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Multiple trip travel insurance: COVID-19 coverage + discount

If you are a true explorer, it is very likely that a multiple trip travel insurance is suitable for you. A multiple trip travel insurance will be more affordable and have you completely covered every time you travel, instead of having to worry about purchasing a new insurance policy before everyone single trip. With a single purchase, you will be ready to travel to the corner of the planet fully insured for that year.

If you have doubts about whether you really need a travel insurance for a year, what its advantages are, which multiple trip travel insurance to purchase or how this type of insurance works, keep reading!

You will also be able to benefit from a discount on Heymondo.

Table of contents

1. What is a multiple trip travel insurance?

Multiple trip travel insurance, also known as annual travel insurance, is an insurance policy valid for a duration of 12 months. It is not a travel insurance that is used for a single one-year trip, but for several trips that you are going to make in a one-year period. Each trip cannot exceed a time established by the insurance conditions. In the case of the insurance that I am going to recommend, it covers every trip you make for a year as long as each trip does not exceed 90 days (3 months).

If you are looking for travel insurance that covers you for a trip of 4 months or more (whether or not you know the exact duration of the trip), I recommend purchasing a long-stay travel insurance policy, which I’ll also talk about below.

My partner and I have used Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance before. We used it a few years ago on a trip to Southeast Asia. We went on a 4-month trip through Southeast Asia and my idea was to continue traveling quite a bit for the rest of the year. During my trip, I made 2 claims, in Bali and in Myanmar. In Bali, a bacteria got into my stomach and had to take medication for 10 days. In Myanmar I got food poisoning.

I later headed to South America for 2 months. Since I had already purchase a multiple trip travel insurance, I didn’t have to purchase a new policy.

multiple trip travel insurance
Multiple trip travel insurance

1.1 Who needs multiple trip travel insurance?

A multiple trip travel insurance is designed for those who make more than 3 trips, whether for business or leisure, in a given year (or less if any of those trips are of long duration).

If you usually only make one trip a year to a destination where you need to purchase travel insurance to have medical coverage in the country, it will be more affordable to purchase a single-trip travel insurance policy. Keep in mind that a single-trip insurance policy cannot be extended. If you have flexible return dates, I recommend purchasing a long-stay travel insurance policy.

If you travel more than 3-4 times a year and have doubts about which travel insurance is best for you, whether a multiple trip travel insurance or a single-trip travel insurance, I recommend experimenting to see which one is more affordable. Check how much an annual travel insurance would cost and then how much a single-trip travel insurance or long-stay travel insurance would cost you for each of those trips.

1.2 Advantages of having multiple trip travel insurance

Some of the advantages of having multiple trip travel insurance are the following:

– You only have to purchase on policy. With that one single purchase, you’ll be covered for an entire year instead of having to purchase individual policies for every single trip.

– You will have medical coverage every time you leave your country. Once you leave your country’s borders, you will be able to count on a team of people who will help you with any health and travel issues, in addition to not having to bear the expenses.

– You’ll save money! If you travel often in a given year, it will be more affordable purchasing a multiple trip travel insurance than several single-trip travel insurances for each trip.

2. The best multiple trip travel insurance company

best multiple trip travel insurance
Multiple trip travel insurance

The best multiple trip travel insurance currently on the market is Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance. It offers exceptional value for money.

I’ve used several travel insurance companies over the years until I settled with Heymondo and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Its comprehensive coverage, value for money and costumer service are among the reasons why I highly recommend this company. Other companies I’ve used either lack coverage or are overpriced.

As I mentioned before, a few years ago I embarked on a several-months trip through Southeast Asia. Since I knew that I was going to be traveling more during the rest of the year, I decided to purchase Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance, which I am going to review below!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All HEYMONDO travel insurance policies includes COVID-19 COVERAGE. Your policy will also cover COVID-related medical expenses (including PCR exams if necessary) and the expenses for extension in hotel for medical quarantine. In addition, the cancellation warranty includes coverage for illness or death of the traveler or family member due to COVID-19.

2.1 HEYMONDO‘s multiple trip travel insurance

With this multiple trip travel insurance, you’ll be covered every trip within a year period.

Important Notice ↠ Each trip cannot exceed 90 days. This means that if one of your trips is 95 days, the last 5 days of the trip would not be covered, therefore, this travel insurance may not the right one for you in that scenario. The total of your trips in a year can exceed 90 days, what can’t exceed 90 days is a single trip (let’s say that every time you enter your country, the count resets to 0). If you are going to make a trip of more than 90 days (3 months), I’ll provide you another insurance alternative later below.

Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance includes the following coverage

A) MEDICAL COVERAGE. $500,000 coverage for any illnesses or accidents (including bodily harm in a motor vehicle). The insurance covers medical/surgical expenses and fees, pharmaceutical expenses necessary for the treatment of pathologies covered by the policy, and hospitalization expenses.

The policy also includes emergency dental expenses abroad up to $500.

B) TRIP CANCELLATION: $7000 in trip cancellation coverage.

Some of Heymondo’s valid reasons for trip cancellation reimbursement:

– Death, bodily accident or serious illness or hospitalization of the insured or a family member..
– Serious incident affecting the primary or secondary residence of the insured or the professional premises. The events must have occurred within 4 weeks prior to the trip and after purchasing the insurance.
– Employment termination.
– Summons of the insured as a party or witness in court..
– Hiring of the insured in a new job (different company) whose contract is longer than one month.
– Surrender of an adopted child.
– Transplantation of an organ of the insured or a family member.
– Call as a member at a polling station.
– Labor exams.
– Geographical transfer of the insured due to the job position..

These are just some of the reasons for trip cancellation. There is a total of 31 reasons.

C)BAGGAGE DAMAGE OR THEFT: $2,500. Includes $500 for late baggage delivery and $800 for administrative expenses for loss or theft of official documentation.

The insurance includes reimbursement for loss or damage to luggage of the insured ($2,500) in the event of theft, loss by the carrier or damage due to fire or aggression. For reimbursement, it is necessary to specify the value and year of purchase, the police report to the authorities of the country where the events occurred and the original invoice of the objects. Normal wear and tear will be deducted from the refund.

This multiple trip travel insurance covers up to $500 for the urgent purchase of clothing and basic necessities due to late delivery of checked baggage.


If you must interrupt your trip for the following reasons: hospitalization or death of a family member in your country of residency, the additional return expenses will be covered under your policy.

E) OTHER COVERAGE: Displacement of a family member in case of hospitalization, civil liability, legal assistance, dispatch of a driver in an emergency, compensation for delays in the departure or arrival of the means of transport, rescue of persons, interpreter service, management expenses for loss or theft of official documents, etc.

F) OPTIONAL COVERAGE: Optional coverage for tech equipment (theft, loss or damage by the carrier and damage by fire or aggression), for cruises or for adventure sports (it is very important to add this extra if you are going to engage in any adventure sport).

If HEYMONDO’s multiple trip travel insurance is the one that best suits your needs, you can purchase a policy with a 5% discount for being a reader of this blog.

2.2 Long-stay travel insurance from Heymondo

As I mentioned above, multiple trip travel insurance is perfect for those who make several trips a year as long as none of these trips exceed 90 days.

If you are going to make a trip of 90 days or more, a long-stay travel insurance from Heymondo will best suit your needs. This insurance policy provides coverage for at least 3 months however, you can extend it for as long as you need.

Below you can see rates for travel insurance policies for 3 months and how much it costs to extend it for, one month, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, etc.: Heymondo Long-stay policy costs $244.54 for 90 days.

long stay travel insurance
Long-stay travel insurance

The best alternative for those who are going to make a trip without a return ticket for a minimum of 3 months.

If HEYMONDO’s long stay travel insurance best suits your needs, you can purchase your next policy with a 5% discount for being a reader of this blog.

2.3 Why travel with Heymondo’s travel insurance?

I’ve always traveled and recommended doing so covered by HEYMONDO travel insurance. Apart from the excellent value for money, there are other reasons why I recommend this insurance company:

↠ You can be insured for one year on all your trips of up to 90 days (3 months).

↠ Another aspect that I really like about HEYMONDO that other insurance companies lack is a 24-hour health care costumer service chat. This means that if you have any minor health concerns, you can consult a doctor or pediatrician, in case you are traveling with children. This service is very useful if something minor happens to you and you are not sure if you should go to a medical center or not. I always end up using it on my travels.

HEYMONDO APP. They have incorporated an exclusive mobile application for all HEYMONDO customers. Once you take purchase your insurance policy, you can download this app, through which you can chat at any time with a health professional, manage incidents, check your review your policy and, most importantly, call for free over the internet. Many customers had problems making a conventional phone call because it gave them an error. Thanks to this app, that problem is solved.

↠ No money due upfront. If you suffer any accident or illness, call the insurance company. They will tell you which center to go to. The insurer and the medical center arrange all the paperwork between them, therefore, you will not have to put any money upfront.

Heymondo App

3. How much does an annual travel insurance from Heymondo cost?

Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance costs $231.81. If you are seeking great and affordable annual travel insurance, this Heymondo insurance is a very good option since it offers great value for money. It covers $500,000 in medical expenses and other expenses detailed in section 2.1. If you purchase your next multiple trip travel insurance using this 5% discount it’ll cost you $220.20

3.1 Are you interested in a multiple trip travel insurance policy?

You may be wondering if in your case it is worth purchasing annual travel insurance or purchasing a policy for each trip individually. Everything will depend on the number of trips you make per year.

As I mentioned before, Heymondo’s multiple trip travel insurance costs $220.20 and covers $500,00 in medical expenses.

A) Suppose you are going to make 3 trips in a year: 1 week in Mexico, 2 weeks in Jamaica and 3 weeks in Thailand.

1-week coverage for Mexico: $52.82
2-week coverage for Jamaica: $72.80
3-week coverage for Thailand: $91.97

The total insurance cost for all three trips is $217.59. It is slightly more affordable to purchase three policies separately rather than purchasing a multiple trip travel insurance policy.

B) Let’s say you’re going on a 2-month trip to Southeast Asia, a 2-week trip to Greece, and a 3-week trip to Turkey.

2-month coverage for Southeast Asia: $252.54
2-week coverage for Greece: $72.80
3-week coverage for Turkey: $91.97

The total for all three policies is $417.31. In this case, it’s more affordable and convenient purchasing a multiple trip travel insurance policy.

With these two examples, I wanted you to get an idea of ​​the number of trips you need to make for it to be worth purchasing a multiple trip travel insurance policy. As you can see, you have to travel a lot. Annual travel insurance is ideal for travel bloggers, very frequent travelers, travel journalists, etc.

4. How to purchase a multiple trip travel insurance policy

If you’ve decided to purchase a multiple trip travel insurance, below, I’ll show you step-by-step how to do so.

1. Once you’re in HEYMONDO’s main website, click on “start quote”.

2. Click on the type of policy you wish to purchase. In this case, we’ll choose “multiple trips in one year”, and click on the green arrow.

multiple trip travel insurance

3. Choose you country of residence. “World” is the default destination for all multiple trip travel insurance policies.

multiple trip travel insurance

4. Choose the date when you wish to start your coverage. In this case, the first day of our first trip.

multi trip travel insurance

5. Insert the number of travelers you wish to purchase coverage for, your email, accept the terms and conditions and click on “get quote”.

6. Once you get to this page, review all the coverage and click on “buy”.

multiple trip travel insurance

7. After clicking on “buy”, you’ll be taken to a payment page. Fill in your personal and payment information, accept the terms and conditions and click “Confirm purchase”. After this, you will receive an email with your policy, contact information, etc.

If you need to make a claim while traveling, you just have to call the phone number provided. You must have your policy number in hand and tell them what happened to you. After that, they will tell you which medical center you should go to. You will not have to pay any money up front

If you have more questions about this company, don’t miss my Heymondo travel insurance review.

I hope that this post about the best multiple trip travel insurance has been very useful for you in planning your trip. If you have more questions about how annual insurance works, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or send me an email. Until next time, travelers!

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