Best itinerary to visit San Sebastian in 2 days

In this post, you’ll get to know some of the best places to visit in San Sebastian if you’re visiting the city in 2 days. I had driven through San Sebastian several times in the past; however, this summer I finally decided to spend several days in the city. I was able to discover why San Sebastián has such a good reputation and why it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It’s a lovely city!

So that you too can enjoy a spectacular stay in this Basque city, I have designed this itinerary where you will find the best places to visit in San Sebastián in 2 days.

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Best places to visit in San Sebastian in 2 days

Ready to discover the best 2-day itinerary to visit San Sebastian? Let’s begin!

Day 1 in San Sebastian

On your first day in San Sebastian, I recommend visiting the following places: 


what to see in san sebastian, basque country
San Sebastián’s Old Town

Your visit to San Sebastian in 2 days cannot start anywhere else other than in the Old Town. It’s the most emblematic and charming area of ​​the city. Its streets are full of life. You can spend an entire morning visiting the Old Town. You will definitely take several breaks to eat exquisite pintxos. I’ll share some places to eat pintxos later in the post.

Begin by contemplating the exterior of Basilica of Our Lady of the Choir and walking down Mayor Street, located right in front of it. Look out over the Bahía de la Concha from San Sebastián’s port. Visit the Donostia Town Hall, a building that formerly housed a casino, and take a relaxing walk through the Alderdi Eder Park.

Continue to explore the Old Town by visiting Bretxa Market, where you can get a taste of local food. Enjoy the beautiful Plaza de la Constitución. Visit San Vicente Church. Lastly, if you like museums, visit to San Telmo Museum to learn more about Basque history and culture.

These are some of the best bars to eat pintxos in the Old Town of San Sebastián: La Cuchara de San Telmo, La Viña, Borda Berri, Bar Sport and Bar Txepetxa.


things to do in san sebastian in 2 days
Gros, San Sebastián

After visiting the Old Town and eating pintxos, walk along Alameda del Boulevard and cross the Zurriola Bridge to get to Gros. Gros is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in San Sebastián. It has a much more relaxed and youthful atmosphere. It is a surfer’s paradise in San Sebastian.

I recommend strolling along Zurriola Beach. You can start your walk at Kursaal Elkargunea Center towards the Paloma de la Paz sculpture. You can take a break and watch how surfers catch some waves. I also recommend strolling through the streets of Gros and having a break in one of the many cafeterias. Do not forget to visit Plaza Cataluña. It has a nice atmosphere.


san sebastian in 2 days
Monte Ulía

There are three mountains in San Sebastián that I recommend visiting: Monte Ulía, Monte Gross and Monte Igueldo. Mount Ulía is located in the eastern part of Gros. It is possible to cross it entirely until Pasajes. As this takes several hours, I simply recommend enjoying the incredible views of San Sebastián from Mount Ulía. If you visit during sunset, it’s even better!

The climb isn’t easy; however, the landscape that you can see from the different points of the mountain is spectacular.

TRAVEL TIP: If your are interested in knowing more about the history of the places you visit, I recommend booking a free guided tour. A great option is this free tour of San Sebastian. Along with a guide and a small group of people, you’ll be able to visit some of the city’s most important places for about 2 hours an a half. At the end of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to pay a small donation. You can also book this free tour of the Belle Epoque (only in Spanish).

Day 2 in San Sebastian

On your second day in San Sebastian, I recommend visiting the following places: 


de la concha beach
What to see in San Sebastian in 2 days

Start your second day in San Sebastián by taking a pleasant walk along Paseo de la Concha. You can walk along the beach or along the boardwalk. Both options are very nice. Did you know that De la Concha Beach is considered one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world?

Halfway there you will come across La Perla, a spa center. When you reach the end of the beach, continue along the path to the next place on the list. 


view monte igueldo
Mount Igueldo

From Mount Igueldo, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of San Sebastián. I recommend walking through Playa de la Concha very early to arrive at Monte Igueldo soon and enjoy the place with more peace. Although if you want to go up by funicular, you should know that it does not open until 11 a.m. If you want to go earlier, you will have to walk up. The path is quite steep but spectacular views await you at the top. You can do it!

You can have a drink in a bar and visit an old amusement park. I recommend walking down so you can visit the lighthouse and enjoy the views for a while longer. When you go down, you can follow the path to Peine del Viento which is one of Eduardo Chillida’s most emblematic sculptures.


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palacio de miramar
Miramar Palace

On your way back to the the city center, you should definitely consider stopping at Miramar Palace. It is located between Concha Beach and Ondarreta Beach. This palace was built by Maria Cristina who frequently spent the summer here. Entrance to the palace is not permitted to the public; however, it is definitely worth visiting this stunning palace and taking a stroll through its gardens.


que ver en san sebastian en 2 dias
San Sebastian’s City Center

Time to explore the city center! This area of the city is a large commercial hub. In Urbieta, Fuenterrabia or Getaria streets, you will find many shops and boutiques. In the city center you will find the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, another essential to visit in San Sebastián. Other places that you should include in your route through the center of San Sebastián are the Plaza de Gipuzkoa, the Hotel María Cristina, the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Santa Catalina Bridge.


san sebastian in 2 days
Mount Urgull

It’s time to explore Mount Urgull! I recommend going along Paseo Nuevo and then access it through the entrance that is next to San Telmo Museum. It has a lot of paths and places to explore. I recommend visiting Baluarte del Mirador, the Cemetery of the English, the Castle of La Mota and the Napoleon’s Battery. You can have a drink at Polboriña bar, which is located at the top of the mountain. You can enjoy a spectacular sunset at the top.

After coming down from Monte Urgull, I recommend walking through the Old Town to enjoy the atmosphere at night. End the day in the best possible way with some appetizing pintxos.

If you have more than two days in San Sebastián or if you want to know what other places to visit, I recommend you read this post in which I propose 25 things to see and do in San Sebastián (article coming soon!).


Where to stay in San Sebastian

sansebay hotel
My hotel in San Sebastian

Search for hotels in San Sebastián.

I stayed at Sansebay Hotel. It is located in the Old Town, right next to the port. You can walk anywhere in ​​the city from the hotel. I loved the staff, the breakfast, and the spaciousness of the rooms. Mine had views of the entire bay. I highly recommend it!

If you are interested in staying in another area of ​​the city or you rely on a specific budget, here are other hotels and hostels in San Sebastián:

HostelsSurfing EtxeaKoba Hostel.
Low budgetPensión San Jerónimo.
Average budgetPensión Ondarra.
High budgetBoulevart Donostia.
Very high budgetMaria Cristina.

I hope that this itinerary of San Sebastián in 2 days has been very useful for you and has helped you plan your trip to this beautiful city in the Basque Country. If you want to tell me about your experience in this city or have any questions, leave a comment down below. Until next time, travelers!

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