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30 places to visit in the Asturias coast

Traveling along the coast of Asturias is one of the best trips you can take in Spain. This region stands out for having some of the most incredible mountain landscapes of the country and postcards with the sea as a protagonist that you will never erase from your memory.

Precisely, I am going to focus in this article on the 472 km of Asturian coastline. I am going to review the 30 most beautiful places to see on the coast of Asturias: cliffs where you will want to stay for hours, incredibly beautiful villages and charming beaches, ideal for swimming or simply to observe.

From the Ría del Eo (border with Galicia) to the Ría del Tina Mayor (border with Cantabria), get ready to discover what are those places that can not miss on a route along the coast of Asturias.

Table of contents

Road trip along the Asturias coast

To make it easier for you to organize your trip to the coast of Asturias, I have divided the places between the western, central, and eastern coasts. In addition, I have grouped all the tourist attractions on a map of the Asturian coast, which you can find at the end of the list.

  • West coast: from the mouth of the Eo estuary to the mouth of the Nalón river.
  • Central coast: from the mouth of the Nalón estuary to the Villaviciosa estuary.
  • Eastern coast: from the mouth of the Villaviciosa estuary to that of Tina Mayor.

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Places to visit in the western Asturian coast

Let’s start with the essential things to see on the coast of western Asturias.

1. Peñarronda Beach

What do you think if we start the list with one of the most beautiful beaches on the western coast? Peñarronda Beach is located between the municipalities of Castropol and Tapia. It is a large beach in length and width. It is 600 meters long and has a total area of 300,000 m².

The geological formations located on the beach itself stand out, especially the Castelo, a cliff with a tunnel included. This beach is ideal for activities such as surfing or flying.

2. Mexota Beach

playa Mexota
Source: Josema Alonso – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If you get to this end of the Asturian coast, I also recommend you visit Mexota Beach. This 200-meter-long beach stands out for the huge islet located in the middle that divides the beach in two. Its white sand and crystal-clear waters, along with the nearby beautiful cliffs, create a spectacular landscape.

3. Port of Vega

We arrive at Puerto de Vega, a very small town in the Asturian council of Navia. The typical Asturian mansions and their charming port create a simply magical rural environment. During your walk, you can visit the Juan Pérez Villamil Ethnographic Museum and the Sea Stories Reception Center.

4. Barayo Partial Nature Reserve

One of the most beautiful natural places to visit in Asturias is the Natural Reserve of Barayo. In this little piece of paradise, you will find cliffs, beaches, dunes, islets, and the estuary of the Barayo River. You can walk along a path surrounded by vegetation. After the walk, you can relax on Barayo Beach.

5. Luarca, an old fishing village

We continue with Luarca, one of the most beautiful villages on the west coast of Asturias. It is a fishing village whose port was very important during the Middle Ages. Do not miss these places to visit in Luarca if you are coming to this town: the Mirador del Chano, the Kiss Bridge, the Forest-Garden of La Fonte Baxa, and the Rural Ethnographic Museum of Luarca.

If you do not have much time, the best thing to do is to take a leisurely stroll through its streets. Luarca can be a very good base to get to know the western coast. Check out the hotels in Luarca that are still available.

6. Portizuelo Beach

places to visit in the Asturias coast
Source: Pedro Mena Urrutia

One of the most spectacular beaches in Asturias is very close to Luarca: Portizuelo Beach. This elongated and narrow beach is striking for the rock formations that appear on the coastline. Among all these forms, we must highlight the one known as “Piedra el Óleo” (Oil Stone), so named thanks to the number of artists who have captured it in their works. If you are a lover of photography, you cannot leave Asturias without setting your lens on it.

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7. Cabo Busto, beautiful sea views

A place that I did not miss on my route through Asturias by motorhome was Cabo Busto. You can make a circular route of 7 km starting from the village of Busto, thanks to which you cross meadows and pine forests with the Cantabrian Sea as a witness. If you prefer, you can go by car to the Busto Lighthouse to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Now I have great news for those with a sweet tooth. One of the great protagonists of this cape is the Pastelería Cabo Busto. They sell delicious pastries. I don’t have a sweet tooth, and I loved them.

8. Hermitage of the Regalina

Between the towns of Luarca and Cudillero, in a small village called Cadavedo, is the Ermita de la Regalina, a place not so popular among travelers arriving in Asturias but well worth a stop if you pass by on your way.

This hermitage was built in 1931, and what stands out most about it is its wonderful setting. You will be surrounded by cliffs and beautiful beaches (Playa la Regalina and Playa de Cadavedo).

9. Silencio Beach

asturias 7 day itinerary
Silencio Beach

We’ve arrived at one of the highlights of this road trip in the Asturias coast: Silencio Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias and possibly the one that receives more tourists every year. There is no lack of reasons. You can enjoy the incredible scenery created by the Cantabrian Sea, the cliffs and islets or go down to the beach by a path of numerous stairs.

10. Cape Vidio, a wonder in the Asturian coast

road trip in the asturias coast
Coast of Asturias

Cabo Vidio is one of my favorite places in Asturias. Not only because of its beauty, but also because we spent one of the nights here on our trip to Asturias in an RV, and it was simply spectacular. We arrived at lunchtime and didn’t leave until the next morning. We were able to savor every minute we spent in this incredible natural environment.

I recommend watching the sunset from Cabo Vidio and, if you have enough time, going down to Peña Doria Beach.

11. Oleiros Beach

If you are interested in nudist beaches in Asturias, you will love Oleiros Beach. This quiet beach, surrounded by cliffs and pine forests, is ideal for those who want to feel free in a place not frequented by other travelers. To get to this beach of crystal-clear waters, you have to take a short 20-minute walk along a path surrounded by pine trees.

12. Cudillero, one of the most beautiful Asturias coastal towns


We ended our trip along the western coast of Asturias in Cudillero, which is, for many, the most beautiful village in Asturias. Out of all the Asturian villages I have visited, I would say it is also my favorite. Its beautiful colorful houses located in front of the port in the shape of an amphitheater are irresistible.

I recommend you starting your visit in the main square and walk through its streets and viewpoints, try not to miss any of the main places to see in Cudillero in one day!

Cudillero can also be an interesting proposal where to stay in Asturias to visit the western coast. Check out the hotels in Cudillero still available.

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Places to visit in the central Asturias coast

We continue with the places you cannot miss on the central coast of Asturias.

13. Avilés

aviles asturias
Source: Juan Luis – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Avilés is the third-largest city in Asturias. Although it is not as popular with tourists as Oviedo or Gijón, it is worth a visit to its historic center. Don’t miss the Ferrera Park, the Old Church of Sabugo, the Carbayo Square, the Bances Candamo Street, the Church of Santo Tomás, the Market of Avilés, and the Camposagrado Square. As for beaches, you can go to Salinas Beach or Xagó Beach. You can visit all these places on your own.

If you are going to spend the night in Avilés, don’t miss all the hotels in Avilés that are still available.

14. Cabo de Peñas

asturias coast
Road trip along the Asturias coast

Cabo de Peñas is the northernmost point in Asturias. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape composed of the Bay of Biscay and cliffs over 100 meters high. The best way to get to know this place is to walk along the wooden walkway. You will also pass by the Cabo Peñas Lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1852.

15. Gijón, second largest city in Asturias

hotels in gijon

Gijon could not miss in this list of places to see on the coast of Asturias. If you are going to visit this beautiful city, there are some places that you cannot miss. Among them are the Universidad Laboral de Gijón, Cimadevilla (the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood of Gijón), the Atlantic Botanical Garden, the Revillagigedo Palace, the sculpture Elogio del Horizonte, the Poniente Beach or the San Lorenzo Beach.

If you are going to bas yourself in this city, I recommend you check directly which hotels in Gijón are still available.

16. Tazones, one of the most beautiful villages in the Asturias coast

Source: James Stringer – CC BY-NC 2.0

We continue our route along the coast of Asturias with another charming village: Tazones. This fishing village belonging to the region of Villaviciosa will make you fall in love as soon as you set foot in it. One of the curiosities of this town is that it is part of the imperial routes of Charles V in Europe. In fact, Tazones was the first place in the Iberian Peninsula that the emperor visited when he disembarked in its port in September 1517. You cannot miss the Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells).

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Places to visit on the eastern Asturian coast

We finish this route along the coast of Asturias with the wonders hidden in the eastern coast of Asturias.

17. Rodiles beach, perfect to spend the day by the sea.

road trip along the asturias coast
Rodiles Beach

If you are traveling to Asturias in a motorhome or van, I highly recommend Rodiles Beach. Same goas if you are road tripping in a car through Asturias! I recommend it, especially to those who are traveling with the house on their backs, because there is a fairly large parking lot where this type of vehicle is allowed to park for the night. It is free of charge.

In addition, the beach is great. It is very extensive and has a wooded area where there are picnic tables. There is also a wooden walkway that reaches the mouth of the Ría de Villaviciosa, perfect for a stroll.

18. Lastres, another town that cannot miss on your trip along the coast.


This place is not only one of the most beautiful villages on the Asturian coast but also one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. You cannot miss it on your road trip through Asturias. If you only have time to visit one place in this village, I recommend you go straight to the San Roque viewpoint. From here, you can see the most typical picturesque scenery of Lastres—a real beauty!

If you are interested in staying in Lastres to visit the east coast, take a look at the hotels in Lastres still available.

19. Fitu Viewpoint

Fitu Viewpoint
Source: Marcelo Lanteri – CC BY 2.0

Fitu viewpoint is not located on the coast itself, but the incredible 360º views from here make it worth a short detour. On clear days, you can see the Picos de Europa and the Bay of Biscay. Who wants to miss a view like that? Not me!

20. Ribadesella

where to stay in asturias

At this point, you will have already discovered that Asturias is home to some of the most beautiful villages in northern Spain. If Luarca, Cudillero, Tazones, or Lastres are not enough for you, here is another town you will fall in love with: Ribadesella. A town where you can enjoy the sea, nature, long walks, and the elegance of its mansions

Do not miss the Cave Art Center of Tito Bustillo or the Hermitage of the Virgin of Guía de Ribadesella. If you prefer adventure, I suggest you make the descent of the river Sella by canoe.

If you want to stay in a charming place, Ribadesella is a great option. Find out which hotels in Ribadesella are still available.

21. Cliffs of Hell

If you like hiking, especially along the coast, take note of this place: Acantilados del Infierno (Cliffs of Hell). This walking route will take you along spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea and different rock formations. The complete route goes from the recreational area of El Infierno to the recreational area of Guadamía.

The one-way route is almost 6 kilometers long. If you do not want to return the same way, you can take a circular route and return by road located further inland.

22. Bufones de Pría, a spectacle of nature on the coast of Asturias

bufones de pria
Source: Maria TC – CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to enjoy a real spectacle of nature, I recommend you visit the Bufones de Pría. Here you can see how the sea water comes out at high pressure through huge chimneys created in the earth due to erosion. To be able to witness this wonder, it is best to go when the tide is high and the sea is rough. To get there, you must first go to the small village of Llames de Pría.

23. Canal Beach

One of the most striking beaches in Asturias, and not yet well known, is Playa de la Canal. This small cove stands out due to its enormous saltwater canyon. It creates a pool of calm water very pleasant for bathing. It can be accessed on foot from Villanueva de Pría.

24. Cuevas del Mar Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches

Cuevas del Mar Beach
Source: thestubbs – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

From one beach, we jump to another. The beach of Cuevas del Mar is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias and an obligatory stop during your route along the coast of Asturias. Tourists come here to marvel at the gigantic rock formations that give rise to tunnels and caves. a real beauty.

25. Beach of San Antonio de Mar

In 2020, Condé Nast Traveler readers voted San Antonio de Mar Beach as the best beach in Spain. I do not know if it is the best, but certainly its beauty is undeniable. It is a shell-shaped cove with clear sand and crystal-clear water, surrounded by cliffs and meadows of intense green. The Asturian paradise

26. Gulpiyuri Beach, unique and different

asturias coast
Source: Dos Amapolas – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Gulpiyuri Beach is one of the most incredible natural wonders in Spain. What makes this beach so special is that it has no direct outlet to the sea. The water of the Cantabrian Sea seeps between the cliffs and gives rise to this unique and special landscape. The beach is only 40 meters long. Its sand is white, and the water is clear. During high tide, there is hardly any visible sand.

27. Torimbia Beach

best beaches in asturias
Source: Rafa Sasian – CC BY-NC 2.0

Still looking forward to more beaches? Relax; there are still a few left. We continue with Torimbia Beach, which, in my opinion, is one of the most spectacular beaches in Asturias. This 500 meters long, white sand, and shell-shaped beach is a real treasure. Access to it is on foot. Be sure to visit the Torimbia viewpoint if you want to enjoy a wonderful landscape.

28. San Martin Beach

If you are more into wild beaches, do not leave Asturias without a visiting San Martin beach, located near the town of Llanes. It is much less crowded than other beaches in the area, and you can enjoy a very beautiful landscape. Here, the sea can have quite a lot of waves, so it will not be unusual if you see a surfers catching a few waves.

29. Llanes, another charming town

where to stay in asturias

Another village on the eastern coast of Asturias that you cannot miss is Llanes. Stroll through the historic center, walk along the coast watching the waves, delight your palate thanks to its rich cuisine… Llanes has the perfect ingredients for a charming visit. I recommend you walk along the Paseo de San Pedro. It is a real wonder.

Llanes is one of the favorite towns for tourists to set up base and get to know the rest of the region. Do not miss all the hotels in Llanes that are still available.

30. Ballota Beach

asturias coast
Ballota Beach

We finish our tour along the coast of Asturias at Ballota Beach, a simply spectacular beach. During high tide, much of this beach, which is 750 meters long, is covered by the sea. It usually has quite a lot of waves. In front of the beach, there is a large islet, which creates a very beautiful landscape.

Where to stay to visit the Asturias coast

where to stay in the asturias coast
Hotels in Asturias

Now that you know all the places you can visit on the coast, it’s time to choose your hotels. My advice is that if you want to spend the whole stay in the same hotel, stay in a central area. On the other hand, if you don’t mind changing accommodations, I recommend booking several nights in a hotel located on the west coast and other nights in a hotel on the east coast.

In my article on where to stay in Asturias, you can find more information on this subject. For the moment, I will give you a preview of several coastal locations where to make a base, and I will also suggest a hotel for each place:

Map of the Asturias coast

In the following map, I have marked all the places to visit on your route along the Asturian coast mentioned in this article. I have also pointed out the towns and hotels where I recommend staying, with their respective links to Booking.

Don’t miss my Spain travel guide if you are organizing a route through this country.

I hope this article about what to see on the coast of Asturias has been very useful in planning your route along the Asturias coast. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or write me an email. See you next time!

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