the viewpoint, go down to Rua das Flores, one of the most important avenues and a must-see in Porto in 2 days, where you will find numerous stores and hotels. At the end of the avenue, turn left to make a brief stop at Castro, another factory of pastéis de nata—they are delicious!

The Stock Exchange Palace

porto 2 days itinerary
Palácio da Bolsa

If you have time, you can visit the interior of the Palace of the Stock Exchange of Porto, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its construction began in the 19th century on the site of a former Franciscan convent. Its interior is full of beautiful spaces and sumptuously decorated rooms, and you are sure to be surprised! The entrance fee is $13.

Even if you don’t visit the inside of the palace, I recommend you go there, as it is located in a popular square where you will also find the Ferreira Borges Market.

Church of Saint Francis

porto in 2 days
San Francisco Church

Another place worth entering if you have time and like religious buildings is the Church of San Francisco. It was built in the 14th century and is Gothic in style. The entrance also gives you access to the Casa do Despacio and the Church dos Terceiros. Even if you don’t go inside, it’s worth climbing the stairs to see the facade.

Crystal Palace Gardens, a perfect 2-day Porto itinerary end

Crystal Palace Gardens
Crystal Palace Gardens
porto 2 days what to do
Sunset in Porto

To cap off your trip to Porto in the best possible way, I recommend you go to the Crystal Palace Gardens Park. It is outside the historic center, but it is worth it. There are several very nice corners that I recommend you walk around. Do not miss the Tower of the Palace Garden. To see the sunset, I recommend a particular place that I have marked on the map below.

Tips for visiting Porto

Here are some more tips for you to enjoy your stay in the city to the fullest.

Where to stay in Porto

One of the main steps when preparing a trip is to book accommodation. If you have many doubts about this, I recommend you read my blog post on where to stay in Porto. In general, any area in the historic center, or even Vila Nova de Gaia, is a good option.

In my three stays in the city, I have stayed in the area between the Bolhão and Sé neighborhoods. I liked all the accommodations I have stayed in, so I recommend them below.

Recommended hotels in Porto

On my first stay, I traveled as a family, so we stayed in an apartment for four people called Belas Artes Apartments. We were very comfortable and could walk everywhere.

On my second stay I stayed at Cocorico Luxury House, one of the best charming hotels in Porto. It is a charming boutique hotel. The price is a bit high but the place is worth it, especially if you are traveling as a couple or for a special occasion.

Finally, on my last trip I stayed at Trendy Flats Fontainhas, a very cool and newly renovated apartment. If you tend to be bothered by noise when sleeping, I recommend choosing one of the apartments facing the interior of the building, as from ours, the noise of the cars was a bit annoying.

Below you can see other accommodations for different budgets:

How to get from the airport to the city center

Porto’s airport is called Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. The easiest and cheapest way to get to the city center from the airport is by taking the metro, specifically the E line (color purple). It departs approximately every 20 minutes, and the journey takes about 25 minutes. The fare is $2.33, and you have to buy the Andante card, which costs $0.65.

Another way to get from the airport to the city center is by Uber. I recommend it, especially if you are two or three people, as it will not be much more expensive than the subway and it is faster and more comfortable. Another option is to book private transportation in advance.

Where to eat in Porto

Below, you can take a look at a map of restaurants in Porto that I have created. On the map, you will find many establishments spread all over the city, including some of the best cafes to have breakfast in Porto.

During your trip, there are two traditional dishes you must try: francesinha and pastel de nata. You will find the best pastel de nata in Porto at Castro, Fábrica da Nata, and Manteigaria. As for the francesinha, I recommend Café Santiago or Lado B (there is a vegetarian option).

Map of what to see in Porto in 2 days

In the following map, you can see marked all the places I recommend visiting. You can clearly see the itinerary for the first day and the itinerary for the second day. In addition, I have also marked the recommended hotels with their respective links to Booking.

If you have less time, check my 1-day Porto itinerary and if you have more time, check what to do in Porto in 3 days.

Don’t miss my Portugal travel guide to continue preparing your visit to the country.

I hope this article on what to see in Porto in 2 days has been very useful in organizing your trip. If you think I should add one more place to this list or you want to ask me any question, you can leave a comment or send me an email. See you next time!

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