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The best travel insurance for Indonesia

Whether you are going to travel to the incredible island of Bali, or if you are going to travel to various places in Indonesia, something that you cannot forget to do when planning your trip is purchasing travel insurance. You do not have medical coverage in your destination, therefore if you have any accident or fall ill and need medical attention, you will have to cover all the economic costs. This can be avoided by purchasing the best travel insurance for Indonesia.

In this post, I am going to tell you if it is mandatory to have travel insurance for Indonesia, which insurance company I always use and recommend, and if there is any mandatory vaccine for Indonesia. Finally, I will talk about security in the country and give you some tips.

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Is having travel insurance for Indonesia mandatory?

Years ago, having travel insurance was not mandatory to enter Indonesia. Currently, the country has started to open its doors to tourism and one of the entry requirements is having travel insurance for Indonesia.

Even if it was not mandatory, I recommend purchasing travel insurance for Indonesia. It will be an investment in your health, safety and, if you end up using it, it will save you some money.

If you’re already aware that you need travel insurance for Indonesia but you have doubts about which company to purchase your policy from, I recommend purchasing HEYMONDO travel insurance. I have used HEYMONDO for years and always recommend it. For being a reader of this blog, you can take advantage of a 5% discount.

When purchasing travel insurance for Indonesia, you should consider the following:

MINIMUM COVERAGE. If you are going to invest in travel insurance, make sure it covers a minimum amount of $100,000.

COVID-19. Nowadays, it is very important that your travel insurance for Indonesia covers any COVID-19 related medical issue you need. Beware, not all travel insurances cover COVID-19.

NO MONEY UPFRONT. Some insurances work in such a way that you pay first and then they reimburse you. It is much more convenient to purchase insurance that covers all costs directly. To do this, you will have to call the company before going to a health center.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE. If you happen to be waiting for a job call, you are fired and can no longer pay for the trip, you are hired in a new company, etc… There are many reasons to add trip cancellation coverage to your policy.

– ADVENTURE SPORTS. If during your trip to Indonesia you are going to do adventure sports, you should add this coverage to your policy since basic insurance does not cover certain sports and activities.

Travel insurance for Indonesia

travel insurance for indonesia

Purchase travel insurance + discount.

Now that you know what travel insurance to Indonesia should include, I am going to recommend what is, in my opinion, the best travel insurance.

Why purchase travel insurance

The objective of travel insurance, like any other insurance, is to insure against sudden and unforeseen accidents and illnesses. In many cases, we purchase insurance and end up not using it. This does not mean that it is not necessary or that it is just a waste of money.

I often say that it’s best not having to use it. That means that nothing serious has happened during our trip. However, this is not always the case. Very few people I know who travel frequently have never had to use travel insurance.

Why do I recommend purchasing travel insurance for Indonesia? Because it covers the following:

MEDICAL COVERAGE. In case you have an accident, get sick, contract COVID-19, break a bone, have appendicitis… A thousand things can happen.

TRANSFER OF A FAMILY MEMBER. Imagine that during your trip, something happens to you, you have to be hospitalized for more than five days and you don’t have any relative by your side… In this case, the insurance covers travel for a relative wherever you are.

DAMAGE TO LUGGAGE. If your checked luggage is seriously damaged, are stolen or lost, the insurance will pay you financial compensation. You can also do it if you luggage is delayed for a long time.

TRAVEL DISRUPTION. Reimbursement of any cost of accommodation and meals due to public transport delays if you arrive later than planned at your destination.

EARLY RETURN. In case a family member is seriously hospitalized or dies, you suffer serious damage to your home or workplace, etc. The insurance will cover the costs of a new ticket to return earlier.-

– PERSONAL LIABILITY. Coverage for monetary compensation as a result of bodily or material damages to third parties. Legal costs and expenses are also included

Best travel insurance for Indonesia

As I mentioned before, I use and recommend HEYMONDO insurance. I really like this insurance company for the following reasons.

VALUE FOR MONEY. HEYMONDO travel insurance offers great services without charging an exorbitant amount. You’ll be able to travel safely without having to greatly increasing your budget to travel to Indonesia.

COVID-19 COVERAGE. If you are looking for travel insurance for Indonesia that covers COVID-19 related medical issues, HEYMONDO has you covered. You’ll be covered if you run into medical issues abroad due to COVID-19. It also includes any trip interruption as a result of the virus.

Likewise, if you add trip cancellation insurance to your policy, HEYMONDO will cover any costs if your trip is cancelled due to illness or death of the person insured and also a family member.

↠ LIVE CHAT 24/7. One of my favorite features about HEYMONDO insurance, which I’ve used quite a few time, is the live chat for members. On the live chat you’ll be able to get in touch with a health professional who will answer any health questions you may have.

The chat has come in handy many times when I’ve had gastrointestinal issues, specifically in Bali. You can use the live chat through WhatsApp or directly through the HEYMONDO app.

↠ HEYMONDO APP. One of the company’s most innovative and unique features is the exclusive app for its customers. One of the great advantages of the app is that you can make call the insurance company on the app using Wi-Fi or internet. This is great because, many times, when we are in the certain countries, we may not have a SIM card that allows us to make calls. The HEYMONDO app solves this problem.

You can also review your policy, make a claim and contact a health professional all through the HEYMONDO app.

REIMBURSEMENT. The company provides a full refund if you aren’t able to travel and need to cancel your policy.

This is all the coverage and features offered by HEYMONDO, the best travel insurance for Indonesia.

How much does travel insurance to Indonesia cost?

We’ve arrived at one of the most important sections in this post of the best travel insurance for Indonesia. You may ask yourself, how much does travel insurance for Indonesia cost through HEYMONDO? The following rates include a 5% discount you’ll be able to obtain by clicking this link.

1 WEEK trip to Indonesia: from $22.85
10 DAY trip to Indonesia: from $31.43
2 WEEK trip to Indonesia: from $42.83
3 WEEK trip to Indonesia: from $62.81.
1 MONTH trip to Indonesia: from $82.80

The price of your travel insurance with HEYMONDO may vary depending on its coverage, since the company offers four types of policies: Heymondo Basic, Heymondo Top, Heymondo Premium and Heymondo Medical. Below you can see an example of the cost of travel insurance for INDONESIA for 2 WEEKS:

travel insurance for indonesia


$250,000 in medical coverage, repatriation and early return included, $1,200 in luggage coverage, $300 in travel disruptions, electronic item coverage is optional and trip cancellation is optional as well.


$250,000 in medical coverage, repatriation and early return included, $1,700 in luggage coverage, $2,500 in trip cancellation and interruption, electronic equipment coverage included, includes trip cancellation, adventure sports coverage optional.


$500,000 in medical coverage, repatriation and early return included, $1,700 in luggage coverage, $7,000 in trip cancellation and interruption, electronic equipment coverage included, includes trip cancellation, adventure sports and cruise coverage optional.


$500,000 in medical assistance, repatriation and early return included.

*You can read the complete coverage for each policy before purchasing it by clicking on “general conditions”.

ADVICE: I recommend purchasing Heymondo Top or Heymondo Premium insurance with “adventure sports” coverage if you are going to carry out activities such as diving (less than 20 meters deep) or hiking above 3,000 meters.

Vaccines for Indonesia

According to the CDC, there are no mandatory vaccinations to travel to Indonesia, unless you come from a country where yellow fever exists. In this case, the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory.

As for recommended vaccines, they recommend getting the tetanus vaccine, triple viral vaccine (measles, rubella and mumps), Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine. They also recommend other vaccines depending on the characteristics of the trip or traveler.

If you have doubts about which vaccines you should get, I recommend consulting a health professional.

Safety in Indonesia

safety indonesia
Travel to Indonesia

Is Indonesia a safe country to travel to? Yes. Does this mean that you should not take any kind of precaution? No. Here are my health and safety tips when traveling to Indonesia:

WATER. Let’s start with talking about the water. I guess you already know that tap water is not potable in Indonesia. Make sure you always drink bottled water. Also be careful, when brushing your teeth, not to swallow too much water.

On the other hand, many people choose to avoid ordering ice during their trip in the country because you may get ice from non-drinking water. I prefer to ask to make sure. That’s what happened to me twice in Bali. I’e been diagnosed with food poisoning both times in Bali, most likely because of the water somehow.

THEFT IN BALI. I have never been mugged or been the victim of pickpocketing during my stays in Bali but I know of people who haven’t had the same luck. One of the most common robberies in Bali happens when riding a motorcycle. They usually pass by with the motorcycle near you and try to rip off your bag, fanny pack, backpack, etc.

Be careful with your cellphone as there have been cases where locals have snatched cellphones from a passenger’s hands while the person is looking at a maps app or just using his or her phone. It is not something that happens every day (I’m always on my phone while my partner is riding the scooter and, as I said, I have never been a victim of this theft) but it can happen, so be careful. You also have to pay special attention in bars and nightclubs.

RESPECT THE CULTURE. Indonesia (excluding Bali, where Hinduism is practiced) is a Muslim country. It is important that you respect local customs and avoid showing any disrespect towards the local community. For example, in Bali you should wear a sarong when visiting the temples, be very careful not to step on the offerings (you will find them on the ground everywhere), etc.

– CURRENCY EXCHANGE. If you are going to exchange currency, do it at a bank. It is quite common for unofficial money exchange sites to try to scam you. It seems that they are giving you the exact exchange but at the last moment, they take advantage of any mistake to not give you the full amount (it has not happened to me but I have seen videos of how they do it).

– AREAS OF INDONESIA TO AVOID. According to the certain sources, the provinces of Papua, Central Sulawesi, Maluku and the Celebes Sea should be avoided at all costs. It also warns about other medium risk areas such as Aceh, West Timor, South Sulawesi, the Strait of Malacca and Mount Rinjani (Lombok).

NATURAL DISASTERS. Indonesia is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area with significant seismic activity. As a result, there is a risk of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. You should also know that travel insurance does not usually cover medical care in the event of a natural disaster.

– TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. Traffic in Indonesia, like in many South East Asian countries, is quite chaotic. You have to be extremely cautious when driving through the country, especially if you are going to do it on a motorcycle. By the way, always remember to wear a helmet.

I hope this article on the best travel insurance for Indonesia has been informative and very useful to you in planning your trip. If you have any other questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or email me. Until the next one traveler!

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