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Best places to visit in January 2024

More and more people are deciding to go on vacation in January to recharge to take a break and start the new year completely fresh. Fortunately, there are a large number of places around the world that are ideal to visit at this time of year and escape the cold winter months. In this article I am going to propose the 12 best places to visit in January 2024.

There are options for everyone! Although I must warn you that I have focused on places with warmer weather. You will find travel ideas on different continents and for different budgets. I hope the following list will inspire you to find your perfect destination.

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Best places to visit in January: 12 amazing destinations

Ready to know the best destinations to visit in January? Let’s start!

1. Colombia, warm weather and good vibes

taganga santa marta
cascadas marinka

Whether you prefer to visit one of its picturesque cities or rest under the sun on its wonderful beaches, Colombia is one of the best countries to visit in January. At this time of year, the country has warm temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C during the day. In addition, there is low rainfall, so you can do many outdoor activities without any hassle.

Its main cities include Bogotá, the country’s capital, and Medellín. Both are full of numerous historical and cultural attractions to discover, such as the Botero Gold Museum.

If you are looking for nature, be sure to visit the beautiful beaches and islands of Cartagena de Indias, where you can also walk through the beautiful walled city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you want to continue enjoying nature and the sunshine, you should visit Santa Marta and its surroundings, such as Minca or Palomino.

Colombia is known worldwide for its exquisite coffee. On your visit to the country, do not miss the charming Eje Cafetero and taste the unique coffee flavor.

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2. Thailand, one of the best countries to visit in January 2024

best countries to visit in January
Ko Hong
best countries to visit in January

Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations at any time of the year. However, January is one of the best times to visit this Asian country. The landscapes in Thailand are simply wonderful and, together with the friendliness and warmth of its people, Thailand will make you live an unforgettable vacation.

This charming country in Southeast Asia combines dream beaches with the possibility of water sports and a very lively nightlife. If you add that it has delicious cuisine and is a cheap destination, the proposal is unbeatable.

Your trip to Thailand in January can begin in Bangkok, the country’s capital. There, you can get lost in its picturesque street markets, visit ancient temples and savor delicious cocktails on the terrace of one of its modern skyscrapers. Another captivating city is Chiang Rai where you can visit important Buddhist temples such as the White Temple and the Blue Temple.

On the other hand, you can also visit the incredible beaches of Thailand. Do not miss islands like Phi Phi, Pjuket, Koh Lanta or Koh Tao. Get ready to discover pristine beaches and jungles.

3. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, visit the UAE in January

visit in january

The United Arab Emirates cannot be missing from the list of the best places to visit in January. This month is perfect to get to know this destination, since the temperatures are quite pleasant.

Dubai is one of the cities preferred by tourists from all over the world. The reason is that it is full of attractions: luxurious shopping malls, theme parks and stunning architecture. All this combined with delicious beaches full of life.

You can choose to do a wide variety of activities, from going up to the Burj Khalifa observatory, flying over the city on a helicopter or going into the desert on a safari. There are so many things to do in Dubai! To plan your visit to this city, you can use my guide to visit Dubai in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.

During your visit to the United Arab Emirates, you cannot miss its capital, Abu Dhabi. You will witness the luxury of the place, but also its tradition and culture. The third largest mosque in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, is located in Abu Dhabi. Among many other places of interest, it is a must to walk along the seafront and visit the Louvre.

4. Mexico, a great destination to travel to in January

travel in january

Another great destination to visit in January is Mexico. That month is part of the country’s dry season, and that will allow you to enjoy sunny weather with little rain. But, in addition, during that time of the year numerous festivals and cultural events take place that add to the wonders of the place. Some of them are the Sayulita Film Festival, the Merida Festival and the January Fiesta, which is held in Chiapa.

Mexico City is a perfect place for those looking for a city full of places to visit. Do not miss the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor Museum and the National Palace (with murals by Diego Rivera).

Looking for dreamy beaches? Well, what better than those located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico! In the Riviera Maya, for example, you will find places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, which has a mixture of beach, a lively nightlife and interesting archaeological ruins.

5. Sri Lanka, culture and nature in its purest form

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Sri Lanka

Do you want to discover the wonders hidden deep inside Sri Lanka? January is an ideal month to visit this island located in southern India. Being part of the dry season, it will allow you to fully enjoy its southern and western beaches, as well as its highlands.

Sri Lanka is a fascinating destination with a unique personality. It is a country very rich in history that has a great diversity of cultures and religions. Its territory is home to no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Take advantage of the good weather to take a tour of some of its many thousand-year-old archaeological sites, its captivating Buddhist and Hindu temples, its beautiful fine sand beaches and its exuberant jungles. Be sure to visit Dambulla Cave Temple, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Galle and Mirissa.

6. Lanzarote, places to visit in Spain in January

best places to visit in January
best places to visit in January
Papagayo Beach

Lanzarote is a beautiful volcanic island belonging to the Canary Islands. It is a great destination if you are looking for a cheap trip without leaving aside the opportunity to discover a completely unique and, of course, beautiful place. Lanzarote’s landscapes are from another planet!

Volcanic eruptions have transformed the island’s geography, leaving behind large cliffs, rock formations, and volcanic tubes. One of the most impressive to visit is Cueva de los Verdes which, with more than 7,000 meters in length, is considered the longest lava tunnel in the world.

Other must-sees in Lanzarote are the Timanfaya National Park, the Janubio and Los Hervideros salt flats, Famara Beach, Los Charcones, Mirador del Río, and going on a day trip to La Graciosa Island.

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7. Oman, one of the best places to visit in January

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In recent years, this nation in the south of the Arabian peninsula has become a very popular tourist destination. The reason is that Oman, in addition to being a very welcoming country with very friendly inhabitants, is home to monumental Arab fortresses, thousands of kilometers of coastline, and ian immense desert. It’s a great place to travel to in January.

It is one of the best options if you are looking for a warm place to travel to in January. The weather will allow you to explore it very thoroughly. In addition, the Muscat Festival takes place in its capital, which includes numerous cultural shows and fuels the commercial activity of the city.

There is plenty to see and do in Oman, including the Carrara marble-clad Sultan Qaboós (the current sultan) Mosque, which contains the world’s largest carpet. Have you ever been to an oasis? The Bahla Fort is a military fortress built in the middle of one, which was declared a World Heritage Site. Go and discover everything Oman has to offer!

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8. The Philippines, if you are looking for stunning beaches

filipinas en enero

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to this paradise made up of more than 7,000 islands? Why not do it now? January is a good time to travel to the Philippines. Its dreamlike natural landscapes, its cultural richness and the kindness of its people make it a magical destination.

Your trip can begin in its capital, Manila, where you can visit its cathedral, the Intramuros neighborhood, and Rizal Park. However, the charm of the Philippines lies in its nature, so I recommend visiting the capital very quickly and spending more time discovering the true wonders of this country.

First of all, you should know that there are many places to visit and that there is not enough time for everything. Therefore, you will have to choose very well which islands you want to visit..

If you are looking for dreamy beaches, be sure to visit Palawan Island. You can dive into the turquoise waters of Coron or go island hopping in El Nido. Also don’t miss the islands of Bohol or Siargao

9. Maldives, one of the best countries to visit in January

one of the best places to visit in January

In the Indian Ocean, there is a true earthly paradise. The Maldives is made up of more than 1,000 islands and its unparalleled beauty attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Its capital, Male, is very picturesque and lively. There you can visit the Hukuru Miskiy Cathedral, built in the 17th century with carved white coral, as well as the fish market or one of the many restaurants to taste the delicious local food.

You can enjoy a spectacularly blue and crystalline sea that is ideal for practicing numerous water sports such as snorkeling or diving, or simply swimming. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a totally relaxing environment.

There are two ways to visit the Maldives. One of them is by going to one of the many all-inclusive hotels built on the different islands. The other, is to opt for a more local trip and stay in a hotel in one of its many inhabited islands.

If you are looking for sun and sand, and you have less than 7 days, worry no more about where to go in January 2024. The Maldives is your answer!

10. Panama, a great destination to visit in January 2024

Where to travel in January

Panama has miles of beautiful beaches that stretch across the Pacific and the Caribbean. Its crystal clear waters make them special for diving fans. Are you one of those people? Whether you love water sports or not, this Central American country is one of the best places to visit in January.

The spectacle offered by nature includes forests and coral reefs where you can meet the abundant fauna of the place. You can swim surrounded by sea creatures! Dont forget to visit the capita. It has many skyscrapers in addition to colonial architecture.

Of course, it would be almost inexcusable for you to leave without seeing the Panama Canal, a majestic work of modern engineering that continues to fascinate visitors from all over the world.

11. Andorra


We leave the warmth and sunshine behind and head to Andorra, a small country located between Spain and France, and a great destination to visit in January if you enjoy white, snowy surroundings. If you enjoy winter sports, you can go skiing and snowboarding in Andorra. And for ultimate body and mind relaxation, there’s nothing better than the renowned Caldea spa.

On the other hand, the capital of Andorra has very interesting places to visit, which you can get to know by strolling through its historic center. Do not miss the Casa de la Vall or the Avinguda Meritxell, where you can go shopping.

Beyond the city, you can go to the Roc del Quer viewpoint, to the Sanctuary of Meritxell, to the Tristaina Lakes, or to some of its villages: Pals, Ordino, Les Bons, etc.

12. Hallstatt, Austria


If you want to add another chillier destination to your trip in January, my proposal is the picturesque village of Hallstatt, in Austria. This town is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps and stands out for its traditional Alpine houses that are reflected in the serene waters of Lake Hallstätter.

Although this charming village is a captivating destination year-round, January is an exceptional month for travelers who want to encounter this beautiful landscape covered in a layer of white snow. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the summer and Christmas time crowds.

During your visit, be sure to hike the Hallstatt Skywalk to see the area from above, visit the Salt Mine, visit the Pfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt Church, and, of course, visit the small streets in the village.

Map of great places to visit in January

You can check all the destinations mentioned on this article here:

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I hope that this article on the best places to visit in January 2024 has been very useful for you and has helped you plan your next trip. If you have any contribution or questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me. Enjoy your trip!

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