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asturias en 7 dias

Best things to do in Asturias in 7 days

Are you interested in going on a road trip though Asturias in 7 days? You’ve come to the right place! This Asturias itinerary will take you through the main attractions in this region of northern Spain: cities, charming towns, beaches and natural parks.

Are you ready to get to know the best things to do in Asturias? Let’s get started!

Table of contents

7-day Asturias itinerary

During this Asturias road trip, you’ll stay in 3 different towns: Cudillero, Ribadesella and Cangas de Onís. From these locations, you can visit all the places to visit in Asturias in a week. You can do it like this or change your hotel more or less often.

I have divided the nights like this:

If you want to know which are other good areas to stay in this region, you can check out my post on where to stay in Asturias.

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Day 1: Cudillero and Occidental Coast

Asturias en 7 días

↠ Cudillero: 3 nights – Check hotels in Cudillero.

The Asturias road trip begins in Cudillero, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is a very picturesque fishing town with colorful houses stacked one after the other.

I recommend having a drink in the Marina Plaza, strolling through its streets, walking through the port, visiting the Cudillero Lighthouse and enjoying the views from Garita viewpoint. You can also visit Quinta de Selgas Palace, which is located on the outskirts of Cudillero.

Once you finish visiting Cudillero, I recommend driving along the western coast of Asturias, visiting some of the following places:

  • Silencio Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the Cantabrian Sea. A real essential if you visit Asturias.
  • Luarca. A little white coastal town. On the outskirts of it, do not miss the Playa de Portizuelo.
  • Barayo Natural Reserve. A small natural paradise.
  • Puerto de Vega. Another charming town in Asturias.
  • Penarronda beach. Another of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

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Day 2 – Asturias road trip: Somiedo Natural Park

Somiedo Natural Park

Somiedo Natural Park is one of the best-preserved natural wonders in Asturias and a must-see place to include on your itinerary through Asturias in 7 days. It’s located an hour away from Cudillero.

The park consists of five valleys: Lago Valley, Saliencia, Puerto and Pola de Somiedo, Perlunes and Pigüeña. There is a change in ground level ranging from 400 to 2,200 meters above sea level. Another of its attractions is the fauna. You can find brown bears.

The interpretation center inside the park is located in Pola de Somiedo. It’s not a bad idea to stop by when you arrive in Somiedo. Below are some of the most interesting things to see and do in Somiedo:

  • Go on a hike. The best way to get to know Somiedo is by hiking one of its many trails.
  • Saliencia Lakes. Cueva Lake, Cerveiriz, Calabazosa or Lago Negro and Almagrera Lagoon or La Mina.
  • Lago del Valle (Lake of the Valley). Located in a glacial cirque, it is the largest lake on the Cantabrian coast.
  • Viewpoints in Somiedo. If you want to visit a viewpoint to enjoy incredible views, two of the best known are Rey Viewpoint and Lago de la Cueva viewpoint.
  • Cabins of Teito. They are traditional constructions used in livestock, easy to find throughout the park. The walls are made of stone and the roof is covered with vegetation. You can see them in Braña de Mumián, Braña de La Corra or Braña de Sousas.

Day 3 in Asturias: Oviedo and surroundings

asturias road trip
Oviedo surroundings

The third day in this 7 days Asturias road trip begins in Oviedo, the capital city of Asturias. Here you can stroll through a beautiful old town, see places of great interest in the surroundings and, of course, visit one of its famous cider houses.

Here are some must-see places in Oviedo: Cathedral of Oviedo, Campo de San Francisco, Basilica of San Juan El Real, Plaza de la Escandalera, Plaza del Fontán, Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias and El Fontán Market.

Before arriving in Oviedo, I recommend visiting the Church of Santa María del Naranco. It is located on Mount Naranco, just 4 km from the city. It is one of the greatest examples of the pre-Romanesque period. Its construction ended in 842 A.D. It was not a church originally, it was part of a palace.

Don’t forget to visit Church of San Miguel de Lillo, located 200 meters away.

Day 4: From Cudillero to Ribadesella

asturias in 7 days

↠ Ribadesella: 2 nights – Check hotels in Ribadesella.

On the 4th day we change hotels and travel from Cudillero to Ribadesella. On the drive from Cudillero to Ribadesella, we will visit other places of interest on the Asturian coast.

After visiting all these beautiful places, we arrive at Ribadesella, a town surrounded by the sea and the mountains located at the mouth of the River Sella. It will be the base town to continue visiting the other places to see in Asturias in a week.

During the journey, you can stop at some of the following places:

  • Avilés. It is the third largest city in Asturias. It has a very attractive old town.
  • Cabo de Peñas. Northernmost point in Asturias. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape full of cliffs.
  • Gijón. A beautiful city to visit in Asturias. Don’t forget to visit El Rinconín Park, stroll through the Cimadevilla neighborhood and San Lorenzo Beach.
  • Tazones. A fishing village with very picturesque corners, such as the house of shells.
  • Lastres. A beautiful town of huddled houses overlooking the Cantabrian Sea.
  • Fitu Viewpoint. One of the most incredible viewpoints in Asturias. On clear days you can see the Picos de Europa.

Day 5 – Asturias itinerary: Eastern Coast

Gulpiyuri Beach
Gulpiyuri Beach

On the fifth day of the road trip through Asturias in 7 days, it is time to visit the eastern coast. I suggest taking a car tour from Ribadesella to Llanes, visiting some of the following places:

  • Bufones de Pría. A true natural spectacle.
  • Cuevas del Mar Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.
  • Gulpiyuri Beach. A very picturesque beach with no direct access to the sea.
  • Torimbia Beach.
  • San Martín Beach.
  • Llanes. Do not forget to take a good walk through the historic center and Paseo de San Pedro.

You can visit all these places or stay on one of the beaches and enjoy a slightly more relaxed day as a couple of days full of hikes await.

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Day 6: Peaks of Europe & Covadonga Lakes

asturias in 7 days road trip
Covadonga Lakes

↠ Cangas de Onis: 1 night – Search for hotels in Cangas.

It’s time to visit the Peaks of Europe! We continue our road trip by visiting the Covadonga Lakes! The lakes are located about an hour away from Ribadesella.

The Lakes of Covadonga are formed by three glacial lakes: Lake Enol, Lake Ercina and Lake Bricial. I recommend visiting the lakes first thing in the morning to avoid large crowds. Before getting to the lakes, you can make a stop at the Reina Viewpoint where you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Apart from visiting the Lakes of Covadonga, I highly recommended visiting Santa Cueva de Covadonga and the Basilica of Santa María la Real de Covadonga.

After visiting the Peaks of Europe, it’s time to go to Cangas de Onís, where you can book the last night of this road trip through Asturias in one week. The best place to visit in Cangas de Onís is the beautiful Roman bridge located over the Sella River. Strolling through the historic center of this beautiful town and trying its exquisite cuisine will be the best way to put the finishing touch to the day.

Day 7: Peaks of Europe – Cares and Bulnes Route

asturias trip
Asturias road trip

I recommend hiking “Ruta del Cares”. It is a path dug near Cares River gorge where you can enjoy some of the most overwhelming and impressive landscapes that you can see in Asturias.

The route starts in Poncebos (Asturias) and ends in Caín (León). The total route (round trip) is approximately 22 kilometers. It takes a little over 6 hours to complete. You do not have to complete the entire route. In any case, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes, bring enough water and something to eat. Bringing a raincoat is also recommended.

If you prefer going on a guided tour, I recommend this tour through the Ruta del Cares (available in Spanish). You will not have to walk back and forth if you decide to take the tour. From Cangas de Onís they take you to Caín on a jeep, there you start Ruta del Cares on your own and when you arrive in Poncebos the jeep will be waiting for you to take you back to Cangas de Onís.

From Cangas de Onís, you can also book this trip: Descenso del Sella on a canoe. This is a very popular activity in Asturias.

After completing Ruta del Cares, if you have any energy left, it’s time to visit Bulnes, one of the most isolated villages in Asturias. Until a few years ago, it was only accessible on foot. Currently there are two ways to get to this charming town: by funicular or along Ruta de la Canal del Texu. Like Ruta del Cares, it also originates from Poncebos. In Bulnes do not forget to visit Bulnes viewpoint, which offers incredible views of Pico Urriellu (Naranjo de Bulnes).

This is the end of my Asturias itinerary!

Map: Asturias road trip

Below you can find a map of Asturias with all the places to visit and the hotels I recommend:

Check my Spain travel guide if you are visiting other areas of the country.

I hope this post has been informative and very useful in planning your trip to Asturias. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or shoot me an email. Until next time, travelers!

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