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mejores free tours en bilbao

Best free walking tours in Bilbao

Are you going to visit Bilbao and would like to know more details about the history and culture of the city? I suggest you book a free walking tour in Bilbao. Thanks to these guided tours you can ge to know Bilbao accompanied by a local guide, who will tell you all the details and interesting facts of the different corners of the city.

Free tours are a cheap and fun way to visit a city. It allows you to learn many facts about the place. At the end of the guided tour, you usually pay around $10 per person, depending on the situation and how much you liked the tour.

Table of contents

1. Free walking tour of Bilbao: Old Town

During your visit to Bilbao, you should not miss out on this free tour through the historic center of the city, especially if you are spending only one day in Bilbao.

Do you know that there was a composer who was known as “the Spanish Mozart”? The tour begins in front of the Arriaga Theater, which was built in his honor. From there, you will pass by the Church of San Nicolás and the popular Plaza Nueva.

You will later be taken to the 316 steps that make up the Begoña stairs, to learn about its interesting history. Very close to the stairs you’ll find Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno, dedicated to the world-renowned writer from Bilbao. Have you read any of his works?

The area of ​​the seven streets is one of the most historic places in the Old Town of Bilbao, an essential area to see in Bilbao in one day. You can not stop visiting it and, therefore, that will be your next stop. In this way you will be able to know all its secrets.

The tour does not end here, since the Biscayan capital, or Botxo, as its inhabitants affectionately call it, has a lot to offer. You will learn about the history of the emblematic Cathedral of Santiago and then head towards the banks of the Nervión estuary. There you will visit the famous Ribera Market to rap things up, after two and a half hours, next to the beautiful Concordia Station.

Free tour in Bilbao rating: 9.2/10.

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2. Free tour of the center of Bilbao

Bilbao has a lot to explore and discover. In addition to its old town where you can learn about its interesting history, it houses a more modern and avant-garde side. If you sign up for this free tour of the center of Bilbao, you will be able to explore it and learn from it for almost two and a half hours. If you are spending at least 2 days in Bilbao, I really recommend joining it!

The meeting point is in front of the Puppy sculpture of the renowned and prestigious Guggenheim Museum. It will be the place from which the tour begins, which will take you to discover its most current architecture. In Plaza Euskadi, you can contemplate and admire the Iberdrola Tower. Then, you will visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Zubizuri Bridge.

A few meters from there, in Plaza Moyúa, you can appreciate the beautiful exteriors of the Chávarri Palace and the Carlton Hotel. The tour will take you past several interesting sites such as the Palace of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Campos Eliseos Antzokia Theatre. But first, in the Plaza Circular, you will have had time to learn about the history of Don Diego López de Haro.

Before finishing this interesting tour, you will stop for a few minutes at the Abando Indalecio Prieto station, whose windows will fascinate you. The farewell will take place in front of one of the most emblematic points of modern Bilbao: the Bailén skyscraper.

If you are going to visit Bilbao in 2 days, I recommend you do this free walking tour, along with the one in the historic center.

Free tour rating: 9.2/10.

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free tour bilbao
Bilbao free walking tour

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3. Tour of the mysteries and legends of Bilbao

There is practically no city in the world that does not hide mysteries and legends. Of course, Bilbao is no exception. If during your visit to the Biscayan capital you are interested in discovering its most hidden side, do not miss this free tour led by a local guide (Spanish only).

The tour starts in a disturbing area. The meeting area is at the Arriaga Theater, the scene of a very bloody murder that is still unsolved. Nearby, you will learn a little more about Basque mythology by contemplating the façade of the Cathedral of Santiago.

Do you believe in witches? The next stop will take you to Portal de Zamudio, a crossroads closely linked to them. Right in front of the place there is a church, Iglesia de los Santos Juanes. “Miraculous Virgin” guards the church. She is credited with having kept Bilbao free of epidemics and sorrows.

You will visit Ribera Market to see the famous Miracle of Atxuri. Have you heard of it? Do not miss its fascinating history. Then, you will go to Plaza de la Encarnación, to hear about the terrible events that took place there and that reveal the darkest side of human beings.

To avoid leaving with a bitter taste, the tour ends at Puente de la Merced. According to the legend, the sculptures bring good luck. What better ending to this tour!

Free visit of Bilbao rating: 9.1/10.

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I hope that this article about the best free walking tours in Bilbao has been very useful to you in organizing your trip to the city. If you have any input or question, feel free to leave a comment or write me an email.

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