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How to get to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura

Lobos Island is one of the most beautiful places in Fuerteventura, therefore, you should definitely add it to your travel itinerary. In this post, apart from telling you some basic information about the island, I'll explain how to get to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura or other parts of the island and what to see and do on the island. I hope this information is very useful for you to plan your trip to Fuerteventura.

This volcanic island has an area of ​​13.7 square kilometers. It is located 2.5 km from Fuerteventura and 9 km from Lanzarote. The island dates back to the Pleistocene, around 50,000 years ago, and was the result of a basaltic fissural emission that began in the north of Fuerteventura.

The name, Lobos, comes from the monk seal, a species that used to inhabit the island. Unlike the other seals, which live in cold waters, the monk seal thrives in warmer climates. The monk seal became extinct in the Canary Islands in the 1920s.

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How to get to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura

how to get to lobos island from fuerteventura
Corralejo Port

Getting to Isla de Lobos is fast and easy. You simply have to head to Corralejo, if you are not already there, and take a ferry from the port. I stayed at Avanti Lifestyle Hotel so I only had to walk a few steps to get there. The journey takes 20 minutes and usually costs €15 round trip. The ferry ticket can be purchased on different websites.

Permit to visit Lobos Island

Something you should know before planning your trip to Lobos Island is that it is necessary to obtain a free authorization to visit the island. You have two options to obtain this authorization:

  • Obtain the permit for Lobos Island on the Cabildo de Fuerteventura website. This can be obtained up to 5 days before the visit. You can choose to visit in two separate times: from 10am to 2pm or from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Book the ferry to Lobos Island through Civitatis. They will obtain your permit to visit the island so you don’t have to worry about that. You can book it with more days of advance so you will ensure your visit to this place. There is also more availability of schedules.

Lobos Island ferry

Once you have the authorization, I recommend booking the ferry from Corralejo as soon as possible to avoid any booking issues. In my case, I booked the ferry from Civitatis, since they not only take care of the ferry but also get you the authorization to visit Lobos Island (Fuerteventura).

The price difference if you get the permit and book the ferry on your own separately is minimal, so it was very worthwhile to do it this way. Also, the organization was perfect and all the information was very clear.

The ferry departed at 10 a.m. I assumed that if you booked the morning shift, you had to return at 2:00 p.m., but you don’t! You can ask when you exit the boat, if you can return at another time and they will tell you what other departures times are available from Lobos Island.

In principle, 4 hours is enough to get to know the island, although if you have enough time, I recommend staying a little longer. You will not get bored!

Other options to get to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura

lobos island
Lobos Island from Fuerteventura

There are more ways to get to Lobos Island!

Visit Lobos Island on a catamaran

If you want to live a different and unique experience, I recommend booking a day trip to Lobos Island in a catamaran. The day trip consists of 4 hours aboard a catamaran sailboat with an open bar. You make several stops in Lobos Island and can enjoy water activities such as snorkeling, paddle surfing and kayaking.

It costs €65 per person and includes the catamaran ride, a guide, open bar for drinks (soft drinks, water, beer and wine), equipment for the activities and a delicious seafood paella. If you like how this plan sounds, you can book a Lobos Island Catamaran Day Trip.

How to get to Lobos Island from Caleta de Fuste

If you are in the Caleta de Fuste area, you can also book the ferry from Caleta de Fuste. This way, you will not have to worry about going from Caleta de Fuste to Corralejo. They will pick you up at the hotel and take you by bus to Corralejo to take the ferry. The visit to the island is done on your own. The price in this case is €32 and they also manage the authorization for you.

Things to do in Lobos Island

lobos island fuerteventura
Places to visit in Lobos Island

The most common way of visiting the island is hiking a circular route, although it can also be done by bicycle. As soon as you arrive at Lobos Island, you will find a visitor center. There you will see a map marking the places of interest.

So you already know what to do, here is a list of the best places to visit in Lobos Island, following my specific route. Are you ready to find out why this place needs to be part of your Fuerteventura itinerary?

1. El Puertito, the most beautiful place to visit in Lobos Island

el puertito
El Puertito

The most famous place in Lobos Island is El Puertito. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Fuerteventura. Surely you have already seen a photo of this corner. It is a dock located between small islets and crystal-clear water. The place is very beautiful indeed.

It’s an incredible place to go snorkeling since the water is very clear and there are many fish. It is well worth taking a bath and observing the marine life.

The only restaurant on the island is also located in El Puertito. If you decide to to bring food with you and you intend to eat in Lobos Island, it is important that you reserve a table. My recommendation is that you make a short visit to El Puertito, just to make a reservation at the restaurant and take some photos before people arrive, and save it for later.

2. Las Lagunitas

how to get to lobos island
Las Lagunitas

Once you leave El Puertito, continue walking along the stone path until you get to Las Lagunitas. It is a place that will not take you long to visit, since they can only be seen from the road. It is a salt marsh that with unique flora and fauna, due to the periodic floods it is subjected to.

One of the most interesting facts about Las Lagunitas is that it is a resting and feeding place for many migratory birds. You can see Kentish Plover, the Little Egret, the Gray Heron, the Linnet and the Turnstone.

3. Punta Martiño Lighthouse

punta martiño lighthouse

Punta Martiño Lighthouse is located in the northern end of the island. It was built in 1865. The lighthouse is located on a hill, 29 meters above sea level, therefore, you can enjoy the landscape and even see the neighboring island of Lanzarote. By the way, if you are also visit this island, don’t miss my Lanzarote travel guide. From El Puertito it takes about 45 minutes walking to get to the lighthouse.

4. Go up to La Caldera Mountain, Lobos Island (Fuerteventura)

how to get to lobos island
La Caldera Mountain

Climbing to the top of La Caldera mountain is also one of the best things to do in Lobos Island (Fuerteventura). This 127-meter high volcanic cone is the most representative geological element on the island. Due to the erosion of the sea, it has a horseshoe shape.

Climbing to the top takes a bit of work but it is totally worth it since the views are the best you will find, not only of Lobos Island but also of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. The hike to the caldera begins about 20 minutes from the pier.

5. La Concha Beach

La concha beach
La Concha Beach

The main beach in Lobos Island, La Concha, is located just 10 minutes from the pier. If you feel like having relaxing, this place in Isla de Lobos may become your favorite. You can enjoy a good bath in its calm waters, the sun and the sand. If you’ve brought your own food to the trip, it’s also a good place to lay your towel and enjoy a picnic.

Lobos Island Map

In the following map I have marked the two ports and all the places I recommend to visit. You can also see the only restaurant on Lobos Island, located next to El Puertito.

If you still do not have accommodation, do not miss my guide on where to stay in Fuerteventura and my selection of the best boutique hotels in Fuerteventura.

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I hope that this post on how to get to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura and what to see and do has been informative and very useful to you in planning your day trip from Fuerteventura. If you want to tell me about your experience on the island or have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment. Until next time, traveler!

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