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15 things to do in Uluwatu, Bali: includes the best beaches

Uluwatu is located on the southernmost point of Bali Island. In comparison to other popular tourist areas of Bali like Canggu, Seminyak, or even Ubud, it is a little more residential and peaceful. Uluwatu hosts some of Bali's most gorgeous beaches and the most spectacular sunsets. Additionally, Uluwatu has the best waves for surfers. In this article, we'll discover the 15 best things to do in Uluwatu, whether you are coming for a few days or just a day trip.

To visit most of the locations I list below, I suggest staying in Uluwatu for at least two full days. Beaches, viewpoints, cliffs, and temples are among the best places to visit in the area. I also share some advice on the best places to eat and stay in Uluwatu.

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Where to stay in Uluwatu

things to do in Uluwatu
Where to stay in Uluwatu

Take a look at the following selection of hotels in Uluwatu, one of the greatest places to stay in Bali, if you plan to spend several days in this region. I’ll start by stating the hotel where I would stay. I will then suggest other options for low, medium, high, and extremely high budgets.

I recommend Oceanna Hotel, a small establishment with just five rooms and stunning ocean views. The rooms are generously sized, incredibly bright, and exquisitely designed. The infinity pool, which offers stunning sunset views, is the nicest feature of this hotel. Additionally, beaches like Thomas Beach and Padang Padang are close by.

Other hotels in Uluwatu with very good reviews:

Things to do in Uluwatu, Bali

Are you ready to discover the 15 best things to do in Uluwatu? A journey to Bali would not be complete without visiting this area of the island. Let’s begin!

1. Uluwatu Temple (Bali)

things to do in Uluwatu
Uluwatu Temple

It is one of the few touristic temples in this part of Bali and a must-see in Uluwatu, but its setting makes it one of the most stunning and mystical on the island. The actual temple is compact. Since the Uluwatu Temple is perched on top of a 70-meter-high cliff, it is the surrounding natural landscape that captures people’s attention. The scenery is lovely.

I recommend visiting the temple just before dusk. Not only will the lighting be more lovely, but there will also be a Kecak show, a traditional Balinese dance, celebrated every day at 6:00 p.m. The kecak show tickets can be purchased online in advance. If you prefer buying them in person, they must be purchased around one to two hours in advance.

Uluwatu Temple Entrance fee: 30k IDR.

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2. Karang Boma Cliff (Uluwatu Cliff)

uluwatu cliff
Things to do in Uluwatu

The Uluwatu Cliff, also known as Karang Boma Cliff, is one of Bali’s most well-known places and is located close to the Uluwatu Temple. The cliff is around 70 meters high and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. This viewpoint is a terrific choice to enjoy a stunning sunset if you are not heading to the prior temple at that time. Additionally, going at sunrise is strongly advised.

3. Balangan Beach Viewpoint

uluwatu, bali
Balangan Beach

This Beach is a great place in Uluwatu for surfing, swimming, or simply lounging in the sun. There are also a number of beach bars there where you can get something to eat or drink. Nevertheless, the cliff to its right offer stunning views of Belangan Beach. At sunset, you can enjoy the breathtaking view. Naturally, more people are out and about at this time of day. There are also many couples taking wedding pictures!

4. Visit Nyang Nyang Beach, one of the best things to do in Uluwatu

nyang nyang
Nyang Nyang Beach
nyang nyang bali
Plane at Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Uluwatu. It is almost 2 kilometers long and is located parallel to a limestone cliff full of vegetation. The sand is clear, and the water is a very beautiful blue. This beach is really large, therefore you will not find many people concentrated in one particular area.

Previously, you had to descend and then ascend about 500 steps to get to Nyang Nyang Beach. However, now you can ride your motorbike down to the beach (it is not possible by car). Include this location on your list of things to do in Uluwatu and take advantage of the sand and sea; you won’t regret it!

Don’t forget to take a seat on the cliff before or after visiting the beach to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the water below. They are incredible! There is an aircraft parked right there that was formerly accessible from outside the property. However, it is currently closed.

5. Abandoned Plane, a unique place to visit in Uluwatu

things to do in uluwatu
Uluwatu, Bali

Something different to do in Uluwatu (Bali) is to visit the famous abandoned plane. The reality is that it is not known what this plane is doing there. I’ve heard that someone bought it to build a restaurant inside, but for now the project seems to be on hold. You cannot go down to the ground where the plane is parked, but you can see it and take a photo from above.

As there are other abandoned planes in Bali, make sure the position you enter on the map corresponds to the plane that is at Uluwatu. I advise doing this because I almost got confused when I visited the plane from Canggu.

Update: The plane is no longer abandoned and has become the AirCrew Sensation Bali attraction, a place where you can experience a virtual flight and see the inside of a Boeing 737. If you are an aviation lover, it can be an interesting visit.

6. Bingin Beach, a wonderful beach to spend the day

things to do in Uluwatu
Bingin, Uluwatu

This beach is one of the best beaches in Uluwatu to enjoy a good beach session. It stands out for having a lot of buildings along the shore. Although this may set you back, the reality is that the combination of nature with the houses built on the cliff is worth seeing. It has several very cool bars and restaurants to have a drink, go to the bathroom, or spend some time in the shade.

Once you leave the motorcycle in the parking lot, you will have to walk through some narrow streets and go down around 100 stairs. Going down isn’t hard. Go up is a bit more taxing on the body, but it’s worth it!

Sunset Point Pantai Cemongkak
Sunset Point Pantai Cemongkak
bali uluwatu
Uluwatu Bali

Sunset Point Pantai Cemongkak, a lovely location to view the sunset, is not far from Bingin Beach. A grassy meadow can be found atop a cliff. It’s a terrific location to visit and engage in some activity before the sun totally sets. Don’t overlook the stunning views of the beach that are located beneath this location.

7. Thomas Beach, one of the best beaches in Uluwatu

things to do in Uluwatu
Thomas Beach

This Beach is one of the top beaches in Bali. It is fairly broad and has both white sand and crystal-clear water. If you want to spend some time alone, you can either bargain for a lesser fee or hire sun loungers with umbrellas for the entire day. Surfboards and paddle boards can also be rented. The beach includes a lot of locations where you can dine and drink, as well as kiosks where you can buy coconuts and water.

It is the perfect beach if you want to spend the entire day there. Like many other beaches in Uluwatu, getting there requires taking a few steps down, then back up. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a hat!

8. Suluban Beach, great for surf lovers

Suluban Beach
Source: Aleksandr Zykov – CC BY-SA 2.0

Suluban Beach is one of Uluwatu and Bali’s most beautiful and picturesque beaches. The limestone cliffs have created a sort of tunnel that must be passed through in order to reach the sea. In Uluwatu, it is also one of the most well-liked surfing locations. If you enjoy playing this sport, this beach will undoubtedly become one of your favorites on the island.

9. Single Fin, Uluwatu (Bali)

I recommend visiting Single Fin, one of Uluwatu’s most well-known bars, if you’re searching for a spot to enjoy a drink while watching an amazing sunset and even take a dip in the pool. Due to this bar’s proximity to Suluban Beach, you can also see surfers catch waves. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. They host parties each Sunday.

10. Visit Melasti Beach, one of the most beautiful ones in Bali

melasti beach
Best beaches in Uluwatu

If you want to spend the entire day at the beach, Melasti Beach is a fantastic alternative. The water is magnificent, and it is situated near Uluwatu’s southernmost point. It is much more stunning due to the fact that it is surrounded by cliffs. To get to Melasti Beach, unlike other beaches in Uluwatu, you don’t have to go down countless flights of stairs, which is another advantage. It won’t be an issue for you to ride down on your motorcycle and leave it parked.

palmilla bali
Palmilla Bali

There are a number of warungs (local restaurants) on the beach where you may get something to eat and drink. You can also decide to visit a beach club like Palmilla Bali or Tropical Temptation if you want a more intimate experience. Last but not least, be sure to take in the views of the beach from the nearby cliffs.

Melasti Beach Entrance Fee: 10k IDR.

11. Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu

things to do in Uluwatu
Green Bowl, Bali

This beach is located right next to Melasti Beach. Unlike the previous one, to get to this little piece of paradise, you will have to go down a 75-meter drop. Of course, you can enjoy the beach almost by yourself since few people are encouraged to go up and down so many stairs. If you decide to be one of those brave ones, don’t forget to bring enough water and something to eat, since you won’t find any kind of food stand on the beach.

12. Padang Padang Beach

padang padang
Padang Padang Beach
beaches in uluwatu
Beach in Uluwatu

Padang Padang Beach is one of Uluwatu’s most stunning beaches (Bali). It has lovely corners and is divided into a number of coves by enormous boulders. But, at least at the time we visited, it was also one of the busiest beaches. In addition, the area is limited due to its small size.

Although I do not advise spending the day at this beach, I do advise visiting because, as I have already mentioned, it is really lovely. Go early if you want to fully appreciate this gorgeous corner. There are a few stairs to descend in order to reach there, but I assure you that they are not many.

One of the best hotels in Bali, Dreamsea Bali, is located close to this beach.

13. Sundays Beach Club, my favorite beach club in Uluwatu

sundays beach club
Sundays Beach Club

There are various beach clubs in Uluwatu (Bali), but Sunday’s Beach Club is my favorite. It’s truly amazing! The finest thing to do in Uluwatu if you want to relax on the beach with delicious meals, fun water activities, and all the conveniences is to go to this beach club. I heartily endorse it.

The best thing about Sundays Beach Club is its location. It is located on the most beautiful beach I have visited in Bali. If you are looking for white sand and crystal clear blue water, you can find it here. To access, you have to pay IDR 500k, of which 200k is charged as admission and 300k is credit to spend on food and drinks.

The entrance includes a deck chair and towel per person, wifi and kayak rental, snorkel gear and a paddle surf board. A bonfire is lit every day at sunset.

14. Pantai Tegal Wangi Cave

Pantai Tegal Wangi Cave
Pantai Tegal Wangi

Tegal Wangi is not particularly known for being a swimming or tanning beach. The most impressive feature in this area of Uluwatu is the tiny cave that is built into the beach’s rocks. If you wish to go there, walk a short distance after you descend the beach’s steps. I don’t advise going if the tide is high because it can be hazardous.

A great idea in Tegal Wangi is to observe the sunset from the cliff’s edge. Purchase a drink and an ear for yourself, then savor the moment.

15. Visit GWK Cultural Park, one of the best things to do in Uluwatu

uluwatu bali
GWK Cultural Park

Visit the GWK cultural park if you’re seeking for something different to do in Bali. Sculptures and other works of art, exhibits, and performances can be found here. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana monument, which stands more over 120 meters tall, is the park’s most recognizable places. It may be seen from different locations in Bali, like Canggu. You can purchase your GWK tickets here.

Where to eat in Uluwatu

mana uluwatu
Mana Uluwatu
mana uluwatu
Mana Uluwatu

Like many other parts of the island, Uluwatu has a great deal to offer in terms of food. There are several cafeterias and restaurants in this area, both local and international, where you can enjoy delicious food.

Some of Uluwatu’s best restaurants are listed below:

  • Mana Uluwatu: restaurant and bar with pool where you can enjoy beautiful views.
  • D’alvie Kitchen: delicious local food.
  • The Loft: healthy and delicious food.
  • Suka Espresso: one of the most popular.
  • Kelly’s Warung: eat with sea views!
  • La Baracca: best pizza in Uluwatu.
  • BGS Uluwatu: if you want a good cup of coffee.

Map of Uluwatu, Bali

All the hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions that are mentioned in this article are marked on the following map.

If you are going to travel more in this country, do not miss my Indonesia travel guide.

I truly hope that this post about the best things to do in Uluwatu (Bali) has been very helpful in planning your trip to this stunning region of the island. I welcome any comments or questions, so please do so below or send me an email. Enjoy the journey!

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