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que ver en menorca en 4 dias

4 days in Menorca: Itinerary and things to do

Menorca is a tiny paradise nestled in the center of the Mediterranean. Everyone who visits the island falls in love with its beaches, even before we step onto their sand. Menorca is an absolute must and often among the top travel locations on people's bucket lists for anyone who enjoys traveling, unwinding, and having fun (and who doesn't?). In this post, I'll suggest a 4-day Menorca itinerary.

But the best of the island is yet to be discovered once you get there. Menorca is beach, sea, sun, but also... It is so much more. Its gastronomy, its historical sites, its activities, its customs, and its great atmosphere are a treasure and a real gift for life.

Every minute spent on the island is truly enjoyable. The longer you stay, the more you become immersed in its essence. Mingling with its culture and tempo is a great anti-stress therapy that a privileged few can afford.

For those of us who have to make do with short breaks, I have prepared a route with the best things to see in Menorca in 4 days. At least, let's take the essentials, the most interesting things, and also enjoy the island. Let's get started!

Table of contents

What to see in Menorca in 4 days

The idea is to enjoy and, above all, discover Menorca on a 4-day route. If you organize it well, you will be able to see a lot and make very interesting plans, even beyond the typical tourist attractions (personally, I like to do at least something different and very typical of the culture of the destination).

Depending on the date chosen, the plans can be modulated more or less (especially if you want to do more beach in the summer months or more city-mmountain in autumn, spring, and even winter).

In summer, there are a lot of people, although the summer plans are the maximum. In other seasons, the heat gives respite, but there is less to do (many restaurants and places close outside the summer season). Personally, I like May-June because it is still not too hot or too crowded.

Another very important point is the issue of the car. You can get to the island in several ways, but a car is the best solution to get everywhere quickly and comfortably (without having to keep track of bus schedules, walk long distances, or spend extra money on taxis).

This is the maximum of my recommendations, and our route will be with this factor in mind: we have rented a car. To find the best prices, I recommend you search for a car on Discover Cars.

Having said all this, all that remains is to start our route of what to see and do in four days in Menorca.

4 days in Menorca

This is the summary of the itinerary I propose to you:

  • Day 1: Ciutadella and Cala en Brut.
  • Day 2: Cala Galdana, Calas Macarella and Macarelleta, Cova d’en Xoroi.
  • Day 3: Mahón and visit to a cheese factory.
  • Day 4: Binibeca Vell and beaches in the north of Menorca.

Day 1 of 4 days in Menorca

The first day is always a balance between the calmness of arriving, making various arrangements (renting a car, going to the accommodation, etc.), getting situated, and the desire to start seeing, getting to know, and enjoying. For my part, I always take it more calmly because I also have to take into account the time of arrival and whether it is possible to check in at the hotel, etc.

Morning in Ciutadella

hotels in menorca

I thought that for this first day, the best thing to do is to do a bit of urban tourism and discover Ciutadella, the most picturesque town in Menorca. It’s an excellent starting point to get used to the island, get a feel for the land, and, of course, eat well.

In the morning, the best plan is to get to the historic center of Ciutadella (I recommend you park in the area around the town center, where depending on the time of year there is free parking on the street, and if not, use the car park) and start the walk with a good coffee or tea accompanied, of course, by a delicious ensaimada (at Patissería Herbera they are first class).

What to see in Ciutadella

After a delicious breakfast, it is time to stroll through the network of small streets of the town centre and discover its points of interest such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Ciutadella (Gothic and neoclassical in style, as well as being impressive, it is the highest point in the city). You can reach this basilica from any point in Ciutadella and its façade is especially impressive when it receives the sun’s rays.

Other essential places on this morning walk are the Torre-saura Palace (recently opened for visits, located in the Plaza des Born), the Plaza des Born itself (where the Tourist Office, the Theatre and the Salort Palace are located), the Peix Market, Can Saura and the Roser Church.

On the pleasant walk you will find beautiful streets with a lot of Minorcan charm such as Ses Voltes, Josep María Cuadrado, those of the Seminari, Beat Ramon Llull, Sant Jeroni and Sant Francesc. All of them are cobbled streets inhabited by historic buildings, bars with a lot of authenticity and essence and small shops with a unique style.

Comer en Ciutadella

que ver en menorca en 4 dias
Molí des Comte

This is a great time to make a culinary stop for lunch. One of my special recommendations is to go to the Mercat des Peix, where there are exquisite fresh fish restaurants, and in some of them, they will even cook what you bought yourself that morning.

Another very appetizing option is to eat at the restaurant-grill Molí des Comte, which is built inside a perfectly preserved old mill. The food is exquisite, and the experience is very interesting.

After lunch, to avoid homesickness and to continue making the most of the day before leaving Ciutadella behind, the interesting thing to do is to go down to the port and finish the visit at the Castle of Sant Nicolau.

Cala en Brut

cala en brut
Cala en Brut

In the afternoon and to end the day in a relaxing way, what better than to go to the sea, the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds the whole island and makes it so special and unique? From Ciutadella, the best thing to do is to go to Cala en Brut, a beautiful rocky cove for swimming and snorkeling. Here, the best thing to do is to let yourself go and start soaking up the exclusive maritime atmosphere.

The day can end with dinner in Ciutadella or somewhere close to the hotel where you are staying.

Day 2 of the 4-day Menorca itinerary

The desire for the beach is sure to increase, and the second day is the best time to enjoy the stunning coves that the island has to offer. This will be the day of the island’s most iconic beaches, the most popular trio of sand and sea that has positioned Menorca even more as one of the best destinations worldwide. They are the beach of Cala Galdana and the coves of Macarella and Macarelleta.

Cala Galdana

cala galdana
Cala Galdana

Just 15 kilometers from Ciutadella, you will find Cala Galdana, where we will make a stop. This is a more “normal” beach, but with crystal clear water and is very pleasant, especially if you go with children and family. Fully equipped with all the services (restaurant on the beach, sun loungers, water activities), it is perfect for enjoying a good morning.

From here, boat tours depart to visit other coves in the south of the island. If you are interested, take a look at this boat trip around the coves in the south of Menorca.

Macarella and Macarelleta coves

4 days in Menorca
Cala Macarella

From there, for the intrepid who like walking and nature, the path leads to the coves of Macarella and Macarelleta. The first is larger and can be reached in 20 or 30 minutes walking along a dirt track.

From there, and only by crossing a much narrower, narrower path with stone stairs, you can reach Cala Macarelleta. The path is not easy, but it is really worth it, not for the Instagram photo but to contemplate a secluded space with unique turquoise water. 

To eat on this day at the beach, you can either eat in any of the restaurants in Cala Galdana (there are many different ones) or have prepared a picnic to enjoy the day at the beach.

As a lover of the sea, please take care of this gift of nature. Avoid leaving trash and plastic behind because it all goes into the sea.

Cova d’en Xoroi

Cuevas del Xoroi
Xoroi Caves

After the beach and from this point, it is perfect to visit the Mirador de la Vall viewpoint (from where you can contemplate unique views of the entire coast) and visit the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau, a nature reserve with a great variety of birds and natural landscapes.

To end this second day in style and bring out the golden brown you’ve surely hunted, I invite you to take a trip to the Cuevas del Xoroi, or Cova d’en Xoroi. They are impressive natural caves located in the urbanization of Cala en Porter that offer a live music and cocktail show, great to accompany the sunset in a unique way.

You can see the music program and book tickets on this website.

🚗 As mentioned above, the best way to get around the island is by car. If you still need to hire a car for your trip to Menorca, I recommend the website Discover Cars, as they have the best prices and you can include a very complete insurance.

Day 3 of Menorca in 4 days

After a day at the beach the day before, today it’s back to the city center and a different activity that we’re sure you’re going to love.



On the other side of the island (taking Ciutadella as a reference point) is the capital of Menorca, Mahon. I personally love this city because it has a unique charm and is totally different from anything else you have seen on the island. For this reason, I think it is an essential place to see in Menorca in 4 days. Inhabited by British Georgian-style houses, you will fall in love with its streets during the day and its port at sunset.

What to see in Mahón

The first thing I recommend is to go to the Mercat des Claustre, the city market that is installed in an old but perfectly preserved cloister. There the aromas of local island products such as sobrasada and cheese are mixed with music, art and culture (it has a large central courtyard where concerts and cultural meetings are held).

*If you like the atmosphere of the markets as much as I do, there is a very cool cafeteria inside, perfect for breakfast or a snack. They also have specialty coffee, matcha and chai tea, awesome toasts and acai bowl. It’s called Sa Petita.

Just around the corner from the Mercat des Claustre is Mahón’s other “market” which is now a gastronomic market where you can have a fun and delicious experience. It is the Mercat des Peix and it is my recommendation for lunch or lunch enjoying some delicious and varied snacks washed down with craft beers from the island. All in a very cool atmosphere and that made me come back several days.

Also in Mahon you should not miss the Gin Xoriguer Factory (Menorcan gin), the Church of Santa Maria, the Town Hall Square, the Portal de Sant Roc, the Museum of Menorca, the Mirador Pont des Castell and the LLatzaret Fortress. The best thing to do is to wander around the old town and soak up its essence. It is much less touristy than Ciudadella and that shows in that it preserves much more authenticity.

It is also great to eat in the Port of Mahon which is impressive and not only apparently but is one of the largest natural harbors in Europe and with greater draft (hence the larger ships arrive at this point of the island). In addition, numerous ferry excursions to the King’s Islands and the island of Llatzaret depart from here.

🎟️ To get to know Mahón in detail and not miss anything, you can book a free tour of Mahón. It will be the perfect opportunity to get to know the most interesting facts about the capital of Menorca.

Visit to the Subaida cheese factory

spend 4 days in menorca
Cheese shop
cheese factory menorca
Cheese tasting

To include in the trip a different plan to do in Menorca in 4 days that is also fun, we chose something that fascinates me: a visit to a cheese factory. And if there is something typical of Menorca with the permission of the ensaimadas and sobrasada, that is cheese. With the denomination of origin DO, the cheese of Menorca is known worldwide and well deserves it.

Among all the cheese factories that offer the experience of guided tours and workshops, we chose Subaida, located on the road Alaior-AArenal d’en Castell. It is a beautiful farm-cheese factory, well maintained, and with a very marked colonial style. For six generations, they have been making cheeses that we have all eaten as children, and its owners were the founders of the cheese brand “El Caserío.”.

You will find different options for visits and snacks to try their products. They show you the livestock (the cows) and the process of making cheese. It is a very interesting and recommendable activity. You can book a visit to this cheese factory here.

Day 4 of the trip to Menorca for 4 days

This 4-day tour around Menorca comes to an end, but not before enjoying one more day of this wonderful adventure around the island. For this day, we have left to visit other unique points of the island, such as:

Binibeca Vell

where to stay in menorca
Most beautiful village in Menorca

Binibeca Vell is surely the most beautiful and charming village on the island. An authentic white maritime fishing village where you can get lost among its very narrow streets. There, the plan is to stroll around, take pictures, and enjoy the atmosphere and scenery.

Beaches in the north

4 days menorca itinerary
Cala Pregonda

From here, you can go to the north of the island to know and enjoy another type of beach, which is more volcanic and has a much more reddish and dark aspect. It is also very attractive. Among them, the most remarkable are Cavalleria Beach, Cala Pregonda, Arenal Son Saura, and Cala Tirant.


What to see in Menorca in 4 days

When it is time to eat, it is not negotiable to go to Fornells to enjoy a Menorcan lobster stew. It is the most famous spot to taste this dish, especially in any of its restaurants on the promenade next to the port. The most famous are Sa Fonda Fornells, Restaurant Ses Brases, Ca Na Marga, or Isabella.

After the feast, the best thing to do is to take a walk to the Tower of Fornells. It has stunning views of the village and the entire bay.

From Fornells, there are also many boat trips:

In the afternoon, it is also very interesting, since you are in this area, to approach the Cavalleria Lighthouse, the Favàritx Lighthouse, and Monte Toro.

Other activities, places and beaches in Menorca

son bou
Son Bou

The island of Menorca, although small, has a lot to offer. Much more than what you can see in 4 days, especially because, being there, you will surely feel like slowing down and enjoying beach days in its idyllic coves.

For that reason, besides these points that I recommend you see in Menorca in 4 days, there are many other interesting places that perhaps you would like to visit or that you want to contemplate for a longer trip.

Beaches and coves are not lacking all over the island and all along the coastline. In addition to those mentioned above, there are:

  • To the south: Cala Turqueta, San Adeodato Beach, Cala Mitjana, Son Bou Beach, Binigaus Beach, and Calas Fustam and Escorxada, as well as the already mentioned Cala Galdana—Macarella and Macarelleta. 
  • To the west: Cala en Brut and Cala Blanca (very close to Ciutadella). In this area of the island are the most beautiful lighthouses, such as the Punta Nati Lighthouse (what sunsets it offers), the Artrutx Lighthouse, and places of tourist interest such as the Pont d’en Gil viewpoint, the Naveta des Tudons, and the Necropolis of Cala Morell. 
  • To the east (Mahón area): Caló Blanc, Cala Binidali, Cala de la Olla, Playa Sa Mesquida, Cala Binibeca, Playa Es Grau, and Cala Alcaufar.
  • To the north: Binimel-la Beach, Cala Tirant, Arenal Son Saura, Cala Pregonda, and Cavalleria Beach.

💡 If you are also visiting Mallorca, do not miss my Mallorca travel guide, where you will find a 4-day Mallorca itinerary, things to do in Palma in one day and information about where to stay in Mallorca.

Where to stay in Menorca

Where to stay in Menorca in 4 days
Source: Booking

Menorca has many places to stay, although it is also true that in the middle of summer, you can sometimes have issues finding a hotel or apartment.

The best thing is to be foresighted and to make the reservation with time, not before choosing well the zone where you want to be during your stay. Depending on the location, you will find all kinds of accommodations (family, romantic, intimate, charming, hotels, apartments, etc.).

In Ciutadella and Mahón, the offer is more urban, highlighting in the first one the Hotel Boutique Can Sastre or the Hospedería el Claustre de Ciutadella. In the second (Mahón), the Catalonia Mirador des Ports or the Calallonga Hotel Menorca are very special.

Apart from these two urban centers, in each area of the island there is a wide range of hotels. For more details on areas and options, we have prepared this complete post on where to stay in Menorca.

Map of things to do in Menorca in 4 days

In the following map, you can see all the places to visit organized by day.

Whatever the duration of the trip, the place you decide to stay in, or the purpose of the trip, Menorca is one of those places that you have to visit, enjoy, and, above all, come back to. Every season and time of the year has its charm. My goal is to come back whenever I can and show you a different part of the island each time.

If it’s your first time in the country, I recommend this detailed Spain travel guide to prepare for your trip. And if you are thinking about a short trip to Menorca, I hope this article about what to see in Menorca in 4 days has been very useful for you.

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