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mejor epoca para viajar a bali

Best and worst time of the year to visit Bali and rest of Indonesia

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The best time to travel to Bali is during the dry season, from April to September. Within this period of time, the best months to visit Bali are May, June and September. Not only will you be able to enjoy blue skies and lots of sun, but there is also less tourism on the island, so you can visit with more peace of mind. The months of April, July and August are good months in terms of weather, but there are more tourists since those months coincide with Easter and summer.

On the other hand, rainy season in Bali is from October to March, which coincides with low season. During these months, it is very likely that it will rain; however, it won't be heavy rains that last all day but rather brief tropical showers. It is also possible to enjoy periods of sunshine or even full sunny days (just like dry season, it can rain some days).

In this article, I'll discuss the weather in Bali month by month.

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Best time to travel to Bali

Ready to find out when to travel to Bali? Before you start planning your trip to Bali on your own, I want to make several things clear to you:

  • Rainy season in Bali is not as noticeable as in other places. If you go during the wet season, it does not mean that it will rain all day, although this is also possible. However, you can expect heavy rain for a few hours and then it stops raining for another few hours.
  • The weather in Southeast Asia can be very crazy and unpredictable. By this, I mean that it is possible to go somewhere during dry season and get a lot of rain. The same applies to rainy season; you can visit places and still enjoy plenty of sunny days. You never know!
  • Don’t listen to weather forecast apps. If you open one, it almost always says that it is cloudy or that it is raining, but that is not always the case. The apps work quite badly and it is better not to be guided by them. Despite not being a very large island, the weather in Bali varies greatly depending on the area. For example, the north, or Ubud, is much more humid than areas like Canggu or Uluwatu.

1. Bali weather in January

One of the worst months to visit Bali is January because it is the height of the rainy season. In fact, January is the wettest month of the year in Bali. You should be aware that it doesn’t rain every day. The more typical situation is when the sun rises briefly in the afternoon after a full morning of darkness, or vice versa. The average temperature is 26°C. In parts of northern Bali, such as Munduk or Kintamani, temperatures can drop as low as 15°C at night.

2. Weather in Bali in February

Rainy season continues during the month of February; therefore, it is not one of the most ideal times to visit Bali. The days are hot, humid and there are usually heavy rain falls. A pro about traveling to Bali in February is that hotel prices are lower and there are fewer people; therefore, you can visit places with more peace of mind.

3. Weather in Bali in March

The weather in Bali during March can be a little better, but you can still experience heavy rain at some point of the day, especially during the first half of the month. In addition, Nyepi, known as the “day of silence,” usually takes place in March. During this holiday, the island goes dark since it is a day in which the Balinese stay at home, meditate and fast. Both locals and tourists are not allowed to go out, make noise, or turn on any lights.

4. Weather in Bali in April: dry season begins

Rainy season comes to an end in April, and the dry season gets underway. There is less wind and less chances of precipitation, and the days are sunnier. However, the average temperature increases to a mean of 28 °C. Although the weather may make April an excellent time to visit Bali, you should be aware that the island will crowed with tourist traveling for Easter.

5. Bali weather in May: best time to travel to Bali

May is probably the best time to travel to Bali, since the weather is good and it is not high season. This means that if you are going to travel to Bali in May, you will be able to enjoy sunny days with little rain. Also, since it is not a month in which there are holidays, there is not much tourism on the island. As a result, hotel prices are not very high. You should also know that it is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 29 °C.

6. Bali weather in June: a good time to visit Bali

Another great month to travel to this Indonesian island is June. Bali is in the midst of the dry season at this time of year, therefore there are numerous opportunities to enjoy beautiful sunny skies. Additionally, with an average temperature of 27 °C, the climate is a little more agreeable than in earlier months. You will be able to take advantage of lower pricing and quieter locations because it is not yet peak season. Due to all of this, visiting Bali in June is a fantastic idea.

7. Weather in Bali in June

July is one of the driest months in Bali. On average, there are only four days of rain; therefore, it’s very likely that during your trip you’re able to enjoy sunny days, perfect for discovering the best things to do in Bali. The average temperature is 27°C. However, the arrival of July brings waves of tourists as the summer vacation season begins in many countries. Expect to find higher prices and busier places.

8. Weather in Bali in August

August is the sunniest month of the year, but it is also the height of peak season. Due to the summer holidays, August is a go-to month to travel to Bali for many tourists; therefore, touristic places are quite crowded. If you are going to visit Bali in August, it is important that you book your hotel as soon as possible, as the best deals quickly run out. Do not miss my post about where to stay in Bali.

9. Bali in September

September, along with May and June, is the best time to travel to Bali. Dry season is coming to an end, however, it is still very common to have many sunny days. During the last days of the month of September, you can experience rain showers. On the other hand, with the end of summer, the great masses of tourists vanish and it is once again possible to get to know the island more calmly.

If you want to travel to Bali for good weather and emptier places, September is a great time to do so.

10. Weather in Bali in October: start of rainy season

Although dry season ends this month and rainy season begins, it may still be a smart idea to visit Bali in October. Long stretches of sunshine are still very probable. Showers are also possible during the day; however, they often last only a few minutes. The average temperature is 27°C. Also, there is less tourism on the island. If you want to know when to travel to Bali for good weather and empty places, September is a great time.

One of the questions that I get the most from other travelers is whether going to Bali in October is recommended. I always say that I have been on the island twice during October and that I have always been able to enjoy good weather. There may be fewer sunny days than in the previous months, but there is still not much rain.

11. Bali weather in November

November is the height of rainy season in Bali, although it is still a dryer month than other months of the year, such as December, January, or February. This means that clear days are not that rare, but still, be prepared for the possibility of experiencing a slightly wetter Bali. On the other hand, being low season, you will find more affordable prices.

12. Bali weather in December: the worst month to visit?

If I had to pick a bad month to go to Bali, I would pick December. Not only is it rainy season (although sunny days are still possible), but, due to the Christmas holiday, it is also high season. During this month, many tourists come to the island, especially from Australia. This means that prices rise and touristic places are crowded.

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Best time to visit Bali: conclusion

cuando viajar a bali
Best time to visit Bali

In the following table you can see a summary of the weather and the influx of tourists in each month:

Best time to visit Bali

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you want to enjoy good weather and places with fewer tourists, the best months to travel to Bali are May, June and September. July and August are also good months in terms of environmental conditions; however, being high season, there is more tourism on the island and prices in Bali are higher. April and October are also good months.

If you can only visit Bali between November and February, don’t worry. Bali is a wonderful destination that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Also, with a bit of luck, you will still be able to enjoy the sun, especially in areas like Uluwatu or Canggu.

Do not miss my Indonesia travel guide if you are planning your trip to this country.

I hope this article has been very useful in helping you choose the best month to travel to Bali. If you have any contributions or questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment or write me by email. Enjoy your trip to the island of the gods very much!

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