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Where to stay in Interlaken: Best areas and hotels

Interlaken is a town located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It is a very popular holiday destination because it offers incredible natural landscapes, ideal for adventure sports and connecting with nature. One of the most important steps when planning a trip to this part of Switzerland is choosing where to stay in Interlaken.

Depending on your tastes and the activities you want to do in this region, it will be convenient for you to stay in one area or another. In general, staying in the city of Interlaken is usually a great option, since this city is the starting point for many trips. In addition, in Interlaken you can find the widest variety of restaurants and hotels.

Staying in the center of Interlaken is not your only option. In the district, there are other very interesting towns. These towns are usually an ideal option to sleep in Interlaken if you prefer a more isolated retreat in the mountains and enjoy incredible landscapes.

In this article, I am going to go over each of the areas that I recommend staying in Interlaken. I will also propose some of the best hotels in Interlaken for different budgets.

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Where to stay in Interlaken, Switzerland

Are you ready to discover the best areas to stay in Interlaken? Let’s get into it!

1. Center of Interlaken, where to stay in Interlaken if it’s your first time

where to stay in Interlaken
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If this is your first time traveling to Interlaken, staying in the city center is a good option. This Swiss city is not as impressive as others; however, it is still worth taking a walk through its old town. You will be able to observe beautiful historical houses and a very cozy atmosphere.

One of the main advantages of sleeping in Interlaken is that you will have a wide variety of restaurants and hotels at your disposal. In addition, you will be very well connected with other areas of the region through the railway. If you travel by car, it is essential that you look for a hotel that has parking.

Recommended hotels in Interlaken

If you are traveling with friends or on a low budget, this hostel is a great option to stay in Interlaken. They offer single rooms, shared rooms (female and mixed), double rooms and quadruple rooms. The hotel has a family atmosphere and offers everything you need to make you feel at home. There is shared kitchen and game room.

If you are looking for a hotel in Interlaken that is good and not too expensive, this accommodation can be an ideal option. It is close to the historic center of the city and even closer to the train station. If you are going to move around the area with this means of transport, the location is unbeatable.

They offer single, double and triple rooms. Breakfast is included. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your dog, you’ll be happy to know that they allow pets free of charge.

Although only a few can afford this hotel, I couldn’t help but recommend it in my article. This is a 5-star hotel located in the center of Interlaken. The hotel has a gym, swimming pool, spa, sun terrace with views of the Jungfrau and two restaurants. You will be luxurious! There are various kinds of double rooms and suites.

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2. Matten bei Interlaken, good option if your traveling on a budget

Matten bei Interlaken is a small town located right next to the city of Interlaken. It is a very interesting proposal since, despite also having a central location, the accommodation is cheaper than in the old town and surroundings. If you stay here, you will be only a little over ten minutes walk from the center.

The atmosphere in this area is quite relaxed. You can stroll through the streets while looking at the huge and charming houses and enjoying the incredible views of the mountains.

It is also a very good option to stay in Interlaken for families, as it is not only a quiet place, but also has numerous activities to entertain the little ones, such as the Seilpark Interlaken Adventure Park and the JungfrauPark Interlaken.

Recommended hotels in Matten bei Interlaken

This hotel is another good option to stay in Interlaken if your budget is tight. They offer double rooms with shared bathroom. It also has a shared kitchen, so you can save some money by cooking your own meals. In addition, you can make use of the shared lounge, garden, barbecue area and free parking.

If you want to enjoy a rustic and cozy stay, you will love this hotel. Wood and flowers are the two main protagonists in the decoration of the hotel. In it you will find single rooms and double rooms. The double rooms have two extra beds, therefore, if you are traveling with small children, it is a very good option.

3. Wilderswil, just outside of Interlaken

hotel in wilderswil
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Just outside of Interlaken and Matten bei Interlaken is Wilderswil, a very quiet little commune. I recommend staying in Wilderswil if you want to be outside the city of Interlaken while still being in a great location for excursions in the region. In fact, Wilderswil is on the way between Interlaken and famous tourist destinations, such as Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.

We stayed in Wilderswil for three nights and we were very comfortable. There is an incredible peace. We were traveling by van, so we had total freedom to move around. In any case, the town has a public transport stop.

Specifically, we stayed at Camping Oberei. If you are going to travel to Switzerland by van, motorhome or tent, I highly recommend this campsite.

Recommended hotels in Wilderswill

If you finally decide to stay in Wilderswil, this hotel is a great option. It is a beautiful wooden lodge with different double rooms, some with shared bathrooms and others with private bathrooms. Its smaller rooms are quite cheap, therefore, if your budget is not very high, perhaps this accommodation is perfect for you. It has a garden and a shared lounge. Breakfast is usually included with the reservation.

If you want to ensure a good stay in Interlaken, then I recommend this accommodation, since it has a score of 9.6/10 in Booking (more than 200 opinions). They offer double and family rooms. They are all very spacious and have a fridge. You can also use a shared kitchen. There is free coffee and tea. On request, they include free transfer from the train stations.

If you dream of living in a Swiss mansion surrounded by mountains, you can keep dreaming! Although if you want to live this experience at least for a few days, then I recommend this accommodation. This is a typical house located in the village of Wilderswil. The house has 120 m². It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area and a patio. There is also a jacuzzi and hot tub. You will be luxurious!

If you are traveling with friends, it is a great option to stay in Interlaken. The house has capacity for a maximum of 6 people, therefore, by dividing the total cost among all, it is not so expensive.

4. Grindelwald, where to stay in Interlaken if you love nature

where to stay in interlaken

If you want take advantage of your time in Interlaken to stay in a place that provides a direct contact with nature, Grindelwald is a great option to sleep in Interlaken. Along with Lauterbrunnen, a town that we will discuss next. Grindelwald is one of the most beautiful towns I visited during my time in Switzerland. It is a real beauty!

Grindelwald is located just 20 kilometers from the center of Interlaken. It is a very popular tourist destination in both summer and winter. In the colder months, this little town becomes a very popular place for ski and snowboarding lovers. In the warmer months, tourists come to Grindelwald to enjoy the incredible natural surroundings and to go hiking.

One of the most popular hikes is the one that takes you to Bachalpsee Lake. If you take the cable car up to the refuge, the walk from there to the lake is not very hard, therefore, it is an ideal plan for the whole family.

Recommended hotels in Grindelwald

On the outskirts of Grindelwald, you will find this traditional hotel, perfect if you want to be surrounded by wonderful nature. They offer single rooms, double rooms, suites and apartments. These last two have a private kitchen. In addition, there is a shared lounge, bar and restaurant where they offer traditional dishes.

If you want to stay in a hotel that allows you to have incredible views, the kind that can only be seen in the Alps, this is the best option for you. This accommodation located in Grindelwald allows all its guests to enjoy a wonderful landscape, featuring the Eiger. They have single rooms, double rooms and suites. In addition there is a garden with sun loungers, sauna, gym and outdoor kitchen.

Out of all the hotels mentioned in this article, this hotel is the one that is most remote. It is located between Grindelwald and First (cable car station). In winter, the hotel is only accessible by cable car (first stop). In the hot months, it can be accessed on foot or by car. The best part about staying in this hotel is the wonderful views that you will be able to enjoy. You will be breath-taken!

5. Lauterbrunnen, one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland


Lauterbrunnen is just 13 kilometers from the center of Interlaken. It is known as one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland. If you have done a little research on things to do in Interlaken, you have probably already seen a photo of this place. Lauterbrunnen stands out for its incredible natural surroundings, full of mountains, towering stone walls and waterfalls.

The small town of Lauterbrunnen, being a popular tourist destination, has many restaurants and hotels. You can find campsites, hostels, apartments, houses, hotels, etc. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

Near Lauterbrunnen, there are many places to visit, such as Wengen, a town that you can visit through a railway, the Trümmelbach Falls or Mürren, another charming little town. If you want to go hiking on trails, you will find many in the surroundings. Don’t forget to visit all the essential places in Lauterbrunnen.

Due to its incredible natural surroundings, the number of mountain activities it offers and its proximity to the city center, Lauterbrunnen is a great alternative to stay near Interlaken.

Recommended hotels in Lauterbrunnen

This hotel, located in Lauterbrunnen, is another great option if your budget is tight. They have shared rooms, therefore, if you travel alone, it will be ideal for you. They also have double, triple, quadruple and family rooms (up to 7 people). There is also a garden and a shared kitchen.

If you would like to live the experience of staying in a campsite (I highly recommend it) but you are not traveling in a van or with a tent, you can stay in one of the bungalows or mobile homes offered by this campsite. They also have traditional double, triple and quadruple rooms. Among the facilities of this campsite, you will find a restaurant, a small supermarket and a swimming pool.

Lastly, if you are wondering where to stay in Interlaken and are looking for a more charming hotel in Lauterbrunnen, I recommend you take a look at this 3-star hotel, located just off the main street of this famous town. They offer various kinds of rooms and suites. All of them have a minimalist decoration and integrated with the natural environment. In addition, the hotel has a sun terrace with incredible views of the valley and an alpine-style restaurant.

Map of best places to stay in Interlaken

In this map I have indicated the best areas and hotels to stay in Interlaken. In this way, you can get an initial idea about the different areas of the region. Below I explain in detail what you will find in each of these locations.

If you are going to travel to more places in the country, do not miss my Switzerland travel guide.

I hope this article on where to stay in Interlaken has been very useful to you in choosing a hotel in this area of ​​Switzerland. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment. Until next time, traveler!

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