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mejores hoteles en bali

The 20 best hotels in Bali where you should stay

There is a wide variety of hotels in Bali. From fairly-priced hostels with very good services to amazing luxury hotels. In this post, I am going to focus on the 20 best hotels in Bali. I am referring to those that you have surely already seen on Instagram and automatically thought "I want to stay there!". Get ready to discover the most beautiful, unique and special hotels in Bali.

As you may already be imagining, these hotels aren’t cheap. However, I think that you should treat yourself to staying in one of the most spectacular hotels on the island, at least for a night. It is quite an experience! Of course, book your night as soon as possible because these hotels in Bali tend to fill up quickly.

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The 20 best hotels in Bali

Ready to discover the most beautiful hotels in Bali? Let’s start!

1. The Edge Bali, amazing 5 star hotel in Bali

This 5-star hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bali. It is located on the cliffs of the southern part of Uluwatu, thanks to which you can see impressive views of the Indian Ocean. It has villas for 2 to 10 people with a private pool. Within the facilities you can enjoy bars, restaurants, gym, spa, cinema, bowling alley, tennis court, etc. 

The most spectacular thing about this hotel is the oneeighty° pool bar. Part of this pool is suspended over the edge of the cliff. In addition, it has a glass bottom, so you can see what is under your feet. 

2. Camaya, one of the best hotels in Bali

best hotels in Bali
Camaya Bali

This is one of the best villas in Bali, one of those where you want to stay and live. I have also had the pleasure of staying here and it was a dream as the bamboo houses overlooking the rice fields are truly gorgeous. Although the most popular thing about Camaya is the net that hangs from the outside of the upper floor, where you can lie down and relax, read a book or watch the sunset. I advise you to look at photos on Instagram to understand why it is one of the most famous hotels in Bali. 

3. Hideout Bali, sleep in a bamboo house

best hotels in Bali
Hideout Bali
best hotels in Bali
Best hotels in Bali

Hideout Bali started out as a small bamboo house in the jungle near east Bali. It quickly became very popular and the owners began to build more magical bamboo houses. We had the privilege of staying in one of them, Hideout Lightroom, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I kid you not, it is one of the most charming places I’ve slept in. Every house is built with bamboo and provides an immersive experience. I recommend Hideout Lightroom to those who are looking for a romantic gateway in nature. 

I advise you to book it well in advance because it’s one of the more popular hotels in Bali.

4. Munduk Moding Plantation, a luxurious hotel in northern Bali

munduk moding plantation
Hotels in Bali
beautiful hotel in Bali
Accommodations in Bali

This hotel is perfect to stay in the northern part of Bali. If you are looking for a place to disconnect from the world and connect with nature without neglecting luxury, Munduk Moding Plantation is your ideal hotel. They have suites and villas for two and four people. Some of the rooms have a private pool. 

In addition, the hotel offers a spa, restaurant and tennis courts. The most spectacular place in the hotel is the common pool, since it has a great panoramic view of the coffee plantations and mountains of the north of the island. The best time to enjoy this view is at sunset, as the sky is reflected in the pool. If you choose this accommodation in Bali, you will find yourself close to some of the best waterfalls on the island

5. The Udaya Resort & Spa, in the heart of Ubud

the udaya resort
Luxury hotel in Ubud

This hotel is located in the heart of Ubud. The Udaya respects a Balinese aesthetic style and is surrounded by nature, so you can feel the essence of the island and experience the Balinese culture, while staying in one of the best hotels in Bali. 

It has different double rooms (some with private pool) and they offer special packages (retreat, honeymoon, yoga, adventure, culture). You can also enjoy a large infinity pool, its restaurant, a spa and a dedicated space for yoga. 

6. Own Villa, one of the best hotels in Canggu (Bali)

best hotels in Bali
Best hotels in Canggu
own villa canggu
Canggu, Bali

This luxury resort is located very close to Canggu. You will be blown away when you are in front of its spectacular bamboo houses, since the architecture of these houses is unique and special. The roofs are inspired by houses in North Sumatra, which gives the buildings that original and striking appearance.

In addition, this resort is eco-friendly as it is built with recycled wood. The space is surrounded by nature and has a swimming pool. They offer detox packages that include yoga, massages, spa, healthy food, etc.

7. Aura House, one of the most beautiful hotels in Bali

best hotels in Bali
Bamboo house in Bali

Aura House Bali is one of the most beautiful hotels in Bali. This villa is located 30 minutes south of Ubud along the Ayung River. The house has 3 floors and is made from local bamboo. It has capacity for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. It also has a small private pool. I see photos of this place and I can’t help but want to stay there even if it’s just for one night. I think it’s such a beautiful and special place!

8. Ayana Resort Spa, located near a pool and the ocean

ayana resort & spa
Hotel in Uluwatu

This wonderful hotel is located in Uluwatu, specifically in Jimbaran Bay. It is one of the best hotels in Bali if you are looking for luxury and relaxation near the beach (in Uluwatu you’ll find the best beaches in Bali). From this area of ​​Uluwatu, you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Bali.

The resort has several double rooms and a suite with sea views. It also has several restaurants and swimming pools. In addition, you can enjoy a spa, gym, romantic dinners, cooking classes, tennis court, golf, etc.

9. Padma Resort Ubud, one of the most stunning hotels in Bali

best hotels in Bali
Hotel in Bali

This Bali hotel is located in the village of Puhu, in Ubud. It has 148 rooms and suites. It has a bar and restaurant, spa, gym and an infinity pool with beautiful views of the jungle. Without a doubt, the setting of the hotel is one of its strong points. It is a good option for families, since they also have a park for children.

10. The Acala Shri Sedana, the best hotel in Nusa Lembongan

best hotel in nusa lembongan
Hotel in Nusa Lembongan

During our stay in Nusa Lembongan, we stayed at The Acala Shri Sedana. We loved this hotel, so I had to include it on this this list of the best hotels in Bali. Apart from having beautiful and spacious rooms with open-air bathrooms, it has an infinity pool with beautiful views. I swear I could have stayed in that pool all day. Also, one of the mornings we were able to have breakfast by the pool. Quite an experience!

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11. Four Seasons Resort at Sayan, the best hotel in Bali

four seasons resort
Hotels in Bali

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bali. On their website they describe the experience of staying here as follows: “Float above the treetops on a spectacular suspension bridge and cross into a different world. With locally inspired experiences and rice bowl-shaped architecture facing the lush Ayung River Valley, our resort brings you closer to the heart and soul of Bali.” Sounds good, right?

They have double suites and villas for 2 people or 5 people. All villas have a private pool. In addition, it has a swimming pool for all guests, spa, gym, 4 restaurants, etc.

12. Kamandalu Resort, sleep near rice paddies

best hotels in Bali
Source: Booking

If you are looking for an oasis of peace and luxury, this hotel in Bali is the perfect place for you. This resort has been offering unique experiences to its guests since 1992. Its concept consists of a village with luxury accommodation surrounded by a natural landscape featuring rice paddies. They have rooms and villas with capacity for up to 6 people. They have a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, etc. and they offer yoga classes and day tours.

In addition, it is a great option to get to know the island well, since, thanks to its central location in Ubud, it is close to many of the places to visit in Bali that you should not miss.

13. Veluvana Bali, bamboo house in Sidemen

If you have the dream of staying in a bamboo house lost among rice fields, this accommodation may be a great option for you. It is located in Sidemen, a beautiful area of ​​​​Bali full of nature. It stands out for being very rural and for having views of the incredible Mount Agung. Veluvana Bali has two bamboo houses, one for two people and one for four people.

Both houses have a similar design: open spaces (including the bathroom), nets where you can lie down, glass windows… You will be able to feel the light and fresh air flowing through every corner of your bamboo villa. If it’s really hot, you can cool off in the rain-forest shower or in the pool, where you can also enjoy a floating breakfast.

14. Six Senses Uluwatu, villa in Bali in front of the sea

One of the best ways to end a trip to Bali is to enjoy a few nights in the beautiful area of ​​Uluwatu, where the best beaches in Bali are located. In this case, I suggest you stay at the Six Senses Uluwatu, one of the best luxury hotels in Bali. It is true that spending a night in this hotel is not cheap, but if you are in Bali on your honeymoon, it may be an ideal option.

The hotel is located on a cliff, for which sea views are guaranteed. Even from the hotel pool! In addition, Six Senses Uluwatu has a restaurant, gym and spa. The spa has treatment rooms, a hot tub, relaxation room, sauna, steam room, and yoga room. They offer different rooms and villas with private pools.

15. Hoshinoya Bali, mix between Balinese and Japanese

Imagine a hotel that mixes the Balinese style with enigmatic Japanese architecture. You can find this in Hoshinoya Bali. This unique and special hotel in Bali is located in Ubud, one of the favorite regions for tourists. If you are going to stay here, do not miss my Ubud travel guide, where I tell you what to see and do in the area. 

The hotel wants to spread the spirituality and relaxation that only a place like Bali can offer. It achieves this in part thanks to its enviable location, since the hotel stands on a hill lost in the Balinese jungle and with a river at its feet. In this way, Hoshinoya Bali unites us with nature. 

Among the hotel’s facilities, you will find an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a sake bar and a spa center with massage services, as well as open spaces that invite you to relax. In addition, the hotel offers different activities to get closer to the Balinese culture. 

16. Eco Six Bali, a hotel that will blow your mind

hotels in bali
Source: Booking

If you are looking for a hotel in Bali that will leave you speechless as soon as you enter, Eco Six Bali has all the chance to do so. It is located on the outskirts of Ubud, exactly half an hour’s drive north, in a fairly isolated area. Therefore, if you are interested in spending one or two nights in an accommodation to rest and enjoy incredible views, Eco Six Bali can be a very good option.

The place currently has a total of five villas, of which four are for two people, and one for four people, perfect if you are traveling with family or friends. They all mix bamboo with the green of nature that surrounds them. They have open spaces, which will make you feel that you are outdoors. In addition, each one has its own private pool. Every morning, they serve breakfast in your own room.

17. Munduk Cabins, enjoy this hotel in northern Bali

There is a place in Bali where the heat and the tropical environment give way to the mountains and the freshness. I am talking about Munduk, a beautiful region located in the north of Bali. Here you can enjoy a totally different atmosphere. You will be surrounded by lakes, mountains, trees and can even expect to be a bit cool. One of the best hotels located here is Munduk Cabins.

It is a boutique resort made up of several wooden cabins and spaces linked by suspended wooden walkways, perfect for enjoying a relaxing stay. You can watch the sunset from the outdoor Jacuzzi, have fun in the pool or get warm around the fire pit. They have different types of rooms and studios.

18. Magic Hills Bali, one of the best hotels in Bali

As you may have already seen, bamboo houses are very popular in Bali. In my opinion, if you want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, they are a safe bet. One of the best villas in Bali made from this material is Magic Hills Bali. This accommodation is located in Selat, a town located north of Sidemen. It is a very rural area surrounded by nature.

At Magic Hills Bali you can wake up to the sound of the birds, appreciate a landscape full of rice fields and savor the real culture of Bali, far from traffic and major cities. It is the ideal place to disconnect and connect with your surroundings and great company. The villa has a small private pool. Breakfast is included and the floating breakfast is free of charge.

19. Dreamsea Bali, hotel with sea views in Uluwatu

hotel in bali
Source: Booking

If you are looking for charming hotels in Bali but your budget is a little tighter, I recommend you take a look at Dreamsea Bali. This hotel is located in Uluwatu, very close to Thomas Beach and Padang Padang, two of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated and have sea views.

The hotel has a bar, restaurant and even surf lessons. It is one of the best areas to stay in Bali if you travel with friends.

20. Stone House, perfect for honeymooners

Stone House is one of the best hotels in Bali for honeymooners, although it is true that almost every hotel in Bali that I have mentioned are a great option to go on honeymoon. It is located in Ubud, which guarantees being within close distance from rice fields, waterfalls and palm trees. The aim of the hotel is to offer a private and luxurious experience while preserving Balinese culture.

The hotel has several villas, each one very beautiful and charming. It also houses an outdoor pool, an organic farm and a common room where you can play games. Breakfast is always included with the room reservation. In addition, the staff can help you organize your activities in Bali.

Map of the hotels in Bali I recommend

In the following map, I have marked all the hotels mentioned in this article, with their respective links to Booking. Also, as the list of charming hotels in Bali could go on, I have pointed out other hotels in Bali that you’ll surely love.

If you are going to travel more in this country, do not miss my travel guide to Indonesia.

I hope you have liked this compilation of the most beautiful hotels in Bali and that you can enjoy a pleasant stay in one of them. If you have been to Bali and think there is something missing from my list of the best hotels in Bali, let me know! If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment or write me an email. Enjoy your trip to Bali!

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