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donde alojarse en menorca

Where to stay in Menorca: Best areas and hotels

Choosing correctly where to stay in Menorca is one of the key points of your trip planning process. We always have doubts about where to choose our hotel or apartment, which zone will be the best, and which one will adapt more to our tastes. If it is a totally unknown destination, we go blindly, and that is when any additional information will help us to search more safely and start the trip on the right foot.

Since rest is so important, you should choose your location wisely. Selecting any neighborhood during our journey could leave us unhappy the entire time, which would ruin the experience. Menorca is modest in size, but there are many zones within which to choose a place to stay, and your choice will mostly depend on the kind of vacation you wish to do. It's also a very popular tourist destination, with a wide variety of hotels and apartments available at a premium price.

In this post, I am going to show you the different areas where to sleep in Menorca, with their pros, cons, and points of interest, as well as the hotels and restaurants in each of them. The objective is that you can get an idea as solid as possible so that the search for accommodation is easier and, above all, more related to you and your type of life and getaway.

Table of contents

Where to stay in Menorca

Let’s start with the best places to stay in Menorca!

💡 If you have 4 days to visit the island, do not miss this Menorca itinerary!

1. Ciutadella, one of the best places to stay in Menorca

where to stay in Menorca

One of the best known and also most chosen points to stay in Menorca if what you want is an urban center is undoubtedly Ciutadella. To travel in low season and not look for so much beach is one of the best points (together with Mahón). The tourism in this zone is more focused on learning about monuments and the history of the island.

Ciutadella was, for a long time, the capital of Menorca. That is why a great representation of historical buildings and constructions exists and remains. The center is completely pedestrianized and is full of small authentic stores of crafts or typical gastronomic products that surround the great cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Maria, a temple of gothic style built between the XIII and XIV centuries by express request of Alfonso III of Aragon.

If you are not traveling by car, Ciutadella is a perfect place to spend the night since the most important bus routes that cross the island leave and return from there.

In its streets, there is a great offer of boutique hotels with charm that are fantastic for a romantic getaway or a quiet trip. The cafes in the center are perfect for those long breakfasts or snacks while enjoying an interesting book after a long walk around the island.

At night, the city seems to transform. In addition to the various restaurants where you can taste a very rich gastronomy, Ciutadella concentrates the biggest nightlife of the island (including bars and big discotheques).

Although Ciutadella is located at one end of the island, it has plenty of things to see and do, such as the port, the cathedral, the historic center, the Castle of San Nicolau, or eat fresh and tasty food at the Mercado des Peix (municipal market).

Even if you want to go to the beach for a while, you don’t have to go far. It will be enough to go to the “urban beach” of Ciutadella (yes, in high season it is very crowded). If you have a car, another very close option are the beaches of Son Xoriguer and Cala en Blanes (also with hotels around).

Recommended hotels in Ciutadella

If you choose this area to stay in, the hotel offer is very wide in terms of the typology of hotels and tourist apartments. The taste of each one and also the price will be the decisive points because any street in Ciutadella is a good place to stay.

Luxury hotels include Faustino Gran Relais & Chateaux, 100 meters from the center with a TV-series pool, or the Boutique Hotel Can Sastre, 150 meters from the center and closer to the beach.

Something more affordable but with a lot of charm I would highlight:

Restaurants in Ciutadella are not lacking and, moreover, each one is tastier. My recommendations are the Molí des Comte (it is made inside an old grain mill). And without fail, eat fresh fish at the Mercado des Peix (the classics are Can Rafa, where in summer you have to queue but it is well worth it, or S’Aguait, where they cook what you have previously bought at the market).

Finally, if you like a good coffee or matcha tea, Ciutadella is where you will find more offers. I recommend Patisseria Herbera (exquisite ensaimadas) and Café Central Menorca (good atmosphere and tranquility).

2. Mahon, the capital of Menorca

Where to stay in Menorca

Just at the opposite end of the island is Mahón, the other urban point of Menorca. We chose to stay, and I couldn’t be happier. It has a different charm than Ciutadella, but I liked it much more. Its urban center is more “of the island” and less touristic. If you like to enjoy the essence of places, I recommend Mahón.

Its food market, built on the old cloister of the Carmelites, has me in love. It is one of those markets of all time but remodeled in which you can buy the fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat of the day, along with vegetables, rich cheeses, crafts, and island fashion. In the center of the building is a giant open-air rectangle where concerts and shows are organized on summer evenings.

At the back of the market is the old fish market, which today is a “pincho bar” where you can find a huge variety. You order whatever you want at the bar and then choose your table to enjoy… I highly recommend going there around 8:00 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. to enjoy the sunset with a nice beer or a good wine.

On the market, I recommend Sa Petita. They have matcha tea, chai tea, avocado toast, açai, and a granola bowl… What more can you ask for? I am convinced that once you go, you will come back.

Mahon also has a lot to see and enjoy: the Fortress of La Mola, the Museum of Menorca, the Church of Nostra Senyora del Carme, the Town Hall, the Church of Santa Maria, the Portal de Sant Roc, or the Castle of San Felipe.

If you want beaches near the center, there are also Cales de Fonts, Alcaufar, and the beach of Sa Mesquida. And of course, do not hesitate to climb to the viewpoint of Sa Placa to have views over the sea.

The most pleasant thing to do is to walk around the town center and go down to the port (here the big boats can enter, since in Ciutadella they can’t because of the draft). Mahón is the second-largest natural harbor in the world (after Pearl Harbor in Hawaii).

🎟️ If you want to get to know Mahon in depth, I recommend booking a free tour of the city. During the tour they will show you the most important points of interest of the town while they tell you some very interesting facts.

Recommended hotels in Mahon

In hotels, there is also a great offer, but it is more affordable in terms of price than Ciutadella (perhaps because it is less touristic). They are very nice and pleasant.

There are also several agritourism hotels where you can discover a different experience.

3. Fornells, a beautiful fishing village


Leaving the urban centers and choosing more beaches and nature to stay at, the offer expands, and there is much more to choose from. We will start in the north of the island with Cala Fornells. It is one of the best-known beaches, but what is really interesting is the small fishing village that still retains its most authentic essence.

In spite of this beach being very well known, there are not too many lodgings. There are a couple of hotels in the village itself, and the rest are further away or are tourist apartments. It is clear that it is a perfect place to stay in Menorca if what you are looking for is the most authentic relaxation and disconnection away from everything but in a beautiful environment.

The most picturesque of these zones are the Tower of Fornells, the Lighthouse of Cavalleria, the Beach of Fornells, the Cala Tirant, or the Monte Toro. In addition, many boat trips depart from here:

Recommended hotels near Fornells

Near this area, you can choose to stay in some of the following hotels:

4. Arenal d’en Castell

Before leaving the north of Menorca, and especially if you are looking for a quiet and romantic destination, let’s make a stop in Arenal d’en Castell. It is one of those beaches with white sand that invites you to lie there for hours and enjoy the sunset without worrying about anything but catching a few more minutes of sunshine.

Its calm and turquoise water is perfect for the first or last swim of the day. In it, you forget everything and prepare the heart for a romantic and relaxed evening. Just writing about it takes you into another mood.

Recommended hotels in Arenal d’en Castell

Although there are many large tourist resorts, they are designed and conceived for quiet vacations, so they work hard to offer couples:

5. Binibeca, the most beautiful village to stay in Menorca

where to stay in Menorca

After my arrival in Menorca, it was the first thing we visited, and I have to say that I would have stayed there to live, or at least to spend a few days forgetting everything. Binibeca is “the village” of Menorca, and it cannot be more beautiful and with more charm and essence.

It is the most photographed village in Menorca, and in spite of everything, it is not overcrowded at all, and you can enjoy it calmly. If I return to Menorca, I will start my route there again because it helped me to leave behind the stress of the big city and connect with the sea and tranquility.

Binibeca is a small fishing village with narrow streets and small houses (no more than 2 stories high) of pristine white. It is built on the seafront and pier, where small fishing boats rest.

🚗 The best way to get around the island is by car. If you still need to rent a car for your trip to Menorca, I recommend Discover Cars, as they have the best prices and you can include comprehensive insurance.

Hoteles recomendados en Binibeca

There is not many hotel options. Menorca Binibeca by Pierre & Vacances has a wonderful swimming pool and cafeteria where we enjoyed a delicious coffee in absolute tranquility (it is only for adults). In addition, there are other accommodations, but they are already houses, villas, or tourist apartments.

Another interesting accommodation is Binibeca Beach Villas.

As for restaurants, you can choose between two or three that are located in the village square but are perfect for enjoying fresh fish.

6. Cala Galdana, where to stay in Menorca with the family

cala galdana
Cala Galdana

To be in the center of the island and at an intermediate distance from everything, the best is, without a doubt, Cala Galdana (especially if you are looking for a beach and a touristic place). They say that these are the most beautiful beaches on the island, but it is also true that some beaches are ugly in Menorca.

If what you want is a beach, this is the place to choose accommodation. It is perfect to go as a couple, but above all, for families with children. On these beaches, there are more services, among which are water sports and boat trips (with or without crew); there are also offers for renting small boats for which no qualifications are required.

From here depart the routes to the most photographed beaches of the island, such as Cala Macarelleta. If you are interested in this activity, take a look at this boat trip to the southern coves. The boat leaves from Cala Galdana.

Beaches to go to if you stay in Cala Galdana are:

  • Galdana Cove (it is the largest beach in the area and has services, sunbeds and beach bars).
  • Turqueta Cove.
  • Mitjana Cove – Macarella and Macarelleta (you have to walk about 4 kilometers along a dirt road).

The most fun part is enjoying the beach days, snorkeling, and, again, the boat ride.

Recommended hotels in Cala Galdana

At this point the hotels are more varied but above all, they are typically near beaches:

Among the restaurants, you will not find it difficult to find where to have lunch or dinner; everything will depend on your tastes, the number of people, and your budget: El Mirador restaurant, Restaurant Cala Mitjana (it is close to this beach and can only be reached on foot or by boat), Es Barranc, and Delit Restaurant Pizzeria.

7. Cala en Porter, where to stay in Menorca if you want to save

where to stay in Menorca
Cala en Porter

If you are on a tight budget or simply don’t want to spend a large part of your budget on accommodation, this is the best area in Menorca. It is beautiful and with more moderate prices. In addition its beach is very nice, it is not overcrowded at all and its location is very good since it is 15 minutes away from the airport and the capital, Mahón.

Located in the south of the island, the most remarkable besides its beaches are its impressive cliffs, magnificent to enjoy the sunset. Cala Porter is famous for being a small secluded beach embraced by two large cliffs that you will want to immortalize in your memory.

In the small urbanization located there there are different restaurants, bars, playgrounds, stores and pharmacies to cover any need during your stay.

From there, I recommend visiting Cova d’en Xoroi, Cala en Porter, Cala Binidali, which is very close to Mahón. Also don’t miss this kayak tour through the caves of Cala en Porter.

Recommended hotels in Cala en Porter

The most reviewed hotels in the area are:

8. Son Bou, the longest beach in Menorca

son bou
Son Bou

The longest beach on the island of Menorca is Son Bou, and it is also located in the southern part. It is one of the most attractive for tourists (perhaps because of its length) and has all the services of a large beach: lifeguards, showers, water sports, etc.

Located between Punta Redona and Cap de Ses Penyes is a large beach formed by the incoming sea in the shape of a u that, over the years, has generated a large cove completely open to the sea. Its water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming and enjoyment in the sea.

The only large dunes on the island are just behind, in what is known as the Natural Area of Special Interest.

It is a very popular area because its access by car is quite easy (with a large parking lot at the entrance), and it is also very well connected by public transport.

Recommended hotels in Son Bou

There is a variety of hotels to suit all tastes:

9. Santo Tomas, a very quiet area

A few kilometers from the previous area (Son Bou), Santo Tomás is also located in the south of the island and enjoys a magnificent location but more tranquility and peace. With a beach 390 meters long (and 25 meters wide), this is its main attraction.

Its promenade, along which to stroll in the evening, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and craft stores, is its other great attraction, perfect to enjoy in perfect combination with tranquility.

In the surroundings of Santo Tomás, you can visit other beaches such as Son Bou, San Adeodato Beach, or Binigaus Beach. If you are a diving lover, this is a good place to go for a dive.

In urbanization, there is not much to do, and if you are looking for activity, you will have to move around. If you do not have a car, it is quite complicated, and above all, it will raise your budget (for having to take a cab).

Recommended hotels in Santo Tomas

Among the most outstanding hotels that are also very well priced are:

10. Cala en Bosch

To finish the tour of the areas where to stay in Menorca, we stop in Cala en Bosch, in the southwest of the island. The balance between the gastronomic and tourist offerings of this area is perfect, since it is a step away from Ciutadella but surrounded by impressive coves of crystalline waters.

Here you will find everything that the urban and historical center of Ciutadella has to offer, but a little apart and enjoying the beaches and coves… A strategic point to combine all the best of an island getaway.

From there, if you have a car (or if not, there is also regular public transport), you can go spend the day in Ciutadella and then return to the most representative beaches of the area, such as Cala en Bosch, Playa de Son Xoriguer, Cova des Pardals, and all this, to finish the day visiting the Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse.

If you are interested, you can also book this attractive boat trip through the coves in the south of the island.

Recommended hotels in Cala en Bosch

At this point the hotels to be reviewed may be:

Map of where to stay in Menorca

In the following map, I have marked all the areas to sleep in Menorca and the recommended hotels.

So much for the tour of the best areas of the island to stay in on your next getaway. All the places are good and have a special charm. As I said at the beginning, everything depends on each one of you: your tastes, the objectives of the trip, and, of course, the budget you have.

I hope this blog post about where to stay in Menorca has been very useful and that your next experience on the island is simply perfect. If you are going to visit other areas of the country, don’t miss this Spain travel guide.

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