Fuerteventura itinerary: The perfect 4 days on the island

Are you going to visit Fuerteventura in 4 days? If so, you have come to the right place! In this post you will not only find the best places to add to your 4-day Fuerteventura itinerary, but I'll also provide you with information on the best time to travel to Fuerteventura, tips on how to get around the island and recommendations on where to stay.

Fuerteventura was the first island I visited in the Canary Islands and I was not disappointed at all. Get ready to discover paradisiacal beaches, landscapes from another planet and small towns with charming vibes.

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1. Best time to visit Fuerteventura

fuerteventura canary islands

If you are wondering when is the best time to travel to Fuerteventura, Let me tell you that this island is a good destination to travel to at any time of the year. However, there are better months than others to visit. Certain months have a quieter atmosphere with less tourists.

The temperature is quite nice throughout the year, with a maximum temperature that ranges between 20º (68°F) and 27º (80°F) on average. The hottest months are July, August and September. On the other hand, the coldest months are from November to March. The sunniest and driest months are from April to September.

Something to expect in Fuerteventura is strong winds. It drove me crazy during my trip… Although, if you like surfing or windsurfing, strong winds is something you’ll love. The windiest months on the island are from May to August.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you are going visit the island during high season or low season. Naturally, during the high season, not only will hotel prices be a bit higher, but there will also be more people everywhere. The high season in the Canary Islands is from December to April and the months of July and August. On the other hand, low season is in May, June, September, October and November.

2. How to get to Fuerteventura

fuerteventura itinerary

There are many direct flights between Fuerteventura and mainland Spain. Among them are flight from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Seville, Alicante, Santiago de Compostela, etc. There are also direct flights from other European countries. The airport is located near Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura. To find the best flight prices, I recommend searching on SkyScanner.

Apart from flying, you can also take a ferry to Fuerteventura if you are in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Tenerife. From Lanzarote, it takes 25 minutes. From Gran Canaria, it takes 2 hours. Finally, from Tenerife, it takes around 5 hours. In this case, flying is much more convenient.

3. What to see in Fuerteventura

what to see in Fuerteventura

Let’s begin this Fuerteventura itinerary in 4 days!

Day 1 in Fuerteventura

fuerteventura itinerary

On your first day in Fuerteventura, I recommend visiting the following places:


The Dunes of Corralejo are the largest dunes in the Canary Islands. Being located next to the coast, they offer a unique landscape with lots of contrast, becoming one of the essential places to see in Fuerteventura in 4 days. I recommend visiting the dunes at sunrise or sunset, to be able to enjoy them in their maximum splendor. They are located a few kilometers from the town of Corralejo.


This beach is one of the places in Fuerteventura that nobody wants to miss. The reason? The beach is full of popcorn. No, they are not the eatable kind. You will be very surprised!


In Fuerteventura you can find a large number of old windmills. In fact, there are around 1,000 windmills spread across the island. The ones that I liked the most and that I consider the most photogenic are Villaverde Mills, located between La Oliva and, as the name suggests, Villaverde.


One of the activities that I enjoyed the most during my trip to Fuerteventura was hiking to Calderón Hondo’s crater. To get to the starting point of the walk, you first have to get to the town of Lajares. There are two paths where you can start hiking from. The effort is well worth it and having the crater in front of you is mesmerizing. The views are also spectacular.


I recommend ending you first day in Fuerteventura by going to watch the sunset and even taking a swim at the beaches of El Cotillo, a small coastal town with a great atmosphere. My favorite beach was Piedra Playa (Playa del Castillo). It’s spectacular!

Day 2 in this Fuerteventura itinerary

what to do in Fuerteventura

On your second day in this Fuerteventura itinerary, I advise you to visit Lobos Island in the morning and, in the afternoon, visiting the places that I’ll recommend below.


Visiting Lobos Island has to be included in any Fuerteventura itinerary in 4 days. It is located 20 minutes by ferry from Corralejo. I recommend walking the circular route visiting El Puertito, Las Lagunitas, the Punta Martiño Lighthouse, La Caldera Mountain (I recommend hiking to the top) and La Concha Beach.

Apart from buying the ferry tickets, you will need to get an authorization. In my case, I decided to book the ferry with Civitatis, since they also take care of getting your authorization and it seemed less of a hassle.


Another thing that Fuerteventura does not lack in is having viewpoints. During your route through this incredible island you will be able to enjoy orange landscapes that will leave you speechless. One of the viewpoints that I recommend visiting is Vallebrón Viewpoint. From it you can see the Tindaya perfectly.


Something that you can easily find in the Canary Islands are natural pools. In this case, I recommend visiting the natural pools of Aguas Verdes. To find the ponds, you must first go to Playa del Valle and walk along the rocks located on the right side. Remember to visit the pools when the tide is low.


If you enjoying walking, you will love Puertito de los Molinos. It is a tiny coastal town that houses some caves that can be visited if the tide is low. But not only that. A walking tour that will take you along cliffs and beaches begins here. I walked to Playa Jarugo.

Day 3 in Fuerteventura

Las Peñitas Arch

In day 3 in this 4-day itinerary in Fuerteventura, I recommend visiting the following places:


Betancuria is known for being the most beautiful town in Fuerteventura, apart from being the oldest. It became the capital of the island. It is very picturesque, although a short walk through its streets will be enough to get to know the town.


The Arco de las Peñitas is located in Canon de las Peñitas. It is undoubtably, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Fuerteventura. If you decide to hike, you will find a landscape that resembles western United States. You will freak out! In my post about what to see in Fuerteventura, I explain how to get there.


It is one of the most important caves in the Canary archipelago as they are the oldest geological formations in the Canary Islands. In order to visit the caves, you just have to go to Ajuy and begin walking along a path that starts from the main beach.


This viewpoint is located between Ajuy and La Pared, which is the following stop in this itinerary. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful viewpoint in Fuerteventura. You will be able to enjoy the unique and special landscape that this island offers.


In La Pared, I discovered one of my favorite beaches in Fuerteventura: Viejo Rey Beach. I didn’t know about this beach therefore, I was quite a surprise. It is made up of several beaches and is well-known among surfers. If you decided to explore the beach, you will find small caves in the cliff’s face. It is a perfect place to watch the sunset and take a long walk.

Day 4 in this Fuerteventura itinerary

Roque del Moro fuerteventura

On your 4th day in Fuerteventura, I recommend visiting the following corners of the island:


Sotavento Beach is probably the closest thing to paradise that exists in Fuerteventura. What makes this beach so unique and special are the huge tongues of sand that form with the tides. Lagoons are also formed where you can enjoy a very calm bath.


De Mal Nombre Beach is also one of my favorite beaches. The name alone draws enough attention. When I visited the beach, there were quite a few waves, but on a day when the sea is calm, the water looks incredible. You can take a nice walk on the beach or go for a swim.


Playa de Cofete is probably the most popular and impressive beach on the island. You definitely should add this beach to your Fuerteventura itinerary in 4 days. It is 14 kilometers long and is located between the sea and the Macizo de Jandía. You will find an incredible landscape. To get to De Cofete Beach, you have to drive through a dirt road from Morro Jable for 20 km.


Not everyone who visits De Cofete Beach end up visiting Roque del Moro, but I totally recommend it. It is a huge beach where you can find a huge monolith at the end. It is quite picturesque. The only downside is that if you want to get there by car, you should know that the road is not in great condition for every kind of car. Drive carefully.

4. How to get around in Fuerteventura

que ver en fuerteventura en 4 dias

Honestly, I cannot imagine planning a 4-day Fuerteventura itinerary without renting a car. The freedom that you will have when visiting this island will make your travel experience a thousand times better. Except for the road that goes to De Cofete Beach and other dirt roads in the north of the island, roads in Fuerteventura are fine. At least the ones I’ve driven on. I recommend renting a car with Auto Europe if you decide to opt for this option.

If, for whatever reason, you are not going to rent a car, the easiest and most affordable to visit the island is using the bus network that runs through the entire island, passing through the main towns and some beaches. If you are going to opt for taking the bus, I recommend taking a look at the Tiadhe website, where you can check the routes and schedules of the buses in Fuerteventura.

5. Where to stay in Fuerteventura (4-day itinerary)

where to stay in canary islands

Search for hotels in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura offers a wide range of hotel options, from affordable hotels to incredible villas and everything in between. You will have no problem finding a good option according to your tastes and budget. The hard part is picking an area to stay, figuring out whether it’s best to establish a base in a certain area and if spending every night in the same hotel is a good decision.

In my opinion, if you don’t want to change hotels during your 4-day itinerary in Fuerteventura, you should stay in an area located in the middle of the island, like Antigua. A central hotel with very good reviews is Hotel Rural Era de la Corte. If you want to know more about the best places to stay in Fuerteventura, I suggest reading my post about where to stay in Fuerteventura.

On the other hand, if you are going to stay in hotels in different locations, you could choose one in the norther part of the island and another in the southern part. In the northern part, I recommend staying in Corralejo or El Cotillo. In El Cotillo, I recommend Avanti Lifestyle Hotel. Tarajalejo or Costa Calma or my top recommendations in the southern part of the island.

I hope that this 4-day itinerary in Fuerteventura has been informative and very useful to you in planning your trip to this beautiful Canary Island. If you want to tell me about your experience in Fuerteventura or have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until next time, traveler!

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