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mejores free tours en palma de mallorca

Best free walking tours in Palma

One of the best ways to get to know a brand new city is by booking a free walking tour. In this case, we'll be discovering the city of Palma, capital of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. If you want to discover the past and the present of this city, I recommend booking at least one free walking tour in Palma.

Thanks to these guided tours, you'll be able to know more about the most interesting areas in Palma, in addition to historic and fun facts that otherwise you wouldn't get to know if you visit the city without a tour. You can discover the city in a fun and affordable way!

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1. Palma free walking tour

Palma is a captivating place for many reasons. One of them being its interesting history, since the city was once inhabited by Romans, Muslims and Christians. If you are going to travel to Palma and want to know the influences that each population had on the Balearic capital, do not miss this free visit to Palma.

During the free tour of Palma, you will visit the Cathedral of Parma de Mallorca, a building that will surprise you for its beauty and for being one of the tallest Gothic structures in Europe. The Royal Palace of the Almudaina, which was inhabited by kings and, later, viceroys and governors, is located near the cathedral.

The itinerary will take you to the old part of the city where you can contemplate the Mallorcan patios that account for the best eras of the city’s nobility. In Plaza de Cort you will have a close view of the Town Hall and you will be able to admire its imposing Baroque façade.

This free walking tour in Palma lasts two hours, in which you will have learned much of the history and secrets of this beautiful capital of the Mediterranean. If you only have one day in Palma, I recommend booking this tour!

Rating: 8.7/10.

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2. Free walking tour of the city walls

If on your visit to Palma de Mallorca you want to immerse yourself in the history of this city and find out what life was like there during the Middle Ages, book this tour. It is free and it includes an English-speaking guide for the entirety of the tour.

The walls of Palma were initially built by the Romans, and finished by the Arabs. It is said that they were renovated five times over the years. The tour begins at one of the gates of these walls that are still standing.

In an area where Roman ruins and remains of a mosque were found, you will visit the King’s gardens, a medieval orchard and the Cathedral of Santa María de Mallorca. The guide will tell you how the city was slowly established around it.

La Portella is one of the gates that has remained which you will visit during the tour. Near the gate, you will see a tower that belongs to the residence of Comte Mal.

You will not spend too much time there because there is still much to discover: the Convent of Santa Clara, the Arab baths, the Jewish quarter and the bastion of the Prince are just some of the places that will amaze you. You don’t want to miss this free tour of Palma de Mallorca!

Rating: 9.4/10.

free walking tour palma

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3. Palma mysteries and legends free tour

Are you someone who is fascinated by the legends and mysteries of cities? If so, you cannot miss out on this free tour during your visit in Palma de Mallorca.

Every place hides secrets that only those who live there know. Do you want to visit Palma after sunset with a local guide? The tour begins in the city center, in Plaza de España (square). You will begin by knowing what the city was like during the Arab conquest, when it was called Medina Mayurca. You will be surprised when you learn the story of some prisoners of that time and how it ended.

Nearby you can visit the Diocesan Museum and the Santa Clara Convent. Legend has it that a Mallorcan lady came back from the dead. Do you believe in these kind of stories, of the dead coming back to life? You will continue to learn about myths and legends like this one as you walk through the streets of the city and end up at the Cathedral of Santa María de Mallorca, where the tour comes to an end.

Rating: 8.9/10.

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4. Palma Jewish Quarter Free Guided Tour

During the Middle Ages, the old Jewish quarter of Mallorca occupied the old part of the city, where Plaza de Cort is now located. This interesting free tour begins in Plaza de Corte and it invites you to discover how the Jews lived at that time and how they contributed to the culture of Mallorca.

Led by a tour guide, you will go through an area of ​​narrow streets where the Jews once lived. This area was called “call” and was made up of some streets that still exist today, such as Calle Sol or Calle Monte-Sion. You will then stop in front of a church that bears the same name and that is built on an old synagogue.

When the Jews were expelled from all the Christian kingdoms in the fifteenth century, including the Balearic archipelago, the so-called xuetes emerged. The “xuetes” are the children of the Jewish converts, who still have a lot of influence in Palma de Mallorca. During the tour you will be able to appreciate it.

This Palma free walking tour ends after two hours, near the Cathedral of Santa María de Mallorca.

Rating: 9.2/10.

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I hope that this article about the best free walking tours in Palma de Mallorca in English has been informative and very useful to you in planning your trip. If you have any doubts or questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or send me an email. Until next time, travelers!

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