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Plan your trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most amazing countries I’ve visited. On my first trip to Switzerland, I only visited the main cities like Geneva, Lucerne, Lausanne and Zurich. However, when I visited the country for the second time, I focused on Switzerland natural wonders. Swiss cities are really beautiful. However, its nature is just out of this world. The Swiss Alps are full of treasures.

Switzerland is not an affordable place to visit. But it is well worth investing that money in getting to know the country. In addition, there are always alternatives to not spend so much money and to be able to enjoy wonderful landscapes, charming towns, breathtaking viewpoints, incredible hiking trails and delicious meals.



Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh.


Swiss franc.
1USD equals 0.92 CHF.


From April to October.


Basic tips

In this Switzerland travel guide you’ll find all my blog posts with information about the country. Thanks to the information and my experiences that’ll share with you, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Switzerland.


Tips for every destination

Switzerland is not a large country but there are plenty of fascinating places to visit. Whether you are a nature lover or you prefer to discover amazing cities, I am sure that in Switzerland you will find what you are looking for.

If you want to visit one or more cities on your trip to Switzerland, I recommend visiting Geneva, Bern, Lucerne, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel. From all these cities, I think Lucerne stands out for its beauty.

If you’re interested in visiting the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, you must visit Zermatt, Gruyères, Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. These four small towns seem to be taken from a fairy tale.

If you are looking to connect with nature, I recommend visiting Matterhorn, Lake Blausee, Lake Oeschinen, Aletsch Glacier, Trümmelbach Waterfall, Gorge de l’Aare, Lake Bachalpsee, Saxer Lücke, etc. The list is endless!

Below you can find my published blog posts about the different areas of Switzerland.


Geneva is one of the most visited cities in Switzerland. If you decide to visit Geneva, don’t forget to visit the old town and visit Saint Peter’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in Geneva. You can go up to the towers to enjoy the beautiful view. Jardin Anglais and Jet d’Eau, a water jet located in the lake that reaches 140 meters high, are amazing places to visit as well.


Grindelwald is one of the prettiest little towns I’ve ever visited. It is surrounded by green meadows and impressive snow-capped mountains like the Eiger and Wetterhorn mountains. It has landscapes that will blow your mind. In the warmer months, Grindelwald is a great destination for hiking. One of the best trail will take you to Lake Bachalpsee. In winter, it is a very popular destination for those who want to ski.


One of the places that you cannot forget to visit on your trip to Switzerland is the incredible Lauterbrunnen Valley. In it you’ll find the town of Lauterbrunnen as well as numerous waterfalls and charming towns that will leave you speechless. Do not forget to ge to know the valley during your visit to the Jungfrau Region



Interlaken is a town located in the canton of Bern. It is located between lake Thun and lake Brienz where you can find great places to go for a swim in the warmer months. The town of Interlaken isn’t that beautiful; however, its surroundings are simply incredible.

From Interlake you can visit places like Harder Kulm, Schynige Platte, Lauterbrunnen, St. Beatus Caves, Hardergrat, Giessbach Falls and Unterseen. It is also a good starting point to go up to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.


Lucerne is one of my favorite places in Switzerland. One of the main reasons is because Kapellbrücke, the wooden bridge with hanging flowers that crosses the Reuss River, amazed me. If you cross the 200 meter bridge, you’ll be able to see the city from the river. It is quite an experience. Don’t miss out on exploring its historic center and taking a nice boat ride on Lake Lucerne.


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It is located in the north of the country. Some of the main tourist attractions in Zurich are touring the historic center, taking a boat ride or going for a hike in the surroundings near Lake Zurich, visiting the Grossmünster Church, walking along Bahnhofstrasse and exploring the Lindenhof neighborhood.