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que ver en palma en un dia mallorca

What to do in Palma de Mallorca: 1 day itinerary

Palma, capital of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, is a true beauty all throughout. Its historic center hides charming corners. Not to mention the incredible Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Maria de Mallorca, an icon in the city. Although there are several tourist attractions in Palma, enough to spend several days in the city, in this article, you will learn what to do in Palma de Mallorca in one day.

The route that I will propose allows you to walk through the old town, take a walk around the port, get lost in the streets of the Jewish quarter, go up to the castle and try a delicious ensaimada. If it's really hot, you can also visit one of the city's main beaches.

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Where to stay in Palma

what to do in palma de mallorca for a day
Palma, Mallorca

The historic center is the best area to stay in Palma. If your hotel is in this part of the city, you will be just a few steps away from the main tourist attractions in Palma. However, it is not the only part of the city where you can stay in. There are other areas that, despite being outside the historic center, are very good options to sleep in the city, such as Santa Catalina.

If you prefer staying in a different area of the island, check my article on where to stay in Mallorca and the best romantic hotels in Mallorca.

Below, I’ll recommend some of the best hotels in Palma for different budgets: 

What to do in Palma de Mallorca for a day

Ready to discover what do to in Palma in 1 day? Let’s begin!

1. Stroll thorough the historic center in Palma

what to do in palma in 1 day
Old Town

What to do in Palma de Mallorca in one day? You might ask. Simple, just stroll through the little streets of the historic center of Palma. In them you will find charming corners such as the Church of Santa Eulalia, De Cort Square, the Church of San Nicolás, the Arab baths, the Church of San Miguel and the street of Jaume II, apart from all the essential places in Palma that I’ll highlight later. 

You can visit the historic center on your own or, if you prefer, book a guided tour and discover the most interesting facts about the city. If you prefer the second option, I recommend booking this free tour through Palma. It lasts 2 hours and at the end of the tour you pay a donation. It is one of the best free walking tous in Palma de Mallorca.

Other fun guided tours in Palma are, this tour on an electric scooter (1 hour long), this Segway tour (1 hour and 40 minutes long) and this electric bike tour (3 hours long). 

Another area of ​​Palma worth visiting is the Jewish quarter. If you book this free tour of the Jewish quarter of Palma, you will be able to know more about this area. You can also go through its streets freely to get to know the area a bit better.

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2. The Cathedral, one of the best places to visit in Palma

what to do in palma in 1 day
what to do in palma in 1 day
Passeig de Sagrera

We can say that the Cathedral-Basilica of Santa María de Mallorca, also known as La Seu, is the heart and soul of the city. The construction of this impressive Levantine Gothic-style building began in the 13th century and was completed in the 1630s. It is located in the same space that once housed a mosque. In 1931 it was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.

Over the years, the cathedral has been renovated a few times. One of the most known renovations is the one made by Gaudi in the early 20th century. The Catalan architect was in charge of moving the choir, incorporating glass windows, the canopy of the main altar and liturgical furniture, among other works.

We must also mention the mural of Miquel Barceló, built between 2001 and 2006 in the Santísimo Chapel, and the largest rose window in the cathedral, 13 meters in diameter. 

Entrance to the Cathedral of Mallorca

If you are interested in visiting the interior of the Cathedral of Mallorca, I recommend purchasing the entrance tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line. You can purchase your tickets in the Cathedral’s official website

The price of a general admission ticket to the Cathedral of Mallorca is €9. It also includes the entrance to the Museum of Sacred Art of Mallorca.

In the summer months, it is also possible to go up to the cathedral’s balcony, one of the best things to do in Palma in one day. The entrance costs €20.

Finally, if you want to visit the cathedral with a guide, I recommend booking this guided tour of the Cathedral of Palma

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3. Royal Palace of La Almudaina

what to do in palma in 1 day
La Almudaina

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina is located next to the cathedral, is a must-see place in Palma if you’re visiting the city in one day. It is the official residence of the kings of Spain during their visits to Mallorca. The castle, as we find it today, dates back to the fourteenth century, when King Jaime II ordered the rebuilding of the Arab fortress that was in the place. 

It is possible to visit the interior of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina. General admission costs €7. You can purchase entrance tickets on the National Heritage website. From October to March, admission is free on Wednesdays and Sundays from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for Spanish citizens, residents of the EU and Ibero-American citizens.

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4. Lonja de Palma

The Lonja

Lonja of Palma is one of the greatest representations of Gothic architecture in Mallorca. It is located in the La Lonja Square, in the historic center of the city, near the port. It was built between the fifteenth century by Guillem Sagrera and was once the headquarters of the Colegio de los Mercaderes, who were in charge of the regulation and protection of trade and the maintenance of the port. Visiting the interior is worth your while. 

5. Plaza Mayor of Palma de Mallorca

palma in one day
Plaza Mayor
palma in one day
Palma de Mallorca

While you walk through the historic center of Palma, I highly recommend that you visit Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Palma de in 1 day. It is a rectangular plaza with a porticoed perimeter. The houses built around the square all have yellow facades and green shutters, creating a very picturesque scenery. Some of the main streets of Palma branch out from the square.

6. Eat ensaimada (traditional desert) in Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo

There are several traditional dishes you cannot miss if you visit Palma and one of them is the famous ensaimada. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, therefore, I thought that the ensaimada wouldn’t wow me. I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s so good! This sweet desert made with flour, sugar and eggs has a long history and tradition on the island. 

One of the most famous places in Palma where you can taste the ensaimada, or order some to take back home, is Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo, a company that have manufactures Mallorcan artisan products for over 300 years. They have a total of three shops in Palma, where you can go to taste or purchase their products.

7. Visit Del Mar Park, one of the best things to do in Palma de Mallorca for a day

palma de mallorca
Del Mar Park

One of the places I enjoyed visiting the most during my time in Palma de Mallorca was Del Mar Park, an urban park with about 22 acres of space that offers beautiful views of the Cathedral of Mallorca. After visiting the Jewish quarter of Palma, you can cross the mural through Puerta del Mar to enter this place. You will love walking in the park and enjoying the scenery.

8. Bellver Castle

what to do in palma
Castle in Palma

Bellver Castle is located on the outskirts of the city; however, if you have time, it is a good idea to visit the castle and appreciate the views of the city. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can go by taxi, bus or walking. From the historic center, it takes about 40 minutes on foot. There is quite a slope since it is on a hill, therefore, you will have to think carefully if you want to walk to the castle.

Bellver Castle was built in the 14th century by King Jaime II of Mallorca. This Gothic-style fortification stands out for being circular, as it is one of the few castles in Europe that has this design.

General admission costs €4. On Sundays it is free. You can visit Bellver Castle from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (until 7:00 p.m. from April to September) and from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sundays and on holidays. On Mondays it is closed.

9. Bathe in Palma de Mallorca Beach

Although the best beaches in Mallorca are not located in Palma, the capital and its surroundings have several beaches for those who want to bathe without leaving the city. If you visit Mallorca in the warmer months, I am sure that you will be looking forward to bathing in the sea after visiting Palma. You can do just that in Can Pere Antoni Beach, located a few minutes from the old town.

10. Stroll through Santa Catalina, a trendy neighborhood in Palma

barrio santa catalina
Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a trendy neighborhood in Palma. You can visit this part of the city from the historic center of Palma by taking a pleasant walk. I recommend doing it along Paseo Sagrera or the port.

One of the great attractions of Santa Catalina is its cultural and gastronomic identity. Santa Catalina Market is located in the heart of the neighborhood, where you’ll find numerous local products and food stalls where you can have a snack and have a few beers. The rest of the streets host a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. It is the perfect place to have dinner and go out.

Map of what to do in Palma in 1 day

In the following map of Palma, I have marked all the places mentioned in this article. In addition, I have also marked the hotels that I have recommended in the previous section, with their respective links to Booking.

Do not miss my Spain’s travel guide to learn more about the country.

I hope that this article about what to do in Palma de Mallorca in one day has been informative and very useful to you in planning your trip to Mallorca. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to leave a comment below or email me. Until next time, travelers!

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